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  1. Refugees Guild from Gnarlwood is looking to finish Raid Force
  2. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  3. <The Stoppable Force> matching souls based on 3 Dimensions of Compatibility
  4. <Rescue Rangers> Recruiting now, looking for all levels, classes, specs and talent!
  5. Torment Gaming is now recruiting.
  6. <The Knights Who Say Ni> Seeking Members. Endgame goals for working/busy lifestyles.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! <The Olde Knights> Aquires <PURE>!!
  8. <Blessed> Is open of recruitment
  9. Guilde Québecoise Spiritus Sancti - recrute
  10. <Rico's Roughnecks>, a group of experienced MMO players
  11. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  12. <The Olde Knights> Want to know, what's your favorite soul combo?
  13. <The Olde Knights> We want to be YOUR guild!
  14. <Schism> Casual, Family Friendly guild
  15. Vanguard is Recruiting
  16. <Legion> Now Recruiting!
  17. <Serenity> Wants You!
  18. Looking for a Guild?
  19. Looking For Raiding guild! Details inside