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  1. Low Level Dungeons
  2. Button/macro lag
  3. Anathema has moved
  4. Raid proggresion on Riptalon.
  5. Friends With Benefits is looking for some fresh players!
  6. Beware Spikus and Vlulzian
  7. Returning Players or current player?
  8. Looking or a hk pug, pretty early
  9. Friday HK public raid. Guardians
  10. United we stand Divided we fall is looking for more members!
  11. Rogue, HK 10/11, looking for raiding guild
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  13. We own Riptalon
  14. Hello everyone.
  15. Riptalon - Carnival of the Ascended - Phase 1 - EU First!
  16. Timelapse Combat Meter
  17. Foreign Legion is recruting
  18. Skilled players looking for casual nordic / swedish guild
  19. LF Guardian Raider Guild
  20. "Adrift" recruiting.
  21. lonely warrior looking for a new home
  22. Looking for new home :(
  23. Riftinators of the Defiants
  24. Riptalon Raiding Community (Guardians and Defiants)
  25. Looking for Guardian guild
  26. Synergy has moved
  27. Ninja :x
  28. Looking For A Social And Active Guild [Defiant Side] :)
  29. Arctic Vikings on Steampike EU
  30. <Pandion Knights> is recruiting on Blightweald
  31. Transfering items cross faction?
  32. >Guardian< Mage Looking for new raiding home.
  33. Defiant Crafting Rift Farm
  34. dead defiant side
  35. Liore - Looking for British Guild [Guardian]
  36. Finnish players in riptalon :)?<guardian>
  37. Im new on this server and Im looking for a Guild
  38. <Defiant> Looking for social/levelling guild
  39. Looking for fun and casual raiding guild! (rogue)
  40. New to Rift, LF nice social guild (defiant)
  41. Report Lancome! The bugger is always AFKing in WF's and PvP Rifts!
  42. Guardian looking for a guild
  43. Blazing Potent Rune - Defiant side
  44. Organised Pug Raiding (Defiant side)
  45. AA farming buddy (guardian)
  46. Luctor et Emergo is looking for you
  47. Epic lag
  48. Looking for more rank 8's are you out there
  49. Name the best PvP on Defiant Side
  50. Name the best PvPer on guardian side
  51. Guardian side - Plate crafters ?
  52. Any fellow scandinavians here? Defiant side?
  53. Cleric looking for guardian guild
  54. Defiants in Meridian today
  55. Mage Uaya
  56. Rift invasion - People dont seem to care
  57. Mysteryman@Riptalon Looking for talented players to conquer HK
  58. Defiant Mathosian rep grind raid
  59. PVP with Auto Flag Off?
  60. Is Riptalon a guardian or defiant server?
  61. Get 6x outfitter plaque drops
  62. [G] Tank is looking for a new home!
  63. Thinking about starting a guild. Chilled out, friendly and helpful....nothing full on
  64. Cleric Healer/DPS looking for Raiding Guild, Links provided
  65. Sooooo.....
  66. Welcome too ur new wf bracket
  67. Artifacts for trade
  68. Serendipity
  69. Experienced reroll from US shards LF informations
  70. Looking for a home :) (Defiant)
  71. Sandcovered Costume
  72. Wannabe raider LF guild
  73. World PvP @ Zareph's Return 5/7
  74. Connection failure!!!!
  75. 3 people looking for an active casual guild.
  76. Ridiculously laggy tonight for everyone
  77. Laaaaaaaaaaaaag
  78. Money
  79. Mage
  80. Guardian to Defiant ratio
  81. Riptalon destination server for both guardian and defiant
  82. Riptalon PvE Progression Thread
  83. Waiting and waiting ... full server heck no !
  84. any good guilds on : Riptalon
  85. Couple looking for guild (Defiant)
  86. Stop moaning about the ques!
  87. I pay for subscription, not to wait in a que for 1 hour
  88. Sigh!
  89. Do something about this server!!!
  90. waiting time to log on
  91. Chat channel to inform about invasions
  92. Polska Gildia na Riptalon
  93. Cmon Trion increas the size of server
  94. So im in a que, A silent one it seems!
  95. New on server
  96. Assistance required: artifact locations for a new guide
  97. Server population
  98. Thought's so far.
  99. Defenders of the Rift recruiting!
  100. Guardians of riptalon recruiting!
  101. Let's get some movement
  102. Hello
  103. Nemesis - Mature Social Guild Looking For More Members
  104. Small, friendly Guild welcomes more players :)
  105. Bright Side Of Heroes Recruits
  106. The LFG tool: not working ?
  107. Is Riptalon a good server to join Rift on? :)
  108. Gamers Abyss
  109. Dutch Lions Guild are Recruiting members NL/BE Guardians
  110. Guilds: The Search
  111. Stillmoor working for anyone? or is it just completely broken.
  112. Defiance is Recruting
  113. LFM players for a guild
  114. Economy
  115. So...