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  1. Transfiguration baubles and wardrobe weapons.
  2. SUGGESTION: Add Mayhem Currencies Like Other Holiday Events
  3. Hide Mounts
  4. Patron/Loyalty Ability: No Dismount Buff [against PvE only]
  5. Slayer Mark Cap
  6. Dungeon Proficiency Icon
  7. Soul Mixing Bonus Abilties.
  8. We could use more Guild Storage - Petition / Suggestions
  9. Inconspicuous fishes
  10. Flaming Ki Rin
  11. Moar corgis!
  12. Stronghold leeching
  13. SH62 Top floor building
  14. Gear bag..
  15. Help with Stats
  16. Charge for world chat usage...
  17. Daily quests and rewards.
  18. Empyrean Technologist Profession
  19. Victory Dance + Student Garb = Cheerleader.. Need Pom Pom's!
  20. Wardrobe items you would like to see?
  21. [Dimensions] Treasure hunt - random items
  22. Ability to delete recipes (or have filter settings be persistent)
  23. Prepaid Points Cards
  24. Remove loyalty restriction from live chat
  25. Why is there still a limit on planarite storage?
  26. Feature Request: /dumpguildlog /dumpbanklog
  27. Let Planar 'Shrouds your weapon' Items to be usable with Transfig
  28. PVP servers Combined
  29. Currency conversion
  30. Update maximum stack size for crafting materials, etc.
  31. Please make ignore account wide.
  32. Loyalty Reward for Founders??
  33. Nameplates Mechanics
  34. RIFT Gear needs a new design/touch
  35. Ranger Pet Taming
  36. Guild Capes for Wardrobe
  37. Separate the Item Enchantment part of the Auction House for head, chest, legs, etc.
  38. an excellent patron reward would be
  39. Rift needs serious "lyposuction". (And new races...)
  40. Concerning new crystals
  41. Changing/adding lvl 60 daily pvp quests
  42. Community Announcements, e.g. Mayhem in Mathosia event
  43. Balance the loot system in dungeons!
  44. Dye armour on pets and mounts
  45. A New Pet: A Glowing Wisp
  46. A few ideas
  47. Flying Mounts
  48. /ToggleFriendlyPlayerNames command please!
  49. Idea for heartbreaker's bundle
  50. Increase rewards for zone events and nerf "tagging"
  51. During Corpse Runs.......
  52. Rift compatible with SteamOS?
  53. Patron Bonus Suggestion's - Wardstone Soul Recal / flaring glyph
  54. More Pets Out
  55. patron days left
  56. Cool World Event Ideas
  57. Please!! make the straps on Awakened Acolyte's Bundle set dyeable
  58. new Parameter for Macros
  59. Rename companions
  60. If you miss one...
  61. An easy way to fix FPS for people with weak computers
  62. Rebalance Mana
  63. Reducing the need for alts! (Multiple "Personas")
  64. Drum Up More Business
  65. New class
  66. Server dedicated to harder PvE
  67. Hybrid Skills: Unique abilities for hybrid builds
  68. Marks of Notoriety - Where's Hailol, Achyati, and Empyreal Alliance decrees?
  69. Guild Cities
  70. Rename Frozen Eclipse Stone to something that makes sense
  71. Bind hair type and color to different wardrobe slots
  72. Make hair unisex
  73. The homeless guy in Tempest Bay
  74. Guild Ban Feature
  75. Please make new Empyreal Subjugator's and Avenger's armor sets compatible with Qil's
  76. I want a native Linux client
  77. Show the total stats for main and off hand VS 2 hand
  78. Have augments show the stat size.
  79. New Hairstyles Issue
  80. CQ
  81. Label equip sets in tooltip
  82. Health Bars For Guildies
  83. what do I want.. Better Rewards for being a Subscriber..
  84. ????
  85. Idea for Hybrid soul skill ... if you hybridize you get 1 skill from another tree.
  86. Like to see
  87. Flex Raiding
  88. Ingame Chat Channels
  89. All About the Shoes
  90. Instant Advedventure Leeches
  91. Suggestions (that I'm surprised have not yet been implemented)
  92. Craft quests, Tempest Bay
  93. Locking action bars for all roles?
  94. Character Slot Extension Locks
  95. Hybridization
  96. Saved up patron vials all lost after patron subscription ends
  97. 100p to respec PA? Really?
  98. Runes in upgradeable items
  99. Crafting Ingredients and their cost
  100. A Few Suggestions for The Betterment of ALL
  101. Suggestion: Mass Mails to Guild Leader and Officers
  102. Gear tooltips and equipment sets
  103. Remove in game mail cap between the same account
  104. HAX Server Firsts
  105. Wisdom of the Ages and Heroic Resolve are still broken..
  106. Any new trees in mind?
  107. Ember - please low the quest levels
  108. Make All Crafting Drops Greed Only, Please
  109. Transcended True Best In slot
  110. A few gameplay ideas
  111. Overhaul loot distribution
  112. Bug report forum
  113. In-Game Calculator?
  114. Checkmark for Dailies
  115. "Easter Eggs" for 'dimension hunts'
  116. Search by levels within profession cookbooks?
  117. Couple of suggestions about Dimensions
  118. 3.0 Wish List
  119. Request- dimension Green walls
  120. Quality of life: Two handed items, really just tell me the totals please :)
  121. Quality Of Life: When i mouse over an equiped item, compare it to EVERY matching type
  122. Store/Patron Claim Notice
  123. I don't suppose we could get a Fishing outfit could we?
  124. Dye Preview
  125. Splitting stacks
  126. Fishing up artifacts
  127. Patron lapse "grace period"
  128. Ponies for Dwarfs
  129. give us more curves! (body types)
  130. walking animations
  131. So how about those Guild Vault Tabs.
  132. Please Update Bow Attack Sounds
  133. Adding a skill to see through stealth for every class/soul spec exept assassin
  134. Hailol Jump Footholds: Mushroom start
  135. Possible Patron Perk (PPP): Browsable web store for in game items
  136. Trion, Give Us Wings!
  137. Possible Patron Perk (PPP): Bonus Totals
  138. Mobs calling for help, adding puzzles to quests and dungeons
  139. Daily Dungeon Rewards
  140. New Playable Races for each Faction
  141. Possible Patron Perk (PPP): Dungeon Training Modes
  142. Possible Patron Perk (PPP): Dungeon / esoteric game situations: Tutorials
  143. Ideas for New Costumes/Mounts/Etc.
  144. Make Dyes Work On Weapons!
  145. Idea to get more Open World PvP
  146. remove zone events from IA's
  147. Concerning patch notes...
  148. Daily reset times
  149. A Test fo Playerr Progress.
  150. Soul Purchase Suggestion
  151. Inspecting Dyes Used
  152. A profession idea..
  153. Sell Random Expert Dungeon passes.
  154. Disable Auto-Sort on specific bags
  155. More PvP Consumables
  156. Trinkets with a healing proc?
  157. Bring Back Shard Forums
  158. get all quest button
  159. Recent 'Epic Invasion' World Event idea
  160. Idea to make leaderboards little more interesting
  161. improving COD system, limit scams, help new players
  162. Add Hammerknell/Akylios weapon skins to the store
  163. Assistance for new players
  164. Steampunk costumes and dimensions and items
  165. Getting Back in to Old Content Suggestion
  166. Disable Spell Effects
  167. My qualm with warrior tanks
  168. Store Sales/Credit Sales
  169. Foe or Acquaintance list
  170. Soul change effects/flourishes
  171. Ditch the 20hr cd on level 50 epic crafting mats
  172. Removing factions for warfronts and making them team red and team blue.
  173. Rift App for Windows Phones
  174. Decoys and how they drive healers crazy.
  175. Dagler - Porting into dimensions broke
  176. Give levels some meaning
  177. Rare boss tracker
  178. Quick fix to chat and zone events idea
  179. Crafting Window and Shared Account storage
  180. new raid set up
  181. New intertwined souls
  182. Track Artifacts?
  183. Few additions to dimensions
  184. Some sort of "Training Ground"
  185. Patron suggestions
  186. mailbox dropdown menu
  187. Make new 160% pot's account bound
  188. new craft for butchering
  189. I'd love to see a bigger distinction between class combos
  190. Double Click to Log In
  191. Collapsible crafting menus
  192. invisible weapons
  193. Suggestion: Events/IA/SH/etc reward distrubution
  194. Rift Mobile App Rewards
  195. Party/Raid chat with Marks
  196. Suggestion: schedule some time to redesign the vendor window.
  197. Additions to In Game and Store
  198. Bring back the Past World Events and Lore Pages
  199. WTB hybrid souls
  200. Dimension suggestion
  201. storm legion
  202. Store Idea - Conquest Decay Reduction Pot
  203. Daily Icons and Tracking Abilities
  204. track reputations with a second/third xp bar option
  205. An Idea:
  206. Self buffs falling off after death.
  207. Make notoriety more rewarding
  208. Make old dungeos lvl 60 experts
  209. Horse mount model
  210. Marks of Notoriety
  211. Rognar Mount
  212. PVP-mercenary
  213. Fishing companion that cutely appears to fish too please
  214. Old Raid and Planar Currency Changes
  215. Favor gains
  216. Being able to log in dimensions and emoting while sitting.
  217. possibility to add an alternative way to play your toon
  218. Fishing Sunken Treasure and Rewards Idea
  219. Bring back the BUNDLE of relic boxes
  220. Merging both factions together (defiant and guardians) into one faction for more wpvp
  221. Add Rift To Steam (again)
  222. Guild Ranks
  223. The AE target circle
  224. Preset Roles
  225. Character selection backgrounds
  226. Event Mounts
  227. Rift Mobile App. Anything new coming?
  228. Going forward, add more variety to the interior areas of the world
  229. Cleric melee dps should be able to use more than just a hamer and staff
  230. A way to help new players and old, all in one place...Bulletin Boards!
  231. A level 60 instance of Ember Isle
  232. Auction House Recommended Improvements
  233. The Rune or Scroll of Unbinding...
  234. More planar gear while leveling.
  235. mage soul creation attempt - sanginator? blood mage?
  236. Patron and Credits
  237. Rift Mobile - Cmon Trion !
  238. New BeastMaster Pet(s)?
  239. Warfront mercenary
  240. Phasing for Story Progression
  241. Hey TRION, why not give us some options for patronage
  242. What the Rift Store Needs
  243. FIX what is broken
  244. An option in pve group finder to match players from same faction
  245. Ground Markers for Party/Raid
  246. Tracking Cleanses
  247. Implement a Chat Platform out of game
  248. New Dummy
  249. Reduce Queue accept time and allow it to be accepted in combat
  250. Staked Duel