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  1. Bloodbath and beyond
  2. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  3. Goodbye Crucia
  4. Curcia Server - on the verge of death and decline?
  5. Crucia is dying
  6. looking for new home:)
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  11. Invictus/The Guardians
  12. Rogue/Mage looking for laid back guild (possibly EST-friendly?)
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  14. Crucia Progression Thread
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  16. Guardian Queue Times
  17. 'Titanbane' Quest
  18. difiant to gurdian plat
  19. <Like a Boss> Small Casual Raiding/Instances/PvP Guild
  20. Lag and disconnects
  21. What are you folks selling your crafting cooldowns for?
  22. Just rerolled here
  23. just lookin for some ppl to play with
  24. Buying Bloodshade in bulk
  25. Rl pix!
  26. LF Guardian Guild
  27. Emerge Gamers extending a community
  28. Potential server addition...
  29. Dear crucia, from maximation.
  30. Transferring To Crucia? Read this!
  31. Mage LF Raiding Guild
  32. Need a New Home (Guild)
  33. Looking for a New Guild
  34. Four looking for new guild to transfer into
  35. Please don't turn /4 into trade chat
  36. For guardians only!
  37. Raiding progression on this server?
  38. Rogue/Cleric looking for guild
  39. -Recruitment- Perseverance
  40. Rune
  41. Friends to play with
  42. Is Crucia down for anyone else?
  43. Where is everyone?
  44. Elitism
  45. Apocalyptic Is Recruiting!!
  46. The Breakfast Club
  47. The Breakfast Club
  48. Guild Merger!
  49. like seriously this is sad...
  50. Topic?
  51. awesome people in guardian side
  52. Search of endgame guild
  53. Should I stay or should i go.
  54. Faction Dominance?
  55. Port Scion
  56. lake bug
  57. Having a blast here!
  58. Thanks guys!
  59. Introduction
  60. 2fer looking for active guild
  61. <Perseverance> is recruiting
  62. Looking for a PvE server, Crucia on the short-list.
  63. Looking for Questing Partner
  64. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  65. Ascended/Juggernaut
  66. PVP - Night
  67. Can anyone make Hauberk of the Devout?
  68. just roll on crucia
  69. Looking for Guild - Willing to RE-Roll any, Vent and TS ready
  70. Wanting to form or join a guild, Defiant Side
  71. *a SOFT rolling thunder was heard fast approaching Crucia*
  72. Guardian Invasions Channel
  73. Server Population
  74. Weaponsmithing
  75. SOA Shroud of Ascension recruitment
  76. Any oceanic players out there?
  77. Server quite new right?
  78. Looking For Group Channel
  79. Crucia, the quiet breezy beach server.
  80. Casual Guilds defiant side?
  81. Hello Crucia! Introduction thread