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  1. PvP Weekly Quest: need to address people who are lazy and irresponsible
  2. Dropping items for other's use?
  3. SUGGEST: Resetting Souls creates right click changes instead of wiping all points
  4. Suggest clerics get mana from wisdom, not int
  5. Guild EXP
  6. For us PvP players
  7. Balm of the Woods: Add a HoT effect, or AoE HoT effect to the end result of the skill
  8. A Stance/Presence buff system may be needed for the Cleric and Rogue
  9. Fix Tab Targeting
  10. Fix Downranked Spells
  11. Run speed, PLEASE!!
  12. Is it just me, or does the Shaman soul seem very uninteresting
  13. Trion: Solution- Increase the max size of party groups by 5 (10 player party dungeons
  14. Launcher auto-update
  15. Sobeks
  16. Unintended nerf to warriors in upcoming patch - plz address
  17. Improvement to Rift Games for PVE and PVP
  18. The Rift community improves (or at least tries to) Rift.
  19. No loot box for auto looters
  20. [DEVS] Please Separate the forums into PvE and PvP topics.
  21. Lesser essences
  22. Let us buy more non-gear stuff with plaques of achievements
  23. scritplin/command to change wardrobe slot (equiv to loadequip)
  24. Weapon and Shield in the Wardrobe area, please.
  25. Get rid of $18.2 (euro) price of subscription, plz
  26. Plaques
  27. Applied?
  28. A little versatility for Bards perhaps?
  29. The new AA system.
  30. Test dummies
  31. Mouse curser color options?
  32. Barber shop and expanded appearance tab, please. :)
  33. Enemy Nameplates
  34. PvP dailies/quests shouldn't be credited in a Raid environment.
  35. US(ThePlayers)<---------[RIFTs]----------->Elementals |are rifts the only way?
  36. Lighting Issues
  37. PvP Dungeon
  38. PvE rule VS. PvP rules suggestion
  39. Ascended Power: Act of Betrayal
  40. Save Action Bar for Numerous Roles
  41. Ability to move Plaques of Achievement/Planarite/Raid currency
  42. Add more roles ! need support
  43. more epic and relic dps guns
  44. Change to wardrobe restrictions.
  45. Possible to separate PvE and PvP?
  46. "Barber" for appearance change, and new clothing.
  47. Remembering Fallen Servers - More Please?
  48. More Planarite! ...some feedback
  49. Make block/dodge effective against magic
  50. Can we get a triple triad or tetra master like game?
  51. How to improve you communication with players
  52. And still no fishing announced
  53. Welcome to Rift Store Online.
  54. Ban Players Who Abuse LFD System
  55. Request for another respawn point
  56. Stragrls
  57. What this game is missing
  58. Skyboxes
  59. Underwater Ocean cities
  60. Decrease the range of /say and /yell
  61. Planar Attunement (AA) ideas
  62. System Requirements
  63. PvP Rank Quests, better pvp loot...
  64. Shard of Planes
  65. Augment changer needed for 1.5
  66. Rock out with your... pick out: A Bard suggestion
  67. Worldwide class channels
  68. Lack of Cities and Towns
  69. Legacy Achievements and GM's
  70. For Andy Whitfield "Spartacus" (an NPC)
  71. Item Class Limitations
  72. A plea for an end to instancing!
  73. TRION: 3 Key Areas you need to split your development team into for more success
  74. Give us Triple EXP bonus from Rifts and Warfronts in the mornings
  75. New mounts
  76. 100% crit temps + DoT/channeled/multi hit abilities
  77. Guild Information tab
  78. (Tank Mode) Idea for making Dungeons less stressful for Tanks
  79. (Dual Faction Dungeons)
  80. We need more mailing space
  81. Make 52 new World Events, and give players ways to trigger them in hidden areas
  82. Stop catering to the WoW kiddies and instant gratification crowd...
  83. Change the 5 Minute Edit Timer
  84. Colour Blind option
  85. Warfront Rooms
  86. Talent/Tooltip Integration
  87. Add a barber shop!
  88. Idea for 25,000 Planarite: Carrier Pigeon
  89. Weapon/armor crafting.....DECAY
  90. Player/Guild houses, please implement them
  91. authenticator keyfob device
  92. Guild Mail please
  93. Mentoring System
  94. Destroyer's Bearing
  95. More Roles Please
  96. get rid of wisdom and have intell only
  97. Faction change quest
  98. Voice emotes
  99. Facton Change Quest
  100. Favor rewards in warfronts
  101. Fist Weapons and Lances and Spears
  102. Expansion Zones: Planes.
  103. Crossbows
  104. [Suggestion] UI: Group/Raid Frames/Buff Display
  105. Trion: Increase the rewards for tanks/healers using lfg tool
  106. Bard Mechanics :RJ Editorial
  107. How should new Callings be done? Should new callings be done vs new souls?
  108. PvP matchmaking
  109. Life's Rapture / Touch of Life tooltips
  110. Make suppressmacrofailures a toggle in misc. options!
  111. Accounts w/ lvl 50 skip starting zones
  112. An idea for pvp souls and ranks
  113. Remove the PvP soul!
  114. Add new base class... or two
  115. More Land = Bigger maps
  116. Wardrobe Vault: for storing wardrobe models
  117. Guild Hall + Guild Recruitment Poster Board Please
  118. Hey can you add more ways to Level?
  119. How to solve unbalanced classes and factions in rift - Definitively !!!
  120. Warriors vs everyone fix
  121. Fix your mouseovers
  122. Mouseover macros are broken... as are raid frames
  123. Heroes board?
  124. A couple suggestions, nothing game changing, just quality of life type things
  125. mount system in rift is a waste of money and time
  126. (Allod's Armor Models) Hey Trion can we get a copy of a few of them :)
  127. Cross Server Instanced battleground: code name ( Tempest Gorge )
  128. Improved Map system
  129. Defiant/Guardian Footholds should be apart of the PvP Rift concept
  130. PVP - drink out of combat requirement
  131. (Calling Skills) How to address Tank Tree balance and tree Synergy (Rift-sk/Justicar)
  132. (Guild Achievements) also (More Interesting Guild Perks)
  133. Suggestion: Queue for all the things.
  134. Suggestion: Queue for all the things.
  135. News Postings
  136. Give these suggestions a try
  137. Make Verse of Fascination Instant Cast
  138. Vendor & Auction Hall Filtering
  139. Seacap Racing Tournaments
  140. Female Mathosian Rogues
  141. Planar Breach (Collaborative Persistant Warfront and Open PVE Dungeon idea)
  142. Greatest Boss Ever Question Mark
  143. delay zone invasion bosses
  144. ~New Abilities~ "Spawn Random Mount" "Spawn Random Pet"
  145. Ascended vendor power
  146. Slightly off topic ( Western MMORPG Mebbe idea for Trion
  147. gator mount vs other 110% mounts
  148. in game character editing
  149. Mailbox Dropdown Menu
  150. World Invasion Channel
  151. realm of the Fae graphic change
  152. Suggetion: Horror Skin Tunic = Costume
  153. New hp/mana drink
  154. Raid environment target dummys
  155. Marks on ascension
  156. Two Request/Suggestions
  157. We need more overhead bubbles.
  158. Guild Contribution System (Customizable)
  159. Dev message board in the main cities.
  160. Guild extra's
  161. New feature request - Guards give directions
  162. Why not dev personal journey adventure into a RIFT for 50's
  163. Don't auto-focus to search field when opening bags
  164. Suggestion to make reading feedback threads more dev-friendly.
  165. New Souls!
  166. Test Shard
  167. more emotes
  168. Lock xp bar option
  169. Naval Combat and Aerial Combat
  170. Better Organization in Macro Painel
  171. We have Chronicles, now how about Solo Escort Dungeon System as well like GW1
  172. What If Players could play as a Monster? (Introduction of the Third Faction)
  173. Bard notes
  174. How About Some ENVIRONMENTAL WEAPONS system like WoW and GW2 have?
  175. Awesome idea for Rift after Trion adds my Level Scaling idea
  176. Expert Chronicles
  177. Queuing Pet Abilities - For solo types only
  178. Actual constructive idea to bring melee clerics up to some semblence of viable
  179. Collapsable Buff Bar / Stance Bar
  180. Waves of Madness Event back in Moonshade Highlands
  181. voice chat?
  182. Change random dungeon bonuses to ONLY affect the tier you completed.
  183. Add breaking/salvaging to crafting benches
  184. Real Time Community Experience
  185. World Wide Invasion Events
  186. Vladmal Prime Suggestion
  187. VK only tanks?
  188. RIFT meets ONE PIECE!
  189. Leave XP bonus for lvl50 accounts
  190. Hey how about a 2hander tank?
  191. 1.5 Riftstalker suggestions.
  192. Make some buffs last through death and castable while mounted
  193. Ranked PvP /w Leaderboards
  194. exp /currency
  195. load order for low quality rendering
  196. Hey! Lets keeping the double XP bonus yes?
  197. (SUGGESTION): 1 minute cooldown on joining LFG queues.
  198. Suggestion: make the birthday bonuses permanent
  199. How to make PvP and PvE shards being more effective.
  200. Time to add a 'Prevent Inspect' option
  201. Update Runecrafter UI
  202. Improve the Variety of Quests
  203. Quantum Sight
  204. Suggestions By Exxy <3
  205. Make companion permanent on open maps.
  206. Copy another Role button.
  207. Please change Plannar atumment honeycomb interface
  208. Allow Defiant to queue as Guardian and Vice Versa to lower queue times
  209. Change to Warlord tree
  210. auto stack
  211. New Title
  212. I am tired of respeccing
  213. How about Souls get different unique set of "FUN Skills" that can be used for non com
  214. How about a Google+ / Facebook game that allow us to interact with the MMORPG game
  215. How about some Player Designed content System?
  216. When a person completes 200 artifacts...
  217. Give us Events where we have to Mount giant weapons and monsters and stuff like that
  218. Mouse curser options / size
  219. Stealth Overpower
  220. GSB&ROS relic drops
  221. Get Rid of Groups
  222. More roles please
  223. Add more soul for evrey class please thanks
  224. CC exploit
  225. Nature's Cleaning - Make it work like cleric dispels
  226. Could this game have Water Mounts?
  227. Sugestion to changes in Stormcaller Soul - Mage Class 1.4
  228. Vote of no confidence to change warfront raid leadership
  229. bracket separation for pvp
  230. disable/hide buffs & debuffs from target of target
  231. Add a robust housing system
  232. Faction transfers please :)
  233. offical post and leet speak
  234. Off global attacks
  235. UI Customization and Defaults
  236. Notoriety info
  237. Consumables with planarite
  238. Got my flaming pony, now what?
  239. Background Theme Music
  240. Planar Capacitor
  241. [Open World PvP] Rally Banners
  242. So, i decided not to resub
  243. Statue in Sanctum
  244. See all in-combat health bars
  245. Forum Suggestions.
  246. Faction changes anywhere in sight?
  247. Google+
  248. How to balance souls...
  249. Targeting - Can't see reticle
  250. More roles please