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  1. <Divine Kings> Always recruiting!
  2. Fun pug 20 mans!
  3. So Many Achievables Recruiting all Guilds to Merge
  4. <Grandeur> Level 10 Guild is looking for Raiders!
  5. Tank Looking for HK Guild
  6. <Innate> a level 15 Guardian guild is LFM Raiders!
  7. <Grandeur> is seeking raiders for GSB/RoS
  8. Nox Atra is currently recruiting
  9. <The Black Order> is recruiting!
  10. <Try Hard> Newly formed guild recruiting!!!
  11. <Paid In Full> is Recruiting!
  12. <Weary Warriors> is now recruiting!
  13. Weekend Raiders wanted <FTFD>
  14. <Fallen Souls> EST guild looking for more
  15. <So Many Achievables> recruiting (all T1 raids cleared) sun mon wed thurs 8 EST
  16. << Ninth Order>>
  17. < So Many Achievables > HK raid guild recruiting
  18. Weary Warriors (Older Gamers) - recruiting
  19. <Gettin Rifted> Raider Recruitment
  20. Mage HK ready looking for weekends raid guild or early raids guild.
  21. <Superiority Complex> Now Recruiting! Sign up today! :D
  22. The Order ( Guardian ) Recruiting
  23. <DORK> 9PM Server Raid Guild Recruiting!
  24. <Sacntuary> is recruiting for raid progression
  25. Brotherhood Of Blood Recruiting!
  26. <Blood Legion> 13/13 T1 Raids || 1/10 HK Recruiting for Progression
  27. Absolute is recruiting!
  28. Anyone interested in a late night casual raiding guild? 8p-11p server
  29. <DORK> New Guild on Galena, looking for raid members.
  30. <Blood Legion> Recruiting for Hammerknell
  31. << ninth order >>
  32. Eternal- (Guardians) Recruiting
  33. "Just For Fun" Leveling Guild
  34. <Awakened> recruiting ALL classes
  35. <Wicked> lvl 13
  36. <Blood Legion> Recruiting for Hammerknell
  37. <Blood Legion> Recruiting
  38. Insanity Plea Is Recruiting - ROS/GSB Raiding guild.
  39. West Coast Raiding
  40. Rogue LF Raiding Guild
  41. Death Inc. Raiding Guild (guardian)
  42. Fallen Angels (New IRL Friendly Guild)
  43. *~*~*~*~*~*<Fallen Angels> New and Recruiting!!*~*~*~*~*~*
  44. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  45. 3 People looking to raid
  46. are there any guilds
  47. <Paid In Full> is Recruiting!
  48. <Temerity> PvE Progression Raiding Guild Looking for Strong DPS
  49. Intoxication is recruiting
  50. "Just For Fun" Family Oriented Guild looking for members
  51. Catalyst - Guardian Guild - Recruiting!
  52. Scotty's Sheeping Wand OWNERS COME HERE
  53. <Fluffy Bunnies Incorporated> PvE Progression Raid Guild RECRUITING
  54. <Persona> is recruiting
  55. <Wicked> is currently recruiting
  56. Casual, friendly guild looking for new players.
  57. Group of Friends looking for new home 4-6 Players
  58. Weary Warriors (Older Gamers) - recruiting
  59. The "Old Guard"
  60. Eternal Judgement Recruiting
  61. Mysteria Looking to Grow!
  62. Good intentions is recruiting
  63. The imperium is recrutining
  64. West Coast Raiding
  65. Crusaders of Sanctum is Recruting
  66. Wolf Clan is seeking mature fun loving players!!
  67. Blood Oath is Looking for Adult Players
  68. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  69. Primal now recruiting. Raiders rejoice.
  70. Looking to form smaller, tight-knit guild.