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  1. Lvl 29 LFG
  2. Raiders Needed
  3. New Guild: <Agnostic Theory> Looking for helpful members.
  4. Lookin For Devoted Raiders
  5. <Dark Templar>
  6. <Fatality> Lv 12 is looking for Exceptional Raiders!!!
  7. Seeking End Game Guild
  8. "BLOODBATH AND BEYOND" Recruiting
  9. Looking for a guild
  10. (Healer/Support/DPS) Mage Looking for guild. Info inside.
  11. Everyone is invited to join <Hardcore Pwnography>
  12. <Serenity> Looking for Raiders
  13. Ulterior Motive - Casual Guild Seeking New Members
  14. Looking for Guild
  15. <Fatality> Lv 12 Recruiting Core raiders for RoS/GSB Progression.
  16. Top PvP Guild Opening it's Doors for Talented PvP'rs, Including New Shard Transfers.
  17. Malum Factum (9/9) is opening it's doors!
  18. Malum Factum is coming to Epoch!
  19. <Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts>
  20. PvP Guilds?
  21. <Invictus> Recruiting. Casual guild, raids starting soon
  22. 2 looking for guild
  23. Looking For Casual Guild
  24. Retaliation Defiant Guild Now Recruiting
  25. MMAC Competitive PvP Guild is now recruiting. We have waffles!
  26. husband and wife looking for a guild
  27. Group looking for a home
  28. RevenantWings
  29. Unoffical Aus/oceanic <D> guild <Bloodlust>
  30. ::The Order of Drunken Gamers:: Casual, Friendly, Mature, Laid back, Fun!
  31. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  32. Ragestalker says: <Atonement> server firsts you.
  33. Dystopia LFM active mature players
  34. < Rage > Defiant guild LFM
  35. <Locust> Now Recruiting. PvP/PvE***
  36. < Last Minute Patchers > 60+ people and growing.
  37. <Church of Inglip>
  38. <Emerald Wraiths>
  39. Helloooooo Epoch!
  40. <Atonement> Recruiting for Release Server {Epoch} Defiant