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  1. Create integrated guild websites
  2. Delete the mage Class , its worthless
  3. Being able to transfer soulbound items over to other toons
  4. New Artifact Rewards!
  5. Reactive Practice Dummies
  6. New PVP STAT for PVP weapons
  7. Rift needs a more intelligent LFG dungeon tool for players with similar dungeon skill
  8. Random daily RR's, lack of randomness.
  9. "Dressing Room" similar to the character creation screen
  10. World Events...
  11. Terrible Timing
  12. Bows,Guns abilities /turn sound off
  13. Some suggestions
  14. Arm Westling
  15. Buffs should Persist Through Death
  16. Guild Hall/Player Housing
  17. add Jaws or Loch Ness monster to lake(random)
  18. If the Shards dead.
  19. Cross
  20. Increase the item stack size to 999 for all items please
  21. Party Frames and more
  22. LFG Incentives for Lesser Played Roles
  23. Subscribe instantly using email
  24. I want to name my source machines.
  25. Port Scion GvG
  26. Quest sorting
  27. Augments and crafting.
  28. Make Epic Augments worth it
  29. Guild Raid Calendar + more guild options ... PLEASE!!!!!!
  30. Get rid of macros
  31. MORE macro slots!
  32. PVP nerf warriors
  33. Have expert darkening deeps give order of mathos rep.
  34. Get rid of aegis of vitality and just have aegis of endurance instead.
  35. Option to be able to move the Lfg window and others in the UI menu
  36. Petition/voting system?
  37. hair and features make overs
  38. Train Tanks for LFG & Community
  39. Sigil Essences changer
  40. Shields for everyone!
  41. Chain and Plate tanking ONLY please!
  42. Request for larger Greater Water Elemental
  43. Please lock down Molinar Shard! Cannot Log in. 30 minute queue right now.
  44. /dumpcharacter(s)
  45. Ice Rifts!
  46. Invasions & Raid Rifts
  47. Player rating/voting system for LFG and Warfronts
  48. Have a macro page for each role.
  49. Cleric Justicar tanking self overhealing should still count as threat
  50. Verdant Bow / Thoughtslayer Bow
  52. Drowning with water breathing items on...
  53. Why do some of your UIs work so screwy?
  54. Toggle Disply / Hide Quests List
  55. Guild Crafting Board
  56. Visual Impairment + Disturbing fog rendering
  57. Bard scaling and Sigils
  58. Crafting...
  59. Two Cents
  60. incentive to contribute to war fronts
  61. Gear Grinding post level-cap
  62. Less Fog
  63. Some significant suggestions...
  64. Sigil of the Seven - Renaming/Color Choice
  65. More character slots, please
  66. I don't want to search bag, I only want to open bag!
  67. Suggestion: Stop making mages less and less fun and viable in raids
  68. Sittable chairs and Dye-able shields
  69. Barber shop, by itself.
  70. A New Lock System for Raids
  71. Merging Crafting and Drops.
  72. A game with great potential bt is making its own downfall...
  73. Physical resistance to essences
  74. PvP Flag the spammers!
  75. Casting bar added to playfield target health and mana / power bars?
  76. combine T1 and T2 dungeons
  77. Costumes
  78. item enactments in the AH
  79. Little changes that will improve the quality of life for the community!
  80. Dear Tryin
  81. Suggestion: Guild Merger Feature
  82. Re-examine rules for *some* PVP Guards on PVE servers (specifically: event guards)
  83. Trion: A Treatise on Building a Better PVP System
  84. Make the /who command work (better)
  85. Tiered Crafting or: How I Learned to Stop Being Bored and Love the Forge
  86. PvP Tutorials
  87. Reaver tree change
  88. Mage tank build: Anything to get more quality/competent tanks into the game.
  89. Mage tank build: Anything to get more quality/competent tanks into the game.
  90. Goldselling Spam
  91. Game Progression
  92. Bound to account ,loot should be one time for account(faction)
  93. Put the RNG to good use :-p
  94. Mobs dismounting players in one hit.
  95. Mount combat?
  96. Thread Rating.
  97. Cleric Equipable Shields for Justicar tanking Non-existent...
  98. Allow BoA items to be cross-faction mailed.
  99. Relic Weapons and Shields
  100. Bows Please
  101. Tokens
  102. Unlimited Role Slots
  103. More crafting recipies plz
  104. Guild Controlled Wardstones
  105. Redo Treasure Hunting
  106. PLEASE fix Lost Hope
  107. Let us edit our threads.
  108. Faction Transfer
  109. The Defiant need taverns!
  110. Bards sounds SHOULD BE CHANGED, NOW!
  111. Make Plaques Of Achievement BOA
  112. Love the game but honestly I think it could use ......
  113. World Events and quest log
  114. PvP Level Range
  115. An idea for CC in PVP
  116. Should Be Able to See Prestige Rank When Targeting (and 2 more things!)
  117. Less new content..
  118. Hit Rating/Focus Rating in PVP
  119. Please remove/reduce valor
  120. Phase 4 Fog Ruining the Experience
  121. Practice Dummies in multiple towns
  122. Sanctum/Meridian City guard outfits
  123. Pets sometimes see through stealth
  124. Event environmental effects.
  125. WTB customization/race/gender change feature
  126. Rifts spawning location
  127. A simple soloution the Xsrvr LFG conflict
  128. A few minor changes
  129. Rep progression bars
  130. Can we get Fishing into the game ?
  131. Make Event Mounts Bing to Account Please
  132. LFG while in WF
  133. Suggestion: More flexible soul switching
  134. Here's an Event idea...
  135. Add reported players (plat sellers for example) on ignore for every character ...
  136. Solution to Gold Spammers on PvE servers.
  137. Some idea's
  138. Game is really to slow paced and such a grind...and PvP is pretty unbalanced
  139. Two-handed Rogue Weapons, and One-Handed Mace Weapons
  140. WF stats UI
  141. Info Regarding Hammerknell
  142. Open PvP Rifts
  143. PvP Crowd Control
  144. Auction House suggestion
  145. I suggest you add this as an achievment for pvp'rs.
  146. max lvl to end game
  147. Gold Spammers
  148. Kill X Mob quests and how to get rid of them
  149. Tripping over mobs
  150. Crafting Materials
  151. Location of Rank 7 and 8 Merchants
  152. Rasmolov Server Crash!
  153. Ascended power: splice element
  154. Peak Hour Sanctum/Meridian Raid
  155. All Level Zone Events Warnings
  156. Please make some shards not have cross shard LFG.
  157. /ignore server
  158. Why not Trion?
  159. Request : Please make the <Enter> key redefinable
  160. I suggest not raising the pvp ranks so soon
  161. Rift Authenticator (Non-phone App)
  162. Spanish server
  163. lack of visual diversity in armour pieces!
  164. Spells without global cooldown but with animation.
  165. Auction House History.
  166. More vanity items from world events plus other suggestions.
  167. Ability to customize ranger pets (cosmetic)
  168. WFs+CoD... check it out Trion, and everyone else pls support.
  169. External Anti-Aliasing
  170. Map marks in raids
  171. Soundtrack
  172. Unlimted Souls
  173. Faction Footholds and Invasions. A Wasted Opportunity.
  174. Faction Footholds and Invasions. A Wasted Opportunity.
  175. guild site suggestion
  176. Put guild perks reset in the game, 1 week cooldown.
  177. Combat Dummies in Meridian
  178. let us take over towns
  179. What do you want in Rift?
  180. Combat rez's
  181. Fix greater essances
  182. action bar issues
  183. Wardrobe Suggestion: Defiant & Guardian Centurion Outfits
  184. Combat Log: Add Milliseconds
  185. Race Change(yes i know theres been multiple threads, doesnt hurt to try again)
  186. Remove the word "adjusted" from the vocabulary of release note writers
  187. Allow training next tradeskill level at more than the exact skill level
  188. Such a basic design - bag space
  189. Regen Rates
  190. Expert Shard creation
  191. Give people who repeat miss/cancel Queue a debuff
  192. cross server tracking friends and ignore lists
  193. Commander Way Points
  194. Merging forum accounts and game accounts [Common Login]
  195. Cross Shard LFG? Where's my cross shard FRIENDS LIST?
  196. Limiting Gold Farmer Spam
  197. the game lacks mounts
  198. Patching/Realm Updates
  199. Withering Vines
  200. App for rift on iphone/pod
  201. Fix Valor and leave Healing alone
  202. Lower the energy cost of Deaden
  203. Galena shard
  204. Weapon Wardrobe Slots!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  205. PLEASE give us weapon wardrobe slots Trion!
  206. Please increase the drop rate for functional items in events
  207. Hello Trion
  208. Promotional title idea
  209. The dev tracker
  210. State of the Game address and new suggestions!
  211. Global Ignore
  212. Player Killer System
  213. Planes Tamer (Non-Combat Secondary Skill)
  214. The solution to lowbie griefing
  215. What about non combat souls using AA Points ??
  216. Remove aggro from faction NPCs
  217. Add a pvp dummy with differing valor.
  218. Omen Sight: Add option to remove visual effect
  219. Can it be made possible for all Callings to please cover all 4 roles each?
  220. Proposed change to instanced dungeons pre-tier1 and tier2.
  221. RNG begone.
  222. Please make Crowd Control relevant in PVE.
  223. Please expand the selection of pve plaque gear merchants.
  224. Trion - please make LFG windows moveable!
  225. Sincerely, Impressed.
  226. Raiding for everyone! (difficulties etc)
  227. More Role slots!
  228. Secondary Skill suggestions
  229. New Races in Expansion.
  230. Play a sound on arrival of Guild/Party/Raid Chat please
  231. trion need to update their security in a way
  232. Re: Added Non-Com Skills and Activities
  233. Guild Housing
  234. Trial shards Should Xshard with shards open for transfers
  235. Trion: +1 for Cross Shard, Now Please Remove The Support Slot Requirement!
  236. Tank Pet fix for PvP.....
  237. Minigames - Tavern Fodder
  238. Plate DPS gear Statistic Swapping
  239. Costume/wardrobe auctions
  240. A very good suggestion that will help laggy players.
  241. Give us greater and lesser epic esences lvl 50 !!!
  242. TRION Please Read.
  243. Artificers need twice the Bank space to craft their quested combines
  244. Ignore message
  245. Ticket for Name Changes.
  246. New PVP instancied Idea
  247. More plate armor pieces with toughness for T1 and below
  248. Guild Bank Autostack Ability
  249. Some day when new races get added.
  250. Wtb arena