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  1. <tGx> on Byriel is recruiting for HAMMERKNELL
  2. Dilemma
  3. <Is Drunk> A Casual/Social Guild
  4. <Incursion> of Faeblight Recruiting 4/11 HK
  5. <No Remorse> @Dayblind recruiting for Akylios!
  6. <Hacattack> - recruiting for HK
  7. <HONOR> Is Recruiting! Looking for 18+ Year Old Casual Players
  8. <Obsidian Order> Wants You!
  9. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  10. <Rebirth> -- EST raiding guild
  11. Looking to start a new guild if anyone is interested
  12. <There is no Time> for another Recruitment Thread!
  13. <Chaosphere> is Recruiting
  14. <Asha'Man> Raiding!
  15. Cleric (heals/dps) and Mage (dps/support) LF **EST** friendly raiding
  16. Interested in being a key player in new guild?
  17. <ARCUS> recruiting for HK (MWF 6-9 server)
  18. Hey you over there. yea u. i know you are looking for a guild. sit lets talk
  19. <Origins>
  20. <SlashCry> is recruiting!
  21. Mage - level 48 - Looking for a guild
  22. Cleric looking for relaxed, friendly guild.
  23. <HacAttack> Recruitment
  24. Looking For Raiding Guild!
  25. LFguild
  26. Friends looking for Guild
  27. afternoon guilds?
  28. <Destiny> Recruiting All Classes
  29. Rifts R Us
  30. PERDITION - Recruiting for raids - Crucia
  31. Light's Adepts of Crucia Recruiting for Future Raid Content
  32. Perdition - Fresh - Recruiting for Raids
  33. <Arcus> Raiding M/W/F 6-9 PM PST
  34. Looking for PvPers, Defiant
  35. Any Eastern or Central Timezone based Semi-Casual/Raiding Guilds Looking for More?
  36. Québec bet company recrute
  37. Las Noches Guild is recruiting
  38. <Bloodbath and Beyond> is recruiting
  39. <Noble Intentions> Now Recruiting All Levels welcome
  40. [Recruitment] Veritas
  41. <Edge> LFM for Endgame
  42. Murderous Intent
  43. <Heartless> now recruiting :] were kind of a Big deal
  44. <Endgame>is recruiting!
  45. <Magitechnical Difficulties> Recruiting!
  46. <Magitechnical Difficulties> Casual guild
  47. Magitechnical Difficulties
  48. <The MASSIVE> LFM, Casual 21+
  49. LF New Friends To Start a Fresh Guild
  50. <Do Work> Is recruting all levels and classes
  51. <Phoenix Fire> Now Recruiting
  52. <HONOR> Casual Guild, 18+ Seeking new recruits.
  53. <Bridge Burners> Mature, Friendly veteran MMO guild is recruiting
  54. Hardcore raiding guild looking for skilled players
  55. CUTIES ONLY (CMT Hardcore raiding) Recruiting
  56. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  57. [Gerousia] A Casual Mature Guild
  58. Join <Ascended>
  59. <Rift Slayers> Recruiting!