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  1. An Idea for reducing mailbox spam.
  2. Costume Book
  3. Just a quick survey.
  4. Looking For Guild Tool
  5. Tradeskill Trainers Change Request
  6. Looking for Raid tool
  7. Races, Classes, and Abilities suggestions
  8. Rift has no cute race!
  9. Some ideas to attract people (with a fantastic idea for instant adventures!)
  10. Persistant Action Bars
  11. Constant effect buffs should be reapplied after other non-stacking buffs are removed
  12. Add Mobile On/Off filter to Friends list window
  13. Caftable Practice Test Dummies
  14. New Bags
  15. Fishing: introduction to fishing nets
  16. On a night like last night, put free players up to level 50 and into PvP queue plz
  17. Bard gear
  18. Getting New Players Into Raiding
  19. personalise guilds
  20. Allow action bars to be reconfigured ...
  21. Drop Character Names of Old Subscriptions
  22. All mounts attuned
  23. New profession Alchemist
  24. World Event queues cross server
  25. What Rift is all about, please add this
  26. More Ori Ore nodes on Ember Isle Please
  27. Please give us an Autoface command
  28. Allow more chracters per line / textbox
  29. New Profession: Designer or Costume Maker
  30. Awesome (?) MMO Ideas
  31. (My Idea for new Conquest Mode) Conquest Isle
  32. Nerf other classes silence and give it to the rogue tanks imho
  33. Food
  34. What's missing in rift? Suggestions from a veteran to Rift Developers
  35. Name Plates improvement
  36. Animation and Back pieces
  37. every zone event should have robots :D
  38. Bags
  39. Please fix these issues and One suggestion
  40. Need Moar roles.
  41. low pop solutions
  42. Crafting patterns for alts
  43. historical theme wardrobes
  44. Raid Rally Banners
  45. FPS increase idea
  46. Request- Give everyone free 10 days.
  47. Artifacts and unique BoA items remelting craft
  48. Tooltips that actually describe what powers do
  49. Riftstalker idea
  50. Pets : a suggestion for better scaling with gear
  51. Please make all clothing to be wearable as cosmetic
  52. Mob specific souls
  53. pvp itemization for lower tiers- expand and fix.
  54. Scourge of the Sands event; a suggestion
  55. Please consider making (some) AoEs clearly visible
  56. Stop rewarding people for not completing raids. (and opinion on raid lockout timers)
  57. new NA shard
  58. Something for levelers: a way to retire a character for a benefit
  59. Better Guild Bank Controls
  60. Macro grouping/sorting
  61. A Suggestion for Rifts
  62. Potential for a bard cleanse?
  63. My Two Cents
  64. Allow folders for names in social tabs
  65. Mark of Ascention (raid 1) Gear needs to be cheaper
  66. Trion can you please give us a higher favor cap?
  67. Encourage more people to Queue
  68. Can we please get an address book for IN GAME email?
  69. +1 new rogue soul = dual gunner
  70. Some ideas I kick around often: level throttling , rank throttling, gear progression
  71. Just give us a pet look system already trion! It's easy!
  72. Incentives for Alts.
  73. Something that really bugs me about Rift
  74. Rift PvP - Requested Improvements
  75. Waah! Yeah!
  76. Faction Crafting Workorders Suggestion
  77. We dont want a new warfront we want real frontiers!
  78. Yet more things to do with Planar Charge
  79. controls suggestion
  80. Fix the female Kelari riding display already!!
  81. Big FPS improving idea for mass player situations
  82. Dungeon...oh look, I have to go
  83. Please consider making Zareph's Return NPCs neutral
  84. Cosmetic crafting out of clothing pattern or armor mold
  85. Crazy Respawn Rates
  86. spanish version of rift
  87. ring tone for rift mobile events
  88. Is rift currently the worst mmo for new players?
  89. An advancing plot expansion pack idea from me!
  90. Need Fervor aoe effect around dummies
  91. Birthday Stuff
  92. show Last login to the game with Mobile users
  93. Titamium-crafting
  94. Allow exchange of equal level token gear for different sets.
  95. PA and the future of the system.
  96. Rift house. Tree house.. Monkey faction, class or race..
  97. Be able to recharge Planar Charge easier on low levels
  98. a money bank addon
  99. Make Rifts and Invasions mean something.
  100. Trion: Master Mode raids PLEASE
  101. Ember Isle IA
  102. Cross factions PVE server?
  103. Faction Change
  104. SUGGESTION: Item Safety Lock
  105. List Of Randoms Instead Of Every Last Dungeon?
  106. Facebook (and other social networks)
  107. PLEASE stop adding tier token drops to expert dungeons.
  108. WTB new mount
  109. LFG, Leaderboards & Speed runs
  110. Refine and Simplify AH
  111. External Recovery
  112. Now's a Perfect time to add in Surnames
  113. /who on right click
  114. Bring Open World PvP Back to Life
  115. Is This A Glitch, If Not, What's The Purpose of It?
  116. Make ALL source machines / sigils BOA
  117. Remove the restriction for using type of gear in wardrobe
  118. Dwarf beard conflicts with multiple helmets.
  119. A new Race?
  120. Planar Attunement of Peace
  121. ITunes integration?
  122. Add Master Mode dungeons to the group finder
  123. LFR Rift must have
  124. Open World Dungeons
  125. Please make relic weapons obtainable through marks.....
  126. Please make instant adventures worth doing
  127. Money In-game
  128. Invasion Event Notices
  129. Make Gear PvP/PvE Dynamic
  130. 2 More Character Slots on Server
  131. Chronicles-revision
  132. New Nameplates are cool but need some polish
  133. Allow players to be able to heal enemy mobs.
  134. How about Guild alliances?
  135. Foliage getting in the way...
  136. The Tower of Exiles: A new idea for hardcore raiders
  137. New Content Idea -- Attack them where it hurts!
  138. Mirror of Change! Look trion an answer to benefit us all!
  139. Keep the Wanton Maw story/saga quest chain available after the world event
  140. Pick-pocket and thievery skills.
  141. Audible mail prompt and other things
  142. Client side markers
  143. Planar attunement abilities and powers???
  144. Swappable Greater Essence Slots
  145. Please don't EVER give us summon food/drink!
  146. Alternative Method for extra storage - No new coding required
  147. Crafting Recipe Vendors - plz put a check box to hide the ones I already have
  148. Please clear my focus target when I log out
  149. A Few RP Suggestions
  150. Inventory Management: Specify Bag types
  151. New type of Instant Adventure - Plane-Dungeon/Raid Type Adventures ...
  152. Instead of flying mounts, how about...
  153. T2+T3 raids lfg
  154. Please make /ignore account-wide
  155. Nameplates improvement suggestions
  156. Nameplates alpha for target and non-target
  157. Nameplaets location
  158. Mercenary Dungeons and Raids
  159. Combat Res Debuff
  160. Just a few things...
  161. Dye Mixing
  162. TRUE account wide achievements
  163. Additional Role Slots
  164. Nameplate problem for rogues
  165. Nameplates
  166. Nameplates In Combat Alpha Levels
  167. Option for nameplates in front of combat text
  168. Nameplate customisation
  169. Dear Animation Team
  170. suggestion/bug/
  171. Can we get player housing now?
  172. WoW trend noted in game progression
  173. Pay for Play
  174. Improving Low-Level Chloromancer Healing
  175. Support Classes need scaling with better gear.
  176. How about a reward system for reporting spam/plat traders?
  177. Please improve the zoom-in/out res of the map
  178. Offer reasons to be logged in, and people will.
  179. Rift needs to offer reasons to be logged in.
  180. New Moderated Shard
  181. Colour of your coin
  182. Move The Lock!
  183. Please increase the value of Boss-dropped gear
  184. Add Express Mail.
  185. Third faction for the unbalanced population
  186. Knockback from Eternal Imprisoner
  187. Looking for Raid
  188. GOAL: Consolidated World Auction House
  189. PvP Weapon Skin Too Limited
  190. change earth and death tier 2 PA teleports plz
  191. make marks bind to account
  192. make marks bind to account
  193. "Master Mode" raid boss idea to keep hardcore guilds occupied.
  194. Some thoughts on housing...
  195. Make soulbound items sharable between marriage partners.
  196. Give Guardians an "advantage" for PVP
  197. New pets that could possibly be introduced!
  198. >save assassin tree,rogue
  199. I feel like my experiences in this game are limited by having 6 roles
  200. suggestion. Less currency
  201. Planar Robot Trinket!! OMGz!
  202. We want more pvp
  203. Guild Log Cluttered with achievements!!!!
  204. Introduce faction defectors...
  205. Boats, Banks, Better :)
  206. Allow us to spend Marks on costume version of raid gear
  207. armor and bag space
  208. Cross shard friends
  209. Instances need fishing...
  210. 3D Vision , working with Nvidia 3D ready cards/monitors/glasses
  211. In-Game Calendar (A Desperate Need)
  212. Zoom in on Gear Previews
  213. Please Separate Shimmersand and Stillmoor IA Queues!
  214. Mobile Status and Friend's List
  215. Macro's
  216. Rare Respawn Times!
  217. How about an "age" buff?
  218. The new Guild Finder
  219. Risky Fishing
  220. Seal, Source Machine, Synergy Crystal = Talisman?
  221. New titles for sheeping!
  222. Looking for Raid - How Trion Can Make It Work
  223. Knowing how much time is left of a CD
  224. Minor things
  225. Fishing suggestions
  226. Survival Recipe Suggestion!!
  227. How about a wedding anniversary achievement?
  228. Bag Space SoS
  229. PvP taunt adjustment
  230. New character select background
  231. Ranger Suggestions
  232. Zoning into Raids
  233. Use mercing as a way to balance warfronts.
  234. RoS Chronicle - Shorten the talking
  235. Request spell power on cleric shields
  236. Possible Botting Solution
  237. new people into guild
  238. Changes to Crafting...
  239. A way to increase inventory space
  240. detramental tooltips
  241. Invisible Online Status, please!
  242. 400 Complete Artifact sets title and reward
  243. Incorporating Flails
  244. trion events/ in game mail
  245. Dynamic/Evolving Rifts - Upgrade planar footholds to Keeps/Castles -- Rift Sieging!
  246. Rift Soundtrack
  247. Serendipity and fixing healing 1.8
  248. why doesnt mages have a dot spreader like reavers?
  249. Please put a green cross icon over the healer NPCs.
  250. (Suggestion) Queue estimate timer for Dungeon Finder