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  1. For Minion masters: Case the Drowned Halls
  2. [Wardrobe Bug] But why male models?
  3. Wardrobe Wednesday, Twitch show and indefinite wardrobe contest!
  4. Minion not cycling
  5. Pilfered Purses - Telainthea's Purse
  6. For those who can't find Estranged Brew bottles
  7. Verdict sword
  8. Farseer Rothilion
  9. The zone event XXX has started in Cape Jule on Unknown!
  10. Heroic screenshots (of your characters)
  11. Looking for locations of remaining Chest skins I need
  12. Where are the Morban scanvenger hunt quest givers?
  13. Wardrobe - Impervious Leather Set
  14. Can't get two quests in Kingsward to continue in Ashora quests: 'Shepherd Halkilk'
  15. IA in Silverwood bugged quest
  16. Sicaron
  17. Stay Frosty-Summerfest Tarken Glacier P1
  18. Tarken Glacier - Gar Station Tau is fantastic
  19. quest meditations upon the end
  20. Lucky coins
  21. Ancient Kelari Robe
  22. Instant Adventure - Raid check spam
  23. Other missing summerfest achievements
  24. [Summerfest] NPC Will Burpost missing on EU shards (Kingdom of Pelladane)
  25. Spotted Snake timer
  26. Nobody does zone events! What happend?
  27. [Wardrobe Contest!] Summer mount & zone adventure!
  28. Invisible loot window from 10h summerfest minion missions
  29. Not getting loot from instant adventures
  30. Tribal Cloth Spaulder item look weird on different characters
  31. LEVIATHAN Zone event FIX!
  32. HK IA "Bug" / @Tacitus your inbox is full
  33. Need onslaught weekly questgiver in Tempest Bay
  34. Minion bonus assassination adventures loot table
  35. Brine Buster: names incorrect
  36. Shark Jumping in Goboro
  37. Building turrets in onslaughts needs to be bannable offence
  38. Minion Questions
  39. Level of "lesser sludges" in IA boss fights
  40. Unstable Event Idea
  41. fishing with lures.
  42. Devs - Unstable Events
  43. Devs - 10H Minion Artifact Advenures Bugged
  44. Reduce,Recycle,Reeducate broken quest??? help please!!!
  45. Hammerknell Instant Adventure - is there boss guide aviable
  46. Store Mounts
  47. RE: mentoring. Please make Tarken Glacier IAs mentor to 64
  48. Did you break onslaughts?
  49. Onslaughts bugged?
  50. Attractor Minion Descriptions
  51. Onslughts - Boss - Icon
  52. NM6 Mastery - Possible missing achievement for Meta Mastery
  53. Millrush Moonstalker
  54. IA-Kick still too sensitive, doesn't decay offline, cuts into boosts
  55. Thank you, Tacitus and team, for recent IA work!
  56. Unobtainable Achievements and Suggestions to Near Unobtainable Achievements Thread!
  57. Minions and Cards - Annoying attributes mouse over spots.
  58. SL IAs
  59. Fix obliterations
  60. Is anyone else having trouble killing the friendly extractors?
  61. Xylenar, the wimp
  62. the wardrobe list
  63. Was kicked from IA with penalty for no reason.
  64. Unable to Join Instant Adventure
  65. Percy Quakerton
  66. No More Specific IA queues
  67. Leviathan zone event?
  68. players & Trion- meeting halfway for IA
  69. Event chan and unknow shard
  70. Zone Event frequency
  71. Tank Dook NPC (Scarwood Reach), what to do ?
  72. NMR boss annihilations not counting
  73. Collecting Pets
  74. IA infinite "No objective, No teleport" bug
  75. Seatin's voice in a zone event
  76. Echo of XXXXXX in Moonshade
  77. New onslaught weekly, way too long to finish.
  78. IA "anti-leeching" too tight for limited spawn "gather" IAs
  79. help with zone events, please- locs?
  80. Gloamwood Rare - Scald Spawn Location
  81. Suggestion for Mathosia events
  82. Twisted in NT
  83. Leviathan zone event mechanics
  84. Captain Thrace help please
  85. People saying hello in NMR
  86. Arclight Chieves not progressing?
  87. Finding last few quests in NT
  88. One Hell of an Invasion
  89. 1000 and 1200 artifact achievements.
  90. 5 new craftable minion cards on PTS
  91. PSA: Empyreal Command is a Group Story quest!
  92. Shark jumps not registering as hit?
  93. Achievement: Fiery Fissures Help please
  94. Zone event weapon drop?
  95. Problems with "Productive Dreaming quest at Ghar Station Mem
  96. Boss in Tarken Glacier and Draumheim
  97. Will Greenscale revive from his defeat in GSB?
  98. Will the humans become a super power as a nation once again?
  99. Hit in the open-world
  100. Bounties
  101. The Carnival of the Ascended was Rad
  102. 105 Nightmere Adventure cashes opened
  103. 8 hour artifact adventures bugged/removed?
  104. Farseer Solana
  105. The Darkest Magic - Requested/Suggested Change
  106. Darkness from the Depths, suggestions
  107. Attractor Minion Level
  108. Need Help with the Name of a Zone Event
  109. NOTICE: Instant Adventure Achievements
  110. Devs - Convert Motes
  111. my doubts .. need help
  112. How long after the carnival ends will you be able to buy items from the rift store?
  113. IA Raids
  114. Minions struggling with daylight savings time?
  115. Instant Adventures in Draumheim and Tarken Glacier
  116. Error with Goboro Instant Adventure Quest: Dreambound Skelf
  117. Can you hide or delete minions?
  118. No Extra Void Stons For Spawning Boss (New Events) & Ressing on Ojingeodon deaths.
  119. Instant Adventure Changes
  120. Pumpkin Dye
  121. Heroes of Telara Artifact Set
  122. Leviathan event card
  123. Decided to do something fun with the insane Lil Reggie drop rate
  124. Bare Knuckled quests in Scarwood Reach are temporarily disabled
  125. Manugo Stations
  126. Pyrestorm drop rate
  127. Laws of Consequences quest
  128. Devs - Convert Doubloons into Tickets
  129. Arclight minion disabled already?
  130. Time to combine servers.
  131. Petition for longer availability of Promo minion adventures
  132. Power of Greed Quest help!
  133. Misty Raine quests bugged?
  134. Minion Quest Shuffling - Are You Freakin' Kidding Me??
  135. Where is King's Breach?
  136. New chained minion adventures.
  137. Difference-in-level debuff, broken? changed?
  138. Skeleton Lock Box Key
  139. Rare world events. Where are they?
  140. Achi in Draumheim A PROWED MOMENT
  141. arclight promo adventures
  142. New Promo Event Quest
  143. Minions do not display when they will earn next Stamina point correctly
  144. Disabled NT zone events
  145. Rally the Hailol trouble.
  146. achieve in wrong place
  147. Quest Problem: [Battle Royale (40)]
  148. Leveling in Goboro Reef Instant Adventures as a low level toon.
  149. "Bargain Hunter" Achievment Mob spwan
  150. Flatyard disquise is not in bag
  151. NMR bosses, missing 1 in each Lv 1-5
  152. Adventure Cashe rare rewards
  153. Stuck on the Quest "The Wad"
  154. Rare Mobs
  155. New Guild Quests?
  156. Need help with Tarken Tideseekers ( Syrilth ).
  157. Quest "Putting Out the Fire": how to get to the quest area.
  158. Dead Simon please check this Artifact
  159. Hunting adventure rewards
  160. Can't Find Quest Old Gods and New in Goboro Reef
  161. Mariel-Taun Day?
  162. Earth DRR
  163. NT essences similar to SL/Old Telara? Have you seen them?
  164. Devs - Nightmare Rift bug
  165. A way to reopen completed saga / story questlines?
  166. Will this ever be a future feature/QoL improvement for Minions?
  167. Need Quest Help / Stuck
  168. Mech Leg Actuator
  169. Why did Rhen of fate chronicles stop paying Abyssal Crusader's Marks.
  170. New Zone Event TG
  171. Puzzle games
  172. Notoriety Minions
  173. Low level earring quests?
  174. The Ravenous Devourer
  175. Chronicle: Shadow from the Beyond => rare Mob
  176. Retaking the Palace--Quest Broken...
  177. The Gun Show
  178. Rarity or non-spawning of certain zone events
  179. Flame Wave event disabled?
  180. Minion Shuffle Complaints
  181. Audio bug with Zone Event: Leviathan
  182. Free their Souls Quest - where are the untainted Aelfwar??
  183. Hero's Unrest Lure
  184. Unstable: Harrow Tome book
  185. Can't find "Elbow Grease - Find the missing Mecha Leg actuator
  186. Minions...focus of hurry
  187. Is level 5 NMR timed-daily challenge quests bugged?
  188. Changes to Artifact Tracking Vials and other things
  189. Reative Results Quest
  190. Looking for last kill in Draumheim ... Carnage: Hunger Demon
  191. Event "Bulwark of Bones"
  192. Synergy Cristal not bound to account
  193. Achievement Begyeling the Bloodfire
  194. The Rhen of the Rhenke unable to be completed
  195. yo dawg i heard you like cults.
  196. Gloamwood Advanced Adventurer Boss Not Spawning Bug or Super Rare???
  197. Achievement Points Leaderboard
  198. Productive Dreaming
  199. Help with a couple of quests in Tarken
  200. 8-Hour Quest: Artifacts
  201. When will minions poof?
  202. minion sounds
  203. Can't see Instant Adventures past Scarwood Reach (I'm Level 43)
  204. Dalendel the reanimated
  205. Lumps of coal (phase 3)
  206. Tarken Glacier puzzle for Australian/Oceanic players
  207. Secret of the Sands quest - any tricks for dealing with the Kahdorian Protectors?
  208. IA rewards - no gear?
  209. Nightmare Instances and Rifts
  210. Daily Adventures
  211. Plane of Water - Events down?
  212. Dungeon Bug
  213. Zone Event Bug
  214. Help with Inanimate quest, going crazy here.....
  215. Missing Quests in Tarken Glacier
  216. Bugged Yulogon minion??
  217. Minion auto-match 2 attributes improvements
  218. Artifacts Without Sets
  219. Skaridon the Tainted
  220. Artifacts Galore!
  221. Missing quests in Draumheim
  222. Draumheim Tideseekers
  223. State of the Minunion
  224. Fae Yule Artifact drop info
  225. Carnage quest kill a mooncalled Herald
  226. Minions, Exp per mission?
  227. Goboro Reef Puzzle 15min achieve
  228. A Lost Traveler not working
  229. Is Yulogon broken?
  230. Lump of Coal
  231. Profane Expanse quest in Tarken Glacier
  232. Fae Yule minion adventures
  233. Minions and Crafting Drops
  234. I'm getting tired of Goboro Reef
  235. Stage 20 Nightmare Rifts
  236. Updated artifact list?
  237. Dropping in on Draumheim
  238. Roll the Bones daily quest doesn't show glowing colors on the anvil
  239. Recurring Nightmare quest, Draumheim
  240. level 64 now what
  241. Missing quests in Tarken Glacier
  242. Reef Ramble Achievement?
  243. Secrets of the levhiata - teleport
  244. Story quest trouble: Eyes On the Oculon in Goboro Reef
  245. Need Help: ICEBOUND ASSAULT
  246. Is there an Aventurine cap?
  247. missing quest in draumheim
  248. Bounty artis do drop from NT mobs
  249. [OPINION] Instant Adventures and "Feign Death"
  250. Tentacle Bob