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  1. Tera Open Beta Gameplay [Stage8]
  2. Question from myself and two friends - Q for vet of this mmo and others.
  3. Played Tera and I will stick with Rift.
  4. Update 2.0
  5. Should I resub or quit playing?
  6. only 10% playing the game
  7. Dear Dirty Minded Devs....
  8. How to Edit posts
  9. Rift40k
  10. Tera Online
  11. Something for Nuxt...
  12. D i c k Clark (1929-2012)
  13. World First VIP check-in!
  14. Science Fiction or Fact: Is Time Travel Possible?
  15. Diablo III
  16. Hello, is it me you're looking for?
  17. Hey! HC Raiders!
  18. Paranoid thoughts grip your mind for a moment...
  19. iPhone 4s...
  20. Maybe Someone Here can Answer This...
  21. Legend of Grimrock: If you're old enough to remember Dungeon Master...
  22. RAWR I'm a raid boss
  23. Do you want new hair styles?
  24. Anyone know this movie?
  25. Willamina: I feel a song coming on...
  26. If you could/had to pick up 2 thing from Guild Wars 2 to be added to Rift
  27. Upcoming Community Events
  28. The future of Rift?
  29. People boycotting ToR over gay relationships
  30. OFFICIAL PETITION for the Removal of Asha Catari as High General of Meridian
  31. Trion and Wizards of the Coast
  32. MMO Shooter Defiance Coming to PS3, Watch the Trailer
  33. Next top five for College Basketball next season.
  34. Trion any chance we will get Lifetime subscription?? TSW is getting one
  35. Happy Easter from <T A S C>!
  36. A Warning...
  37. EA crowned worst company in America
  38. DAP-1513 Wireless Bridge
  39. If any of your guildies suddenly disappear...
  40. Easter Bunny?
  41. GW2: Will it live up to the Hype? Or Overhyped?
  42. Sex change now available in-game on Live!
  43. The more you know:
  44. New scam tactic maybe?
  45. Look at all the Freaks...
  46. Just came from the Pandaria BETA
  47. pax free trip for lady!
  48. I made a lil LoL video :3 (League of Legends)
  49. Stories written in first person
  50. Will Rift Ever See a RvR Zone?
  51. Fixing my Signature
  52. I think some of us have made this connection
  53. Im so boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
  54. Aion really F2P?!
  55. Dallas Texas hit by tornados
  56. Anyone think Rift will go free to play?
  57. 2012: The year WoW dies? Is LOL already the new king?
  58. Kentucky wins the championship!
  59. NEW super secret Trion MMO, still unnanounced!
  60. I used to be a Baller
  61. Final Four Today
  62. Game of Thrones Season 2
  63. Hidden Rift Cheat Codes
  64. People who PvP & Own Chinchillas!
  65. Tasty Mexican Dishes that PvP
  66. CC
  67. What if TRION had done SWTOR?
  68. Heard this new song
  69. Ladies of MMOs (Fan Community)
  70. PS4 rumor code name Orbis
  71. Eve Online: The mittani removed from CSM despite record 10,000+ votes!
  72. Damn the Defiant!
  73. Tera and Guild Wars 2
  74. YouTube Video≠In-Game
  75. Annual Sub...
  76. Any of you play Starhawk?
  77. Why do females ride the spindrel/tindrel sidesaddle?
  78. If Rift/Heroes of Telara was a Sandbox MMO, how would it work?
  79. Kentucky wins!
  80. what is truly the meaning of end game?
  81. Did you go to Wondercon this year?
  82. So... Robert Pattinson (Edward from Twilight)
  83. Vanguard going F2P
  84. Need a Fix to get you through the lag, here is one!
  85. Space Angry Birds
  86. Epic orchestra music
  87. So a mage walks into a bar.
  88. The soap.
  89. RG3 vs Luck ?
  90. so this game is no where near swtor or wow in subs so is it free2play bound?
  91. Rift going Free to Play?
  92. I just had a Shamrock shake
  93. This is a serious issue.......
  94. RIFT = Jim Carrey Movie
  95. My favourite People...
  96. Vanguard Going F2P
  97. Is this going too far? Yes, it's going too far.
  98. Favorite forum posters
  99. Yeeeeeaaaaah, Im gonna have to pass on MoP
  100. GW2 gets offical forum, and Guru ignites
  101. Traditional Issues people have with Themepark MMO that should be solved for next Gen
  102. Zwillinger has nice things to say about rift community team!
  103. Trollin' Alsbeth
  104. Marriage to the Same...
  105. Clash of the Titans ! Blizzard announces Diablo 3 release on May 15th...
  106. I want to be a dev when I'm older!
  107. **** Trolls vs Akylios ****
  108. I got jokes!
  109. Tired of the Elitist
  110. Gaming gear
  111. How Nice, Who Would've Ever Thought...
  112. Why are there skill Ranks?
  113. WoW, Mists of pandaria... new offical screenshot
  114. So...funny story...
  115. I Found Walsingham!
  116. EQ2 - What the WoW Batman???
  117. Why I won't play Tera, even though I've preordered it. Second try.
  118. WOW Trion Released New Dragon !
  119. Pugging Horror Stories
  120. For your viewing pleasure.
  121. +1
  122. What's frustrating you right now?
  123. World First: Akylios
  124. MMO Community
  125. My experiences with Rift and outlooks of the future (Not a rant)
  126. Finally got that out of my system
  127. Honey Badger don't care; Honey Bader don't care!
  128. F2P Games, A myth? Or legend?
  129. Final Fantasy XIV - anyone have any thoughts on it?
  130. A guide to managing Wife Agro (aka Spouse Agro)
  131. Tribes: Ascend - now in Open Beta! Also the game is amazing.
  132. Music of your choice
  133. Forcing players to group
  134. Kony 2012
  135. Real life Defiant mount, the DARPA Cheetah
  136. WOW in desparation mode, giving away free Level 80's.
  137. Torn between worlds
  138. Also returning from a galaxy far far away
  139. Looking for a G15 script pro
  140. Monkees' Davy Jones dead at 66
  141. Blizzard Lays Off 600 Employees
  142. I want the Guardian Guild banker at Sanctum fired.
  143. It's a Panda-demic lol I tell you
  144. Returning from a galaxy far, far away
  145. refresh option
  146. end of nations beta key
  147. You're favorite metal Singer
  148. So, I wrote a boooooooook
  149. LF: Guild Hosting -- seeking your XP
  150. Battlenet's realID
  151. Amon Is clearly jealous
  152. Hall of the North
  153. Guild Wars Looks like Rift???
  154. Guild Wars: the Next Competitor
  155. Aion - what's with this game?
  156. Event: Community-Wide High-Stakes Texas Hold 'Em! 2/24/2012 9:00 PM EST
  157. Any good pvp games out?
  158. Upgrade Help
  159. Free TERA closed beta keys
  160. What is the plan to beat the competition?
  161. I feel like something is missing...
  162. GW2 Press Beta First Reviews!
  163. For Amary
  164. WoW Carnival vs RIFT carnival
  165. Off-topic & dark souls.
  166. Some thoughts on SWTOR versus RIFT (on coming back to Rift)
  167. Rift: Best In Slot
  168. Which Keyboard do you use
  169. GW2 WvW pvp
  170. EQ style content in newer MMOs
  171. Dwarf song
  172. On the Origin of Trolls
  173. mass effect 3 demo
  174. Anyone here play EVE as well as RIFT?
  175. Best Graphics in any mmo to date!
  176. Tabula Rasa and Rift
  177. hax
  178. Rifting While Sleepy Is Dangerous. Rift isn't Vegas...
  179. The Walking Dead
  180. Student Dies After Tweeting ‘Thank You God'
  181. Oh My!!! Whitney Houston passed away at 48 :-(
  182. Hand-made Akylios
  183. Videos, entertainment and fun!
  184. Vent for rift chatting and pugging or general fun available here :)``````````
  185. So I decided to try Tera, and I don't know how i feel.
  186. old school crawling?
  187. nickelodeon teen show actress lip-synchronization?
  188. is Hero Cloud engine good for making a MMO?
  189. RIFT in China
  190. Mad Catz Cybort mmo7
  191. Where is your casa?
  192. Bear and the Trapped Treat
  193. You might be a noob if . . .
  194. Fraps + Ventrilo recording help please
  195. End of Nations
  196. Change of servers
  197. Psychonauts 2 funding (maybe) offered by Minecraft creator, Notch.
  198. A very important announcement
  199. Exasperated...
  200. You good at spotting phishing attempts?
  201. Did Blizzard patent the concept of faceplates? Is that why we can't have them?
  202. HC Gamer
  203. Im back from SWTOR......hello again!
  204. Is there any recent rumors about Call of Duty Space Marine?
  205. Conputer geeks click here please
  206. Why does games not contain homosexual acts/npc's?
  207. omg, what happened to WoW??
  208. Torn between games, i NEED your thoughts.
  209. Hey check this song out!
  210. Do you have a life?
  211. Its been a long time.
  212. Guiness or Guinness - world records
  213. Vermont inmates hide pig in official police car decal
  214. So how does SWTOR compare to RIFT?
  215. [FPS-RTS] Natural Selection 2
  216. Trion killed Rift.
  217. Hey Defiant, you jelly?
  218. Game time cards
  219. First!
  220. Left Handed Gaming Mouse
  221. What did the girl from "the ring" say to chuck norris when he picked up the phone?
  222. Decent PC to play Rift?
  223. MMORPG.com community opinion about Rift
  224. Trion - New Mmo Projects
  225. Acolytes Online Gaming First!
  226. The End of the MMO for me
  227. The true cause to Rift's server lag
  228. Help me out!! Plz
  229. Just got home from Micro Center, new computer here I come!
  230. Was hyped at first, but the demo of Kingdom of Amalur turned me off from getting it
  231. BioWare Makes Trion Shine by Contrast [Long]
  232. I can't Hear
  233. Coming back to RIFT .... at least for 3 days after a month of SWTOR ...
  234. LoL got Chuck Norris, SWOTOR got Vader and who are we going to get?
  235. Harrassment
  236. SWTOR was such a disaster that I signed up to RIFT for 1 year
  237. Mistakes MMOs Make
  238. Breath of Fire *Returns?*
  239. Activision Domination
  240. NCsoft Hoping to Squash TERA with Lawsuit
  241. The future server of MMORPGs (opinions wanted)
  242. Coming back to Rift since Swtor is the worst MMO ever made.
  243. Last Day
  244. SWTOR vs Rift
  245. need case moding suggestions
  246. My SWTOR Review: Unbiased, No Fanboyism
  247. I pee in the shower
  248. A little something for the Avatards...
  249. SWTOR is starting to tank
  250. The Official: I'm back from SWTOR thread