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  1. Warrior Tank Looking To Start Raiding
  2. <Epic> UK based non-elitist social/raiding guild recruiting for HK/ID!
  3. Portuguese Guild PvP/PvE/RP Defiant looking for ppl
  4. <That's What She Said>@Icewatch recruiting!
  5. Riftinators recruiting all levels!
  6. asual pvp+tier 1-2 guild
  7. [Crucial] Is recruiting for HK Progression.
  8. LF Guild
  9. <Andromeda Ascendant> new guild looking for members
  10. Eternity
  11. <Templars of Darkness> Social/raiding guild
  12. Synergy a.k.a Swingers Club is still recruiting.
  13. <Transcendence> Guild recruiting.
  14. <Luctor et Emergo> - dutch speaking defiant guild is recruiting
  15. {{Sealed}} Recuiting
  16. <RISEN> are recruiting raiders
  17. Eternity Are now Recruiting
  18. [Ragnarok] Scandinavian Guild recruiting! Just got here from Bloodiron.
  19. Immortalis is recruiting
  20. <Mortician> is recruiting!
  21. Malebranche recruits!
  22. Synergy is kinda recruiting.
  23. <Seraph> are recruting!
  24. Defiant leaving the server?
  25. Ten Inches Unbuffed is recruiting
  26. [DEFIANT] Ten Inches Unbuffed is recruiting
  27. NoTalent is recruiting!
  28. <Eternity> are Recruiting!
  29. Gloria Aeterna moves to Rift and opens it's doors!
  30. <Risen> Recruiting raiders!
  31. Deadly Nightshade are recruiting. (Defiants PVE)
  32. Taedium are Recruiting
  33. Irish Guild
  34. < We Ran Out Of Good Names > Casual endgame guild (T1-T2 farms,need more for 10 mans)
  35. Critical Construct (Community orientated guild)
  36. <The Liquid Squirrels> Is Recruiting all levels/classes!
  37. Malebranche is recruiting!
  38. <Genesis> PVE Raiding Guild
  39. <Avius Anima>
  40. Bloodlust recruiting for PvP premades, casual/social members welcome too
  41. Dutch activity
  42. Tea Club, semi-hardcore raiding on Riptalon
  43. Starfall (Help setup a raiding guild)
  44. SoS is recruiting
  45. Steampunks
  46. Dreamwalkers is recruiting!
  47. Immortalis
  48. Mindgame PvE/PvP - Defiant
  49. Official Looking For Guild Thread