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  1. Better Vetran Reward Idea
  2. Add Necrotic Rage to veteran vendor please
  3. Shoulder Armor Appearance
  4. Summon group member inside dungeon
  5. Chronicle Wiping Issues
  6. Auction House Suggestions (Cross-Server)
  7. Does Chronicles need and expert version?
  8. No queue for chronicles?
  9. PVP armor different rarity
  10. Master Mode Dungeons.
  11. Name plates PLEASE for the love of GOD!
  12. Pures, Hybrids, and the Rule of 44
  13. PvP immunity auras please
  14. Veteran Reward Costume items.
  15. sell grey items total
  16. For the love of God no more currencies
  17. Mail Cross Faction (Account only)
  18. woot for addons that do nothing
  19. Guild Housing. A different approach.
  20. Attunement UI
  21. Synergy Crystal Change
  22. Warrior (Beast Master) Add-on
  23. Suggestions for making the game interesting for non raiders and lesser ranks
  24. Alternative to Lock-outs for Raids/Dungeons.
  25. Warfronts, Ranks, Not a rogue bashing thread.. :P
  26. Create your own class
  27. Thanks for the buffs, let's talk about Hidden Veil
  28. Wheel up / Wheel Down Keybind ( Would that be possible ) ??
  29. Separate XP bar from ability bar.
  30. Plaques of Achievment
  31. Exit Suggestions
  32. Extra tab in Character Sheet for "special effects" items.
  33. Wardrobe Slots for 50P?
  34. More players
  35. New Feature Suggestion: "RECOGNITION"
  36. Patch Suggestion
  37. Could we have the female npc veteran armor?
  38. New WF voice and graphic (K-K-Killler Combo!)
  39. Marks of Retribution
  40. Improvements that i think will help Rift
  41. I'd Pre-Purchase a 1 Year Subscription if You Gave...
  42. Summon ability within dungeons
  43. New Idea - Fee of 5$ for Server transfer, To help people build a community:)
  44. Increase Number of Servers Per Group!
  45. PvP Quest
  46. League of Legends style PvP idea
  47. Some physics changes I would like to see in RIFT.
  48. PvP Suggestions
  49. New class idea
  50. IDEA: Rift Version of Armory, New Ideas and Thoughts.
  51. Please fix Eth riding posture
  52. Customizable sound alerts for expiring buffs
  53. Warlock's Opportunity, and Runecraft Menu
  54. easy/hard raid encounters
  55. Suggestion for new boss mechanics
  56. improvement suggestion rant.
  57. Please allow Post character customization and renaming
  58. PVP Flagging on PVE servers
  59. dye remover confirmation
  61. Increase World PvP and Bring new aspect to the world
  62. re-evaluate reputation rewards.
  63. fix a problem in your first expansion pack
  64. Wishlist for the first expansion
  65. Factions -- a more diverse gameplay.
  66. Combat Mounts
  67. Guild Perk Reset, Please!
  68. Rework Battlegrounds-Open world PVP Rewards Please
  69. item drops in warfronts
  70. Combat emote sounds
  71. Rogues and 51 point usefullness...(As suggestion now)
  72. Mentoring and AA slider
  73. PvP suggestions from a PvE'er.... Vote kick and equipment check
  74. Whitefall alteration
  75. WF lockout
  76. A Different Bard Play-style
  77. Summoning ideas: Class Trainer & Looting Pet
  78. More Achievements and Ticket Issues
  79. Rift, the game where...
  80. Suggestion: More Need/Greed filters please.
  81. request: particle effects on weapons
  82. Practice Dummies
  83. Twisted Achievements Missing
  84. Hardcore Mode
  85. WF marking
  86. multiple suggestions
  87. An Art Department Representative
  88. can you make Belt visuals on the outside of armor please
  89. Make an In-game soul builder program
  90. Allow Planarite to be kept in the guild bank
  91. Two gear ideas that might make many people happy.
  92. Solo content
  93. Suggestion: - Per-LFG queue role selections please.
  94. New Content
  95. LFD loot system
  96. Planar Reavers
  97. (SHAMAN):Suggestion: Rage of the North makes cleric immune to CC
  98. Can we get all 3 Guild quests at the same time please?
  99. locking bags
  100. World Defense channel
  101. Tab Targeting Modes.
  102. Guildbound items
  103. role suggestions.+ misc
  104. Put Zodiac Calendar ins RIFT already - this will stop all thos "He outDPSed me..."
  105. Count warriors, determine outcome.
  106. New beards and haircuts.
  107. Help the Ranger soul!
  108. A suggestion for character soul builder
  109. add a limit to deleting characters
  110. For The Resistance!
  111. Allow for more than 6 character slots
  112. Put Telara on the Offensive
  113. Veteran Reward Costume Purchase Prices
  114. currency converter npc
  115. Conquest Rifts: A Community Event
  116. Soul Wardrobe and storyline suggestion.
  117. How to Make Rift PvP Fun for Everyone
  118. Developers, an idea to consider before it is too late...
  119. New Mount Idea - Armored Battle Squirrel
  120. Fixing every single problem in pvp
  121. (BUG) Rapidly spamming macros will disable certain parts of the macro writing
  122. (DRUID):Suggestion: add a Soul point deep in the Druid tree to reduce cast of Slumber
  123. (DRUID/SHAMAN)Suggestion: add Heal over Time effect to the Druid/Shaman heals
  124. (DRUID)Suggestion: Brutal Impact also increases the movement speed of Druid
  125. (SHAMAN/DRUID):Suggestion: Remove GCD on Shields, or increase amount absorbed
  126. BUG: Shield Absorption skills wont stop killing blow but go on CD
  127. FIX PVP Flagging!!!
  128. Wardrobe Suggestion
  129. Please can you make it so killing NPC from random Dungeon will reward EXP
  130. (DRUID):Suggestion: Druids get the spell "Wild Spore"
  131. Bahmi's charge animation would make for a better run animation
  132. Penguin Companion Pet XD
  133. New PVP Rift modes.
  134. Race Change & How To Maybe Go About It Suggestion
  135. Paladin Suggestions
  136. suggestions for improving rift
  137. Should a RvR Zone be (cross server, persistent, loaded zone)?or should it be sharded?
  138. (DRUID):Suggestion:Distant Closer idea: "Leap of the Black Panther"
  139. (DRUID): Suggestions: allow Druids the unique ability to dual pet control
  140. suggestions for improving rift
  141. Wardrobe and saving the "item looks".
  142. Make pvp quests cycle through the month
  143. Artisan's Marks
  144. So kain the Desolate
  145. Rift Incentives
  146. Trion Listen to your people.
  147. Guardian and Defiant invasion events
  148. All out pvp mode buff
  149. Favorite MMORPG features: I suggest them all
  150. Resourstonia
  151. Give us torrents
  152. Dyable Mount Gear
  153. Make more sexy outfits for female characters
  154. Faster mail unload
  155. Textfields
  156. Housing suggestion
  157. EWOlson's Suggestion Thread
  158. Bug Forum?
  159. Introducing 1.5 step by step
  160. Gardian vs Gardian PVP warfront
  161. Suggestion to Allow Keybind to change with the Role Switch
  162. All I want for Christmas…
  163. It is time to allow all mounts to scale with your fastest level mount!
  164. Constructive criticism
  165. Planar attunement and zone events
  166. No threat generation for HoT’s applied out of combat
  167. Can we have the beta cinematic back, accessible in-game?
  168. Three way Shard vs Shard vs Shard - Sliver concept.
  169. Place a highlight border over Buffs/Debuffs that originate from the player
  170. Allow players to right click portrait to set focus
  171. Please give us an option to remove buff/debuff from target of target and focus target
  172. Physical Mitigation for Rogue Tanks
  173. GM power
  174. like the game, but have a few suggestions
  175. Possible event/expansion idea
  176. Please make platinum the reward past 50
  177. Please make planarite account bound
  178. Debuff Window in the UI
  179. NO dedicated Guild Forum? Seriously ?
  180. Just couple of suggestions
  181. Gear Stat Reforger - for changing the stats on certain items to fit multiple classes
  182. More enjoyable alternative to raid lockouts
  183. Guild Mail
  184. The PvP vs PvE solution
  185. The LFG Loop-Hole needs a Fix
  186. Cavalier [Passive] & Mien [Persist through death]
  187. LFG Time estimates.
  188. Training dummy with a mana bar
  189. Consider Tapatalk or Forum Runner?
  190. More ways to travel
  191. prestige bar
  192. Race / Gender Changes
  193. Suggestion to help pvp players with the wardrobe change.
  194. Lets stand out from the crowd!
  195. Timed Guild Quests
  196. Weapon emote.
  197. Fun way to change your hairstyle
  198. Mighty Brightsurge Vial
  199. Mission Dungeons
  200. Healing Dummy & Chloromancer
  201. Stop resetting auction house list after a bid/purchase
  202. A way to close Rift Loot window and other similar loot windows
  203. 1 on 1 PVP fights should last 20 seconds or more 5 second fights suck and are no fun
  204. idea: gear bags
  205. [Suggestion] Warfront Buff Bar
  206. Gateway Exams - In game training and benchmarks
  207. Move Leave Party choice Away from Ready Check
  208. Never bought it myself but...
  209. Options
  210. New PVP option
  211. Arena Please
  212. How to balance PvP and PvE
  213. Planar Courier
  214. Make it so Players 1 hour self buffs dont fade off in warfronts when you die
  215. Planar Attunement before 50?
  216. Make it so Pets summon instantly at the grave yard in Warfronts
  217. Vengeance = 1 hit / focus per point
  218. Guild Alliances (Feature)
  219. Make the PvP soul a constant 4th
  220. Guild chat away from game
  221. LFG for Invasions
  222. Twisted Chronicles of Telara
  223. Non-progression related stuff to do
  224. Druid Suggestions
  225. Suggestion: New Runecrafter's recipe to fix horrible mats imbalance-
  226. Pet based Souls mutating into 1 when not using pet.
  227. Help PVP Newbies A Little?
  228. Suggestion for crafting mats
  229. Will there be a client for Rift coming to Mac?
  230. Be able to Link different Currencies in Currencies tab
  231. money-making games like casinos
  232. Sound Suggestion/Bug
  233. PvP Weekly Quest: need to address people who are lazy and irresponsible
  234. Dropping items for other's use?
  235. SUGGEST: Resetting Souls creates right click changes instead of wiping all points
  236. Suggest clerics get mana from wisdom, not int
  237. Guild EXP
  238. For us PvP players
  239. Balm of the Woods: Add a HoT effect, or AoE HoT effect to the end result of the skill
  240. A Stance/Presence buff system may be needed for the Cleric and Rogue
  241. Fix Tab Targeting
  242. Fix Downranked Spells
  243. Run speed, PLEASE!!
  244. Is it just me, or does the Shaman soul seem very uninteresting
  245. Trion: Solution- Increase the max size of party groups by 5 (10 player party dungeons
  246. Launcher auto-update
  247. Sobeks
  248. Unintended nerf to warriors in upcoming patch - plz address
  249. Improvement to Rift Games for PVE and PVP
  250. The Rift community improves (or at least tries to) Rift.