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  1. Please pick up your Minion
  2. Rift Merchandising
  3. O_O
  4. Windows 10!!!
  5. Steam Password Exploit
  6. Local Music
  7. My stream !
  8. popcorn madness
  9. LF character Art in exchange for a character Song!
  10. Riftgrate.com = maleware?
  11. My amazing laptop setup
  12. <Faeblight> Where is the guild Fallenhaven?
  13. Real life pic thread
  14. Guild Logos
  15. Random thought of your/my/our day
  16. WoW Fans Love of Game....Again
  17. Did you see the Diver that FAILED ?
  18. World Emoji (?) Day???
  19. World Of Warcraft Follows Rift's Lead...To A Point
  20. Test
  21. MooooHaHa Haaaaaaaaa
  22. If Only...If Only...
  23. Need help finding a game...
  24. Looking for playing partner
  25. IBM: Itty Bitty Machine
  26. Shark Week (Twitter) Battle Royale
  27. Hand To Hand Robot Combat?
  28. A Few Helpful Tips When Traveling
  29. Regarding optimization
  30. Stunt Flying- the Flying Bulls
  31. Posting to improve my PvP powers
  32. ARPG-MMO Devilian (PvP Battlegrounds - Open-World Contested Bosses - Guild Wars)
  33. For those with an iPhone...
  34. Would anyone be interested in a Rift stream(new player).
  35. About Overwatch...
  36. Testing my signature....
  37. Ignore - Just a Signature Test
  38. Web Designing vs. Graphic Designing vs. Game Designing
  39. What Is the Wildest Story You've Heard That Occured on June 21st?
  40. Happy Father's Day, Dads
  41. Path Of Exile beta
  42. Testing a sig
  43. Breaking News: Live From Belmont!
  44. Other Trion Games / Windows 10
  45. Any one watching this anime Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
  46. Dindolama
  47. Fallout 4 - Is it real?
  48. Interesting, Trion is working in a new game
  49. Hmm...A WoW Fan's Love of the Game (Respect)
  50. The Game Designer Giveth, The Game Designer Taketh Away
  51. What's the Best Joke You've Heard?
  52. Thanks
  53. Looking for Screencapping program like Rift's
  54. WildStar goes Free-to-Play
  55. Is this the end of the "Flying Mounts in Rift" debate? - Blizzard becomes No Fly Zone
  56. The Try Guys Try American Warriors
  57. 6th Gen Intel Processor
  58. Y'know that one Open-Source MMORPG...
  59. Just for fun
  60. Miss information
  61. The Criminally Insane And Teenage Girls
  62. Batten down your hatches, Doomsday is approaching
  63. Meh...WoW Bans Bots - Blizzard PR Machine Hard At Work
  64. What its like being a developer...
  65. Omg
  66. My girlfriend saved my life - shoots at armed robbers / home invasion
  67. In need of helpful gamers who are willing to contribute to my thesis research by fill
  68. Manga Lovers Come in
  69. Thinking about the new class
  70. Breaking News: Live from Foxsborough!
  71. Mayweather vs Pacquiao
  72. Hi I'm Nikki c:
  73. Jon Jones....
  74. This is how a company promotes PvP
  75. What is the Best Prank You've Done?: Part Dos
  76. Heroes of the Storm (closed beta) Key
  77. A little levity here....
  78. Elder Scrolls online getting desperate?
  79. [S] $10 Rixty Gift Card [S]
  80. Star Wars Battlefront!
  81. What are you listening to while you wait for the shards to come back up? :D
  82. Breaking News: Live From the Highway!
  83. About WoW and the MMO genre....
  84. Is This a Book or Movie Title?
  85. girl flying lessons, and wraps
  86. Breaking News: Live From YouTube!
  87. Any Petrolheads Out There?
  88. Wandering in Trove
  89. It's my birthday
  90. What Console Do You Mainly Use?
  91. What's the Craziest April Fools Story You've Heard?
  92. Your first gaming rig
  93. Invest in SAIA
  94. Trove Pirate Class Giveaway Celebration - Level to 20 to get your Vox Budgie!
  95. Twitch Hacked - Passwords Vulnerable
  96. Hell Froze Over
  97. Social Media and The Shame Game...The Norm
  98. Stuff
  99. Rifters working on the budgie mount in Trove
  100. We wus lucky!
  101. Raptr
  102. Wagetsu rift gamer needs your help!
  103. If you're still using an iPhone
  104. What is the Best Taunt You've Heard or Come Up With?
  105. Who's Going to the Final Four This Year?
  106. voip/chat client preference?
  107. patch update and server maintenance downtimes:
  108. Just makes me wonder WTF is wrong with some people
  109. Internet Troll hit with £100,000 Legal Bill
  110. Tales of the Dragon Gods: The Storm Begins
  111. Dwarf Planet!
  112. Ever been a victim of PbC (Purchases by Children)?
  113. For you D&D players who haven't seen it
  114. It's my Birthday!!
  115. SWTOR doubling its developer staff
  116. Valve releases Source 2 engine for free to content developers
  117. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy
  118. Any piano players on rift?
  119. Bandwidth and Usage in MMO Games
  120. 10TB Hardrives coming next month
  121. Dwarves in Norse Mythology
  122. what do you play on
  123. Other MMOs?
  124. Humble Bundle Weekly - 'For Lovers' Edition
  125. To be continued..
  126. WTT Rift plat. for AA gold
  127. Breaking News: Live from Arizona!
  128. Massively.com Closes Tonight
  129. Sony Online Entertainment sold
  130. Rampage: Capital Punishment (Movie)
  131. Wildstar Enigma World First Avatus!Gratz!
  132. Any good translation for "niño rata"?
  133. Ka-me-ha-me-
  134. Background Sound in Sanctum
  135. One spec
  136. Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription model
  137. Blizzard Sending Some long-time World of Warcraft Vets This Statue!
  138. Rift Player with Magic Trove Carpet (Trion's Trove mount)
  139. The Segovia Master Class
  140. Received Phishing Mail for Paypal account
  141. Evolve
  142. Aunt Chippie
  143. MMORPG Survey (University project)
  144. Wtt
  145. Charlie
  146. Happy New Year, Elrar!
  147. Breaking News: Live From Azeroth!
  148. Testing Sig. Ignore post
  149. Airline Industry goes Free To Play
  150. Feablight: continuous DC's!
  151. Who goes all the way to the Super Bowl this year?
  152. VALOR misinformation out of controlllll
  153. I wanna Trade Rift Codes for Archeage Codes
  154. AA Gift Code for Rift Gift Code
  155. Have > Rift Gift Code / Want > ArcheAge Gift Code
  156. Boyer's Mallo Cups And Smoothies
  157. Calling Katy Perry Fans: Which Song Must She Perform at Super Bowl?
  158. What mouse do you like?
  159. What 3 Mario Characters Best Describe Your Personality?
  160. Cuba
  161. If rift open a P2P tomorrow
  162. I have cancer
  163. Top 2014 X-mas Toy or a Fameous Rift Tank?
  164. EverQuest first MMORPG
  165. Batten down your hatches, doomsday is approaching...
  166. PvP players in new enviroments.
  167. App Poll
  168. Worth coming back to Rift?
  169. Trion fps
  170. [AMPHORA] Indi style game @Glyph get Cloak of Shadows
  171. so im working on a mmo
  172. This is how you develop a game
  173. I just started playing Trove...
  174. One Week Anywhere: Where would you go?
  175. Video begs the curious question...
  176. Here's a totally mad, insane idea.....
  177. [Star Wars] Ep 7 - The Force Awakens (Trailer)
  178. Happy Thanksgiving!
  179. LOTR, Runes and Rift, oh my!
  180. Anyone else here play Ceasry/Call to Roma?
  181. 'World Of Warcraft' Tops 10 Million Subscribers after Warlords Of Draenor Expansion!
  182. Fat guy hates customers.
  183. Cleric Warden - Op
  184. The Word Clone.
  185. Happy birthday Marines!
  186. Wocky Weekly EP#001 - Rift, Secret World, Marvel Heroes, more
  187. F2P the south park way!!
  188. Please Everquest next learn from the mistakes of other mmos!
  189. Best gaming promo vid EVER kudos Trove Devs!
  190. Want to sell ArcheAge stuff for rift plat!
  191. [TROVE] Primal Pack Giveaway! TONIGHT! Happy Open Beta!
  192. Organic Milk Shortage
  193. Poor News Reporter
  194. Someone should start a WOW guild ...
  195. Fat guy gets surprised
  196. hi there
  197. RIFT Ultra settings 1440p ?
  198. Start the Headlights on the Hurst
  199. 55 Gallon of *** Whooping
  200. Does anyone here like Doctor Who?
  201. Happy Halloween!
  202. One of these things just doesn't belong.
  203. 60 day card
  204. Metallica closing BlizzCon this year
  205. If you haven't already, thank and praise Trion. Read...
  206. When I see another person pressing the buttons
  207. Does DevSimon have.. a cat?
  208. Using NT upgrades to down Regulos
  209. It's been about 36 minutes
  210. The Weird and Unexplained
  211. Boost help please
  212. Ebola
  213. Trove
  214. so 100% free to play
  215. Project Gorgon: Anyone Else Playing
  216. Dev's must be doing something right
  217. Storm Legion to Nightmare Tide
  218. Bless this lady
  219. Medieval Weaponry
  220. Diary of a 3.0 Teenager
  221. Is this a coincidence?
  222. Live from NY
  223. L(.)(.)k--->stonecrush troglodyte glitch<---l(.)(.)k!!!
  224. My 1st month Archeage review
  225. Commute Home
  226. The [Badass] Honey Badger
  227. Kitty meow!!!
  228. Nuclear Fusion prototype by 2020 ?
  229. [ArcheAge] Auroria Announced November 4th!
  230. what are your thoughts on archeage?
  231. What Do You Think Of RIFT?
  232. Please Help
  233. what did trion gain for working on AA?
  234. cherona cherona hat debona debona go jete ....
  235. Elder Scrolls Fans?
  236. That will troughout the killer mention....
  237. Anyone here like habanero sauce or other spicy stuff?
  238. Playing Aion for a change.....
  239. There is no other creation without....
  240. Like Anime? Like Action? Like Adventure? Then this saga is for you.
  241. Was browsing the technical forums on the offical Archage forum when I saw this Gem.
  242. Deck commerical :DDD
  243. Archeage is all about dat competitive pvp
  244. How do you repair ERROR CODE #1005?
  245. share a strategy game
  246. Some lowlife 2nd rate slacker has taken my name on Faeblight (RP shard)
  247. Stardale - Epic New Procedural Generated Universe Game!
  248. English lan a problem ?
  249. Trolls Are Narcissistic Sadists
  250. Blizzard cancels its next-gen MMO Titan after seven years