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  1. Forced Move, need help please
  2. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  3. So where are the guilds moving to?
  4. Buying Rare Recipes - 100p and 200p
  5. Vicious Circle looking to form a core 20 man raid team
  6. Momentum guardian looking for dedicated raiders
  7. (Guardian) - Mage (50) and warrior alt lookin for friendly folks!
  8. DmG controll
  9. Intoxication is Recruiting
  10. New 50 Mage and Leveling warrior
  11. Di Maiores is Recruiting dedicated raiders (Defiant)
  12. Nocturnal - 10/11 - is recruiting!
  13. Di Maiores - Defiant Raiding Guild is recruiting
  14. Galena World PvP Events
  15. Eternal Recruiting for HK progression (10/11 HK)
  16. Better guardians needed in the Warfronts
  17. Family friendly and casual?
  18. Thinking of a transfer, just checking the pulse here
  19. Casual Warrior looking for a home.
  20. <Grandeur> (Guardian) is seeking raiders!
  21. Di Maiores is recruiting (Defiant guild)
  22. Eternal
  23. souls
  24. So, about the set of hamsters that power Galena...
  25. Group of Friends Looking for Guild
  26. (D) Guise of Death
  27. Let's change it up a bit shall we?
  28. World pvp event 11/6/11
  29. trolling is unacceptable in forums....
  30. 38 Mage New to Galena
  31. Every Man for Himself...
  32. Eternal (Guardian) recruiting- rogue dps, cleric hybrid
  33. Dungeon Wait Times...
  34. Flying Mounts???
  35. Trolling or not...who cares
  36. New to Rift...
  37. Regarding Progression
  38. What happen to common courtesy?
  39. Ascending Darkness is Recruiting (6/10 HK) Tues/Weds/Thurs 5-9pm server time
  40. <Weary Warriors> is currently recruiting!!
  41. Di Maiores is recruiting
  42. What do you think about our Battle Group brothers/sisters
  43. Galena Shard Guild List and Progression
  44. Galena Shard Guild List And Progression
  45. <Superiority Complex> is Recruiting!
  46. Hai guize! =)
  47. Shard down....
  48. Refugees Guild from Gnarlwood is looking to finish Raid Force
  49. Server Population Declining?
  50. <Unchained> is recruting
  51. <<Ninth Order>> Recruiting
  52. <So Many Achievables> casual guardian raid guild recruiting a few more for HK
  53. PDKP GSB Saturday @ 1pm server
  54. <Gettin Rifted> Recruitment Open! Tue & Thu 6 - 9pm PST
  55. Ascending Darkness Recruiting! 4/11 HK Defiant PVE Guild.
  56. Catalyst ~ Guardian Recruiting 1 Mage and 1 Cleric for Progression Raiding
  57. eaudetoilete is gone :(
  58. PVP Guild?
  59. New to the Shard -- Auction House Pricing
  60. Guardian Queue Times
  61. <Et Ferrum Ocius> Level 11 PvP guild is recruiting.
  62. Black Out lvl 12 guild Recruiting
  63. Crafted Gear Items List - Guardian | Defiant
  64. New Characters Bugged for Anyone Else?
  65. **New Defiant PvP Guild**
  66. Galena Shard Guild List And Progression
  67. Is the game down?
  68. LF Crafters for Cleric Tank Set <G>
  69. Weekly Crafting Rift Bonanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hosted by Superiority Complex
  70. Blood Legion vs. Murdantix (LEGIT KILL)
  71. eaudetoilette
  72. Bad DPS/Good DPS
  73. What should i work for?
  74. Bugged VLAD Kill
  75. Newly returning Defi mage LF guild.
  76. PvP Rifts
  77. Soul Reaper Crashes the Server
  78. Shard down during raid... yay
  79. Considering a transfer here (Defiant)
  80. Patch 1.4 thoughts >_>
  81. GG @ Persona
  82. Soulrender Zilas commits suicide while fighting <Ascending Darkness>
  83. name your favorite/disliked troll in Galena
  84. Guardian Guild looking for a new home
  85. Things You Do When Shards/Servers Are Down >_>
  86. Why is Galena down?
  87. The Raid Group (Ran by Persona)
  88. Salutations!
  89. Any Guilds Raiding After 8pm Server Time
  90. Hi, new player looking for a home...
  91. Buying Sandcovered items
  92. Di Maiores is hosting public GP run
  93. <Immortal> - Defiant side raiding progression
  94. Guardian Guild <Catalyst> is looking an alliance
  95. WTB Sandcovered Robes for 100 plat
  96. 50 Chat
  97. Mysteria (Guardian) Level 11 guild is Recruiting
  98. WTB Sandcovered mantle & robes
  99. Any Warfront/PVP focused guilds around?
  100. Insanity Plea - Recruiting GSM Full Clear Exp'd + Ros Exp'd Players.
  101. Rogue DPS/Tank/Support LFGuild
  102. Mage/Warrior LF Guild - Ros/GSB full clear Exp
  103. Death Inc. Raiding Guild (guardian)
  104. Whats up with Lockout?
  105. i can't log on to the shard
  106. What's up with the Galena crashes devs?
  107. Cleric healer LF Guild
  108. MarianKinde
  109. T2 PuG's
  110. Dyeing Plate
  111. new transfer looking for guild
  112. Looking for a guild
  113. Starting a B-Team Raid Group - Defiant side
  114. Goodbye Friends
  115. Server Guild List And Progression
  116. Question about queues Defiant Side (PVP and LFG)
  117. <The Order> Casual Guardian Guild
  118. Scotty's Sheeping Wand OWNERS COME HERE (Guardian Side)
  119. Warfront queue times - what's the deal?
  120. Looking for casual EST weekend guild! [Guardian]
  121. Looking to transfer to this server...
  122. Enterprise Looking For Raiders
  123. Most Progressed Guardian Raiding Guilds on Galena?
  124. oh hai!
  125. Galena Mornings
  126. from a PvP point of view, just saying what's up!
  127. WTB Rune Carved Bow Guardian side
  128. Small guild of friends seeking larger Defiant guild to roll with for endgame content
  129. Galena Proffession Lists
  130. Question on Shammy tanks......
  131. Looking for Guild
  132. Having some problems.
  133. Can't get my galena toons into game!!!
  134. DO NOT TROLL THIS THREAD TY But Question on Touchee Topic
  135. I want to run PvP with some people..
  136. Casual guild looking for others
  137. Did galena just go down
  138. LF Active Defiant Guild
  139. LFGuild active around 8pm Pacific (Defiant)
  140. Veil of Darkness Level 8 End Game Raiding Guild
  141. LF EST guild
  142. Any N.C. or S.C. players on this shard? Let me know .
  143. Dedicated Raider LFGuild 10-2am est
  144. which faction?
  145. Ex wower looking for a Guardian guild that doesnt play like a 2nd job
  146. Hey. Please click on this thread.
  147. Jaded Souls
  148. Mysteria! (Guardian) guild looking to grow!
  149. Galena, thanks
  150. Whats going on with this server?
  151. Phantom gamerz social networld
  152. Somebody Sharded
  153. Veil Of Darkness
  154. Stoned Assassins is looking for new players!
  155. Adult guild just moved from that other MMO game recruiting members
  156. Enterprise Recruiting level 40+ Defiant players
  157. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  158. My warrior PvP role Champ/Rift/Para
  159. Future Healers Wanted!
  160. Blood Oath is Looking for a few Active Adult Players
  161. [Guardian] 50 Cleric healer looking for some dungeon buddies
  162. Come join the fun!
  163. Some quick income
  164. Galena players LF Guild
  165. Early morning players
  166. Anyone out there??
  167. New Aussie guild
  168. Level 20 - 25 RIFTING