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  1. Learning the game??? Want help???
  2. Relentless
  3. Since this shard is dead...
  4. pvp guild eth
  5. This is now a Hayfa Shard
  6. WoG transfer
  7. looking for warhammer buddies playing rift to hook up with
  8. <Squab Squad> 5/5 GSB, 3/5 RoS, 8/8 10 mans. LF more to PvP/Raid w/
  9. LF crafters!!
  10. Baylian is back, Defiant get your lube ready cuz im coming for you!
  11. <Squab Squad> 4/5 GSB, 2/5 RoS, 4/4GP Looking for more to PvP/Raid with
  12. Amon PvP vid 3 "aka Favor"
  13. LF Guardian to make Deathbringer Band
  14. Looking To Transfer
  15. <Underworld>@Asphodel is recruiting all levels...
  16. PVP players unite
  17. PvP night for the server.
  18. Looking for Cleric tips
  19. One Week of High End PvP Heaven with the legends of PvP!!!!
  20. LOL @ Asphodel Defiant premades in the 30's
  21. Asphodel Raiding Progression
  22. Hello Asphodel!
  23. 5 v 5
  24. WTB Sandcovered
  25. any active aussie timezone guilds around?
  26. Guardian Asphodel experience.
  27. Hells Scouts is recurting in Asphodel
  28. We Beta Tested Your GF Recruiting
  29. Guardians, don't read
  30. What's the win/loss ration of Warfronts on the server?
  31. WTB Guardian Runes
  32. Looking for Defiants with Mathosian (Stillmore) Costume Recipe's...
  33. Outfitter Rift Lure
  34. <Nyx> @Asphodel opens recruitment for HK progression.
  35. The Crafting Thread @Asphodel- Barmaley's House of Lonely lewts.
  36. wait times..
  37. New Guardians gearing up for domination in ASPHODEL
  38. Guardians nonexistant on a High pop server?
  39. The Challenge
  40. How is the open world action here?
  41. Shard down
  42. Laying it Down possible xfer
  43. <CCCP> @Asphodel- Russian Guild.
  44. Lilliputian Baubles recruiting for some PVP/LEVELING action!
  45. PvP rifts.
  46. EU Shards
  47. Looking for more members to raid/PvP with. <Squab Squad>
  48. So, like....
  49. shard down?
  50. <Reckless> Looking to xfer :)
  51. These Updates....
  52. Hiding in your tower.
  53. Faith Denied.
  54. WTB Guardians.
  55. Lawless
  56. Finally
  57. So wait....
  58. PvP
  59. Stonefield
  60. To all you defiant in IPP the other day!
  61. Gaurdian heavy?
  62. <Hates You>
  63. Looking to trade Platinum Cross Faction!
  64. Owl and company in Shimmersand
  65. Pyromancer dead?
  66. Can anyone make an Icewall Rune?
  67. WPvP event, please read.
  68. Introducing Redeka's in-game Casino, Where You'd Rather Be...
  69. Looking to transfer
  70. Guardian Baron Raid
  71. So what ever happened to...
  72. How is this server for defiants?
  73. Doing some research for our guild.
  74. How many Guilds are on this server(Guardian Side)
  75. How much do you hate SHOOT THE GAP
  76. [D] Four of Aces is recruiting
  77. Defiants really dominated this sever?
  78. PVP on this shard? lol
  79. Can't connect to the Rift Server...
  80. Greetings Asphodel from WoD
  81. Asphodel Raiding Progression
  82. Asphodel Buddy Pass code/ Purchase game for only 9.99 this weekend
  83. Hello Frands of Asphodel
  84. Longest 30 minutes of downtime...
  85. ATTN: Hand of Vigil
  86. @ Xolst
  87. Guild Merges! Guild Masters, please read.
  88. [D] <Ethereal> Recruiting 700+ DPSers! Ethereaguild.com
  89. Hi Again
  90. Order of Mathos Raid Rep Grind
  91. Hi
  92. Need more activity prz!
  93. wtf, server restarts
  94. Why is our shard locked?
  95. why?
  96. PVP Video -- Dramborleg
  97. New, looking for people to play with
  98. Foul Cascade run tonight at 7:15 Server Time (Defiant)
  99. Looking for Questing/Leveling buddy.
  100. Anyone down for a Foul Cascade run RIGHT NOW? Defiant
  101. Server First Swift Spectral Warhorse (Screenies included)
  102. Invasion rules of engagement.
  103. Aus guild?
  104. Is it wrong...
  105. looking for a guild
  106. River of Souls too hard!
  107. Looking for mature, pvp oriented guild
  108. Platinum trading
  109. Howdy
  110. Realm Name: Asphodel
  111. ~The Twilight Mercenaries~ Now recruiting (limited time)
  112. Server dead?
  113. [G] <Nocturnal> wants you!
  114. hi guys