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  1. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  2. Friends looking for Guild
  3. <Darkhearts> is openly recruiting for now.
  4. Looking for a Guild
  5. You know what this is...
  6. <Onslaught> is recruiting!
  7. <Onslaught> is recruiting!
  8. <War Party> is now recruiting!
  9. Looking for a Guild
  10. Looking for/Willing to start a casual guild
  11. <Resurrected> is now recruiting!
  12. ***Hope in Ruin*** Recruiting (What Azlani meant to say) ;)
  13. <Immortalis> Now Recruiting!
  14. < Hope In Ruin > Now Recruiting
  15. <something about love> husband wife guild
  16. The Pride is Recruiting
  17. Currently 40 Mage LFGuild
  18. V A N Q U I S H Recruiting
  19. Shard Guild Progression
  20. Still leveling wanting a good time while playing
  21. Currently 35 Rogue, Looking for a progression raiding/expert dungeon guild
  22. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  23. <Biohazard> Open recruit
  24. Looking for an end game guild~
  25. < Fine Whine > recruiting!
  26. Legends Never Die recruiting!
  27. Looking for casual guild with old people.