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  1. mage lookin 4 home
  2. LF a Casual Leveling/Dungeon Running/Raiding guild. (EST)
  3. 2 Rouges
  4. Looking for either casual rift gamers, or casual, newbie-friendly guilds?
  5. Looking For Raidind Guild
  6. Rogue LF Raiding guild
  7. Tempest - Progression Guild Transferring
  8. Shades of the Fade Recruiting
  9. New Level 50 Rogue looking for guild to have fun and help gear up and learn the game
  10. LF Guild or people to PvP and grind ranks with
  11. Looking for guild
  12. <Like a Boss> Small Casual Raiding/Instances/PvP Guild
  13. <Azure Assembly> Adult Only/Casual
  14. <Beskar bal Kote> wants to have you with us
  15. <Invictus> End Game guild
  16. Emerge - Guardian Guild
  17. < Council > PvE/PvP Guild Recruiting
  18. <Perseverance> Current Recruitment Needs!
  19. Novus Ordo Gaming Guardian Guild Recruiting!
  20. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  21. <The Guardians> A raiding/Dungeon running guild is recruiting on Guardian side
  22. Noble Diversity is Recruiting
  23. <Novus Ordo Gaming> is recruiting all levels and builds.
  24. Exceptional Mage and Warrior DPS LF Guild atleast 3/4 gsb
  25. <Abandoned> Recruiting
  26. Group of Friends looking for new home 4-6 Players
  27. The Riftgaurd Looking for end game raiders
  28. <Invictus> lv. 11 Casual End Game Guild
  29. **<LU> EST Raiding Guild on Crucia Recruiting**
  30. <Horns and Halos>
  31. [DEATH GUARD] Recruiting Low level players
  32. Chaotic Lucidity
  33. Quicksilver Alumni
  34. < Winning, Duh >
  35. <East Coast Raiders>
  36. Infernity
  37. Perseverance
  38. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  39. <Invictus>