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  1. Looking For Raiding Guild
  2. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  3. Guardians of the Eternal Flame is Recruiting - Server Transfers Welcome
  4. Grind House recruiting!
  5. Guardians of the Eternal Flame Recruiting Raid-Ready Individuals
  6. Noble Diversity is Recruiting for Expert Dungeon Runs
  7. Malicious Intent is Hiring!
  8. Libertas is looking for members.
  9. Souls Inc. wants you...
  10. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  11. Noble Diversity is Recruiting
  12. Oceanic Players report!
  13. Krieger
  14. LEGION is recruiting!
  15. Looking for a guild of Mature players and that are accepting gay, lesbian, bisexuals
  16. Undivided Recruiting