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  1. Larger Bank, Bags, and Stacks!!
  2. Banks being able to hold money
  3. Crafting currency
  4. Lfg tool suggestion
  5. Faction
  6. New Guild Perks Would Be Awesome
  7. "By Popular Demand" Needs to Change!
  8. Bards need more active noticeable skills, especially in raid
  9. Item - Gedlo Shoulderpads missing dye option.
  10. nerf rogues?
  11. Toggle helm/shoulder display for individual wardrobe sets
  12. Chronicles - Expert Mode
  13. PvP Guild Perks System
  14. Mount speed
  15. WF Item drop window
  16. Terrain
  17. Authenticator for Windows Mobile?
  18. Archetype Changing
  19. Please More Macro Slots /Proof inside.
  20. PVE and PVP servers in the same warfront is bad
  21. Micro Transaction Potions.....
  22. (BUG): Macro wont skip skills that arent useable
  23. Bag & Bank space
  24. Please make it so the Camera doesnt change my view when I get knocked back
  25. PVP Suggestion
  26. Automatic Lockout During Certain Dungeon Battles
  27. Pirating server firsts
  28. City-Wide Buffs for massive guild accomplishments (repeatable)
  29. request/idea for rift
  30. Suggestions for harder raid rifts
  31. Roleplayer & PVP Towns with Objectives.
  32. Veteran reward costume different for Male and Female
  33. Rift Pet models
  34. I want to be able to "untrain" abilities.
  35. How about a new emote?
  36. F2p till 20 unlimited.
  37. Crafting Inventory Solutions: Crafting Bags or Crafting Inventory
  38. Alternative Clerical ideas for the Defiant
  39. More Role Slots
  40. Suggestion for settings
  41. Trion, can you add XP to the "raid complete" quests?
  42. Please give us equipment sets which are like wardrobe slots
  43. New upgrade: Ascend a Friend Upgrade!
  44. If you could be LEAD developer, what would you change/do to Rift?
  45. overwriting debuffs
  46. IPP PvP daily qst and the new lures from Attunement
  47. Can we get a lock XP funtion please?
  48. More Solo/Duo Content - Higher difficulty and better rewards
  49. Things Rift needs to cater to all.
  50. Different Mounts for different classes
  51. Great idea! WTB 6th role and extra bank slots........
  52. Allow us to "Gift" store items (upgrades etc.)
  53. Why doesn't /who or shift-clicking a name show guild tag?
  54. A Plea for our Founders, from a non Founder
  55. An alternative Faerie please
  56. Add a bank and Auctioneer to Major towns
  57. Spider-model alteration option...
  58. Add achievement tracking!
  59. Tanking Armour for All Classed with penalties
  60. A New Class.
  61. Give guardians 2nd sword for pvp gears!
  62. AUTO HEALING Rogues WTF Trion
  63. More accessible MOA pathways
  64. The Fire Horse Mount would be awesome as an option :)
  65. Dungeon Ques
  66. Guild Recruitment Chat Channel
  67. Momentum?
  68. - option to remove purchase confirmation box -
  69. Please more macros
  70. Dedicated Triage Staff: Seriously, this is worth it
  71. How to make Planerite and plaques useful
  72. Being able to costume all Pieces of armor
  73. Dynamic Mob Spawning
  74. Make L50 Black Garden off limits to ranks greater than R4
  75. IMPROVED New Race ideas
  76. experience grind needs some variety
  77. More Cross Server Options
  78. - walk animations -
  79. organisation in austion house
  80. Whats the deal Trion?
  81. What we NEED - NEXT PATCH
  82. Hey can you add to the scrolling combat log, when melee CC are missed or resisted pls
  83. Copy and Paste or Hyperlinks.
  84. Before releasing new content, could you clean up the game a little please?
  85. Paradoxical systems - LFD and World Events
  86. forum suggestion - pvp battlegroups
  87. Adjusting Darkening Deeps Ramp *Gauntlet * for Rapid Assault.
  88. Another Lure - New Reward
  89. I Miss the Epic Quests.
  90. Chronicles/Dungeons should have speed rewards
  91. Tie Quest Rewards to Rifts
  92. Expansion Predictions & Suggestions
  93. Boring leveling?
  94. Elven Models
  95. Equality in PvP Weapons.
  96. LFG Queue is useless.... RIFT dies. Merge Servers.
  97. reporting spam
  98. Skank outfits suck
  99. Tank Threat
  100. Player Knockback (aka GET YOUR MOUNT OFF THE AUCTIONEER!)
  101. Hair Suggestion
  102. Please restore the soul quests.
  103. Trading Favor for Exp
  104. Evening all. About gear....
  105. invasions in low pop zones?
  106. Why did you remove the library of the runemaster wf?
  107. Swap Stalker and Guardian Phase for Riftstalkers.
  108. Re customize characters?
  109. Ability - Switch souls mid-fight (pve only)
  110. Some Constructive Feedback on Rift's tedious leveling and gameplay
  111. Trion please make Level more fun and enjoyable
  112. Rift needs the ability to disable XP gains
  113. Please make some or all the bosses in master dungeons drop a Mark of Ascension...
  114. Bonuses that deal with increasing AP/SP
  115. For Ember Isle patch, can you fix, or develop the Rift Grouping tool
  116. ghost quest tracking(not what you think :P )
  117. Suggestion to help improve teamwork in Warfronts.
  118. Warfront Suggestion to fix balance (Maybe)
  119. Instead of making weekend wf's
  120. Change the way the bonus exp, favor, and prestige vials work please!
  121. Viable DPS specs for Clerics & Mages
  122. Wondering about PvP in the future.
  123. Realm vs. Realm plz
  124. Total Class Dynamics
  125. Whatever happened to the souls representing an elemental aspect?
  126. Crafting "On Skill" Alerts
  127. PhysX and NVidia 3D
  128. For chat option can you allow us to change the color of individual details n the chat
  129. in the notoriety window, can you add info on each faction listed
  130. this will rule
  131. Graphics options - Show x players
  132. Suggestion for a few funny PvP titles (add on to the list)
  133. Add Phases to the Dynamic Event Bosses and Invaders
  134. Rollin something different.
  135. Veteran Vendor sells lost items?
  136. What Trion Could Do To Improve FPS
  137. Make target numbers show up whether you're in party or not. Reason why inside thread.
  138. Trial members need a voice on the forums.
  139. Master Mode Dungeon
  140. Can we make Crystalized Insight purchasable with Inscribed Sourcestone?
  141. Give Warden and Purifier In Combat Rezes
  142. Urgent Suggestion: Let all players to mark in Warfront.
  143. pvp gun
  144. 'Tactical Retreat':-return to recall point during combat
  145. Here's a suggestion for the devs.
  146. Suggestion: other payment method
  147. please can you add a way to save keybinds per role?
  148. Eth Racial
  149. The brief survey.
  150. Convert Plaques into Marks?
  151. Idea to make the game better
  152. Guardian Guns
  153. Collectibles and lore.
  154. Add this stuff from Runes of Magic
  155. Individual soul chronicles are the solution!
  156. News on problems
  157. "Souls for Roles" - Separate role sets based on selected Role Archetype.
  158. Equipment Sets
  159. Just an idea: Last names?
  160. Please listen to your players
  161. Some Runecrafting recipes still require Runecraft specific plaques
  162. Bug Fix: @mouseover macros, clickthrough buff/debuff icons for targeted AoE
  163. [SUGGESTION] In-Game Scavenger Hunts
  164. Shaman Buffs
  165. More Warfronts, and RVR.
  166. One (Account) Bank Slot
  167. Right Click on macro opens it for editing
  168. Ideas for more warrior diversity
  169. Target's Target
  170. toggle for hiding players plz
  171. 2 New Races for Telara
  172. 1v1? 2v2? 3v3? 1v1v1? 2v2v2? 3v3v3?
  173. Previewing Dye Colors
  174. Extra plaques and marks.
  175. Link ability into macro from soul tree
  176. The Future of Rift *Dynamic Invasions*
  177. fix zone invasions
  178. /votekick for warfronts
  179. Ascended Inscription -- The answer to players wanting 6+ Roles.
  180. Add a drop down option for Quest tracker to hide and display quest tracks
  181. (DRUID):Suggestion: Druid's Friend of the Weald gets an additional effect
  182. Merchants: Multiple Buy to Fill Stack
  183. Armor Sets - A Much Needed Addition! Please Sign.
  184. Armor Sets - A Much Needed Addition!
  185. Fluff item solution
  186. Save Bar Setups
  187. Increase Lord Greenscale's Hitbox
  188. More potent drinks
  189. Useful Vet Rewards: 1 Bonus Role for Each Month Paid Already
  190. Reducing Bard Motif Maintenence
  191. How to make Withering Vine worth casting
  192. Sanctuary Guard Cuirass - lose the butt cloth
  193. PvP [Something Fresh]
  194. PvP And Brackets
  195. Auction House
  196. 10 man raids (10 man versions for 20 man and 20 man for 10 mans)
  197. Cross-faction Auction House?
  198. Dye Preview Window
  199. Chronicles
  200. The one overlooked mount concept...
  201. leveling weapons!
  202. Add options to spend Artisan's marks ? :)
  203. Exchange Favor for Planar Attunement Experience points
  204. artisan marks > plaques
  205. Simple Suggestions, Gives some Xp from collecting artifacts, or for completing Sets<3
  206. Guild roster refreshing
  207. World Events - Notification Icon
  208. UI Change that I think will help everyone
  209. More PVP wepon selection
  210. The 'dislike' button - Please let us have one
  211. We should beable to use copy and paste in game
  212. Can we have an alerts channel?
  213. Craft outfiter
  214. T2 Zone events / bosses
  215. single bag window!
  216. Race Change
  217. Why mDD has such a long lock-out?
  218. Buffing while in stealth
  219. Character safety
  220. Bags Space Issues
  221. Travel Suggestion
  222. More Aggressive Rifts/"expert" PvE gameplay
  223. Expand on the Chronicle concept by adding NPC henchmen for larger group size
  224. Trion please allow weapons in Wardrobe
  225. Fix the failure mode for the PvP auto-flag feature
  226. Chronicles are awesome, more!
  227. 66 Point souls
  228. Crafting Inventory Solutions - Crafting Bags or Crafting Inventory
  229. Lesser radius for Nature's Fury additional strikes
  230. Add 0.5s stun/root to battle charge
  231. Please make a Barber Shop or Spa
  232. By a rift in spanish
  233. By a rift in spanish
  234. bonus favor rank 8
  235. Invading the Planes
  236. Please make Library of the Runemasters a permanent Warfront!
  237. Enemy Collision Detection
  238. Shards for time zones
  239. Ascended Disgrace (Warfront Countdown)
  240. Allowing Planar Attunement Respecs
  241. Solution for the Vet costume problem.
  242. Season / world event related costumes
  243. Request Crafting Window to Show Bank Mats
  244. A Few Suggestions - Global Class Channels, Calenders and Seasonal Events!
  245. In-Game Barbers
  246. Rift Config File Location - Creates Issues
  247. Mage Tank Idea
  248. The macro window
  249. Halloween!
  250. Wardrobe slots