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  1. Why did this get converted to a trial server?
  2. What I'll remember about Plutonus (Defiant side)
  3. Which Guilds have moved and to where?
  4. Why our server?
  5. Everyone out! This shard is now for trial players only!
  6. Lord Greenscale dead!!
  7. Quit Butcherjacking! Skin ninjary is WRONG!!!
  8. Shard down?
  9. Bah!
  10. Enlist in Elite Strike
  11. Guild reputation
  12. Too many bots.
  13. WTB Ritual Firebrands (Guardian)
  14. The Samurai of Legend are recruiting.
  15. Pvp
  16. looking for a guild
  17. How big is your guild?
  18. <Maleficarum> is looking for more members!
  19. new guild <Ancients> looking for members
  20. Shard forum was dead, so I'll post guild request here
  21. Looking around for guilds (defiant)
  22. Looking for a Defiant Guild
  23. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  24. Looking for an LGBT friendly guild Guardian side...
  25. Looking for a regular leveling group, or guild
  26. Rum & Coke Guild- Recruiting
  27. <Magister> [G] looking for more members!!
  28. Server demographics
  29. Lfg
  30. Plutonus Canadians
  31. *** Your opinions on calling - class / soul combinations ***
  32. *** Casual player looking for guild ***
  33. Any guilds for someone like me?
  34. Aussie looking for a guild.
  35. Plutowned
  36. Hello? Anyone out there?
  37. Looking for guild...
  38. Bout time