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  1. <UnknowN> Oceaninc/Asian lvl 16 10/11 HK (P4 Akylios) Guild Recruiting on Dayblind
  2. Hk geared rogue
  3. <Change of Heart> Looking for members to do "Guild stuff" ;)
  4. <Squab Squad> 4/5 GSB, 2/5 RoS, 4/4GP Looking for more to PvP/Raid with
  5. Rigor Mortis Recruiting
  6. <WoG> LF active raiders 5/5 4/5 gsb/RoS
  7. <Lucidity> wants you!
  8. <The Future of Telara> looking for members!
  9. The Great Barrier Rift Aussie Guild Recruiting
  10. <Rated X> Open Recruitment
  11. Looking for a few more members to raid with 3/4 and 3/4 DH. <Squab Squad>
  12. Rift Buster's looking for members
  13. Looking for more members to raid/PvP with. <Squab Squad>
  14. <Sentinels> awaits you!
  15. <Kindred> is recruiting!
  16. Aussie players needed
  17. Inquisition looking for Hammerknell ready players, we are currently 10/19
  18. <Squab Squad> Looking for a few more good players. 1/4 GP
  19. <Unity> is seeking active members to join our ranks!
  20. Raiders Needed
  21. Looking for a Guild
  22. <WoG> Recruiting active raiders!
  23. <Paragon> is looking for you!
  24. Squabulites
  25. Paradigm Shift: An Introduction
  26. <Riftology> is seeking active players
  27. Looking for a guild that likes to dungeon
  28. PVP Guild, anyone?
  29. <Fury> Is Recruiting!
  30. <Mortify> is recruiting for End-Game!
  31. <Random Boss Encounter>, seeking active PvPers!
  32. <four twenty leet>
  33. <Paragon> is recruiting! (Disregard any other thread similar)
  34. [D] <Ethereal> Recruiting 700+ DPSers! Ethereaguild.com
  35. En La Oscuridad
  36. (D) <Seraphim> now recruiting for endgame progression.
  37. Ethereal is now recruiting
  38. <Rigor Mortis> is recruiting!
  39. Looking for a guild
  40. LF Aussie/Japan time zone players
  41. Looking for an Old Man™ Defiant guild.
  42. <Defiants> Recruiting
  43. Syndicate has arrived.
  44. Aussie Gulids
  45. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  46. [D]<Paragon> is recruiting!
  47. Defiant guild : Soft tacos