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  1. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  2. Friends looking for Guild
  3. Pinnacle Recruiting.
  4. Pre-made Warfronts
  5. <Dark Knights of Exile> Apache P.O.V.
  6. Who Stepped In Gnome
  7. Cryptic Knights
  8. Sin and Punishment
  9. <Dark Knights of Exile>
  10. <Let One Rift>
  11. <Pinnacle>
  12. The Alliance Of Retribution <TAOR> <Charter Needs Signing>
  13. Deus Apparatus | Recruitment
  14. PostMortem Details
  15. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  16. Valhalla, golden hall of the Gods.
  17. <The Abyss Stares Back>, recruiting mature players for relaxed, friendly environment
  18. PostMortem
  19. Rift Sealers - seeking all callings/classes
  20. looking for guild Members
  21. Looking for mature, active guild OR people willing to band together to make one!
  22. Attention brave ascended, Riftbusters need you!