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  1. I can't find you!
  2. how's the pvp here?
  3. ATTN: Biggiesmalls and Stormer
  4. The Illuminati - Sunrest - Recruiting Warrior Tanks for Raiding and PVP - Defiant
  5. WTT some of MY guardian plat for some of YOUR defiant plat
  6. Lfg
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  8. <Unstable> says hello!
  9. Come to Sunrest the Defiant Retirement Home
  10. Doing some research for our guild.
  11. server Xfer
  12. Guardian and Defiant Rumble in IPP
  13. Daily World PVP
  14. Neddra's Raid Progression (Defiant)
  15. <G> New to Neddra - Let's do some T1's!
  16. The Shadow Syndicate
  17. {Gaurdian} Looking for small tight-knit PvP Guild
  18. Looking to Partner with other Defiant Guild(s) for raids
  19. [D] Seeking Artifacts
  20. @Raika | LOL
  21. <Death From Above> is recruiting again! [G]
  22. LFG broke?
  23. Guild francaise
  24. LF Guild
  25. Crafting Rift Raid - Defiant
  26. Wheres zoul
  27. This is my thread
  28. Looking For Group!
  29. Tales of a Warden main soul.
  30. Server Pop?
  31. Looking for 2-3 players to fill in the last 2 raiding spots...
  32. Class Needs / Server Balance?
  33. <The Keepers> PvP Guild recruiting - Defiant
  34. What is this shard like?
  35. Betrayal New Guardian PVP Guild
  36. <Fallen Angels> Defiant Recruiting
  37. <Inadequate> is recruiting!
  38. <Less QQ More Pew Pew> Recruiting All Levels - Defiant
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  40. To those who decide to pvp during zone invasions
  41. <High-End> team-based PVP Guild for the hardcore
  42. Defiant guilds recruiting?
  43. Thinking of Rolling here
  44. can't login. servers locked any help?
  45. Are there only two Guardian guilds?
  46. Need more Scion (Less Black Garden) from your friendly Epoch Defiant
  47. Guild? :)
  48. btw....
  49. Shard seems pretty dead to me
  50. <Keepers of the Faith> recruiting all