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  1. Veil of Darkness has Moved to Millrush
  2. <Tecnocratas> - Nova Guilda BR no Wolfsbane!
  3. 50/warrior LFG
  4. Di Maiores Galena Defiant Guild - Looking for HK raiders
  5. IMMORTAL is recruiting!
  6. [Dark Aggression@Alsbeth] LF HK DPS/TANK Warrior + More (May Have Guaranteed Spot)
  7. <Rumored@Galena> Recruiting for 20 mans.
  8. Dark Horns Wants you!
  9. Stoned Assassins is looking for progression-oriented raiders.
  10. <Veil of Darkness> Casual Guild Looking for More!
  11. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  12. Warrior Nation Recruiting!
  13. <Insomnia> Is recruiting.
  14. Ascending Darkness Is Recruiting Raiders!
  15. Di Maiores is recruiting (Defiant)
  16. Defiant Guild - Di Maiores is recruiting
  17. <Pure> Fun and Casual
  18. <The Fantastic Few> Casual, Raiding, Fun
  19. <Ascending Darkness> 5/5GSB-RoS 4/4GP-DH 1/10HK
  20. Di Maiores is recruiting experienced raiders
  21. new to shard raid ready rogue lf guild
  22. <EveOfDestruction> is Recruiting (Defiant)
  23. <EveOfDestruction> New raid guild recruiting for progression!
  24. He is French, and he needs a home...
  25. <ELYSIUM> Recruiting Active Raiders For Progressive Progression!!
  26. <Scion> Galena, Weekend raids and full time sexy.
  27. Reeree misses you!
  28. Looking to start raiding? <Di Maiores> needs you!
  29. <Immortal> - Progression Raiding in a Friendly Environment!
  30. Veil of Darkness is Recruiting and Open to Alliances
  31. WTB Sandcovered Robes
  32. Guild: Exiled Recruitment Thread
  33. <Blood and Chrome> Looking for more Toasters
  34. <Honey Badgers> is recruiting!
  35. lvl 42 rogue lf raiding guild
  36. 4 raiders looking for a raiding guild
  37. <Persona> is Recruiting
  38. Small group of transfers looking for casual raiding guild
  39. Exiled is recruiting raiders
  40. Progression Guild: <Ascending Darkness> formerly of Dimroot is recruiting
  41. <Business Casual> seeks qualified applicants!
  42. <Brutal>
  43. Enterprise-Defiant Raiding Guild
  44. Veil of Darkness
  45. Defiant Guild: Di Maiores is recruiting
  46. <Natural Order> Defiant Endgame Guild.
  47. Merciless now recruiting!
  48. Legacy - Defiant Raiding Guild
  49. Legacy - Defiant Raiding Guild
  50. Veil of Darkness Level 8 End Game Raiding Guild
  51. PoorsporTs
  52. Jaded Souls
  53. Somebody Sharded is hardcore about being casual.
  54. Veil of Darkness
  55. Stoned Assassins is looking for new players!
  56. Enterprise recruiting for Core raid and bench
  57. Enterprise is looking for you!
  58. good bye warcraft
  59. Looking for a guild please!
  60. Guild: Brutal
  61. Enterprise is recruiting!
  62. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  63. finding a guild
  64. Galena players LF Guild
  65. Hysteria is Recruiting!