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  1. Need something Exiting and THRILLING to watch!
  2. Mice
  3. Internet... Mmm
  4. What is the last game you have played ?
  5. Most anticipated games of 2011 for PC
  6. Breath of fire 4
  7. Who draws / paints here?
  8. Is This Anyone Else's Favorite "Rift Minigame"?
  9. Mobile version?
  10. Remember to Clear Your PMs Every Once in a While!
  11. Calligraphy
  12. What are you listening too part ?#?
  13. Lolcats!
  14. Thoughts on my online gaming career
  15. Your mom hates Dead Space 2
  16. Guns owners
  17. Will this computer make Rift playable on medium setting?
  18. PnP RPGs
  19. Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley?
  20. Brand new TrollFace comics..
  21. Ideas and Opinions: 2012 (The end of the world as we know it?)
  22. Pass time to Beta
  23. Aion Vs Rift
  24. Where do you Play? post your setup
  25. "creative design" intern?
  26. Sony's CEO bashes RIFT??
  27. Are there jungle zones in the Rift beta?
  28. Backdoor.Win32.Psychward.gq !!
  29. Hi Trion, this is how you do it.
  30. The Foodie Thread.
  31. Forum Signatures
  32. I bought this
  33. wondering where can i sell my old computer
  34. G510 + g13
  35. Former Vanguard players sound off
  36. Any Asheron's Call players?
  37. A level increase isn't entirely necessary for an expansion.
  38. A few things to get off my chest about these forums.
  39. Definition of Hardcore
  40. The Warhammer experience
  41. Groundhog Day
  42. Virtual Motion Sickness
  43. Hardcore casual what alot fo us are.
  44. 80's Childrens TV and why it was the best!!!
  45. OMG!! i was roflmao! Mom cancels WoW account video...
  46. Flaming Squirrels are overpowered Trion!
  47. Tera
  48. "Speechless..."
  49. Zam
  50. Tax reminder for Rift community
  51. Cold Remedies
  52. Can someone recommend some good Anime?
  53. OxyCodone
  54. Will i even be able to touch this game?
  55. How to watch 3D without glasses!
  56. Future Content
  57. Amazon.com Glitch.
  58. Lost Admin Rights to Group?
  59. Maybe go get yourself a PS3 for $40
  60. Rift : Planes of Azeroth V.2
  61. EA-Mythic hype man calls WoW the ipod of MMOs, what music player will RIFT be?
  62. Discontinued Products
  63. Jets vs Pats
  64. Just saw a RIFT commercial on SyFy.
  65. Great time-waster.
  66. Looking for Dark Age of Camelot Players --Gawaine
  67. No comparison rift beta vs dc universe
  68. Another New computer build inspection
  69. What if it were Like This...?
  70. Going to play Vanguard while waiting for beta 5
  71. Please friend request me!
  72. Who is going to win the super bowl!
  73. Before I get excited..
  74. Rift has competition!
  75. Old Vid cards
  76. New RIFt fan here :D
  77. Hey, you, recommend me some game to play until betas!
  78. They got what they deserved?
  79. how many collectors editions have you wasted your money on over the years?
  80. I like pie
  81. Will RIFT last .... I sure Hope so!
  82. So I'm playing Forsaken World until Beta 5...
  83. Comparison, similarities in WoW and Rift.
  84. 120hz Monitors...
  85. By the end of 2011...
  86. What would you do if you were'nt playing RIFT?
  87. The facebook of por...eerr RIFT!!
  88. Naga Razer
  89. What sport you guys make ?!
  90. World of Warcraft
  91. Music Game
  92. Will Rift finally beat Ms. Pac man?
  93. I like cheese.
  94. Coffee pot physics
  95. Do Not Make This Game 3rd Person
  96. 700 posts
  97. so which graphics cards work best with Rift?
  98. Level-up Sound collection!
  99. If You Could Change RIFT
  100. Child Prodigy? You Decide...
  101. Now lets all prowl the WoW forums.
  102. anyone else?
  103. Question for current WoW players: Did Cata have a positive or negative effect on WoW?
  104. Help with screenshots!
  105. How much do you think I could sell this for ONLINE?
  106. Why do MMOs have pretty and ugly factions?
  107. TrollRadio.com Contests for Tonight! Win a Rift Collector's Edition!
  108. G13 or Razer Naga?
  109. Civility in Rift
  110. LOL@ BLizz.
  111. How do I keep logged into the foums?
  112. Profile picture not showing when checking some profiles that have it set.
  113. What do NPCs do when we arent looking?
  114. need help upgrading befor RIFT releases
  115. Since I can't play Beta this weekend....
  116. If Rift wasn't coming out...
  117. What do you think -
  118. For all you mechwarrior fans - MWLL
  119. Woot, football.
  120. how would my computer run the game?
  121. How Chocolate ruins my day...
  122. Soul Planner / Ipod app? I may develop it.
  123. Is it impossible to get the 51 point ability?
  125. Quick, Which one and Why Gaming PC
  126. Vid card ?
  127. Stephanie From Lazy Town
  128. Need video card help
  129. USB Headphones I Like
  130. New Computer
  131. Fun game to play while waiting for Rift...
  132. Intel Socket 2011 and X68
  133. Computer stuff: How does this look?
  134. Graphics Card I am willing to Buy
  135. NEw client
  136. I hope Rift gets smarter phishers
  137. just canceled WoW
  138. Dragon Age
  139. Earthrise - New beta video
  140. Just cancelled WoW for being....a WoW clone
  141. RSS Feed Broken
  142. Questions about the game.
  143. What's this about a NEW ZODIAC? What's wrong with the OLD zodiac??
  144. Game with specs close to Rift
  145. Whats your Favorite PVP music?
  146. Awesome song!
  147. Anyone: RIFT on G73JW?
  148. Favorite MMORPG screen shot?
  149. How many MMORPG's have YOU played?
  150. Your favorite MMO up until now
  151. What eventually causes you to leave an mmo after years of time invested...
  152. Facebook groups and RSS Feed
  153. Warhammer: great PvP training!
  154. Please define 'Hardcore' and 'Casual' players for me?
  155. Blown away
  156. monitor question
  157. Filling time while waiting for Rift :)
  158. Aion players please read
  159. Sandbox or Open-Ended MMORPGS?
  160. Bloodrocuted by Dethklok enjoy!
  161. Who has played rift on a laptop
  162. Troll Radio!
  163. Will RIFT Support PhysX?
  164. what did u hate about wow
  165. How serious do u take mmos
  166. Down under...
  167. Curse you EA!
  168. Yet another "pimp my pc for rift" thread
  169. Will Angry Birds kill WoW?
  170. 4 mmorpgs...what to play?
  171. MMo's i loved
  172. RIFT vs World of Warcraft
  173. Computer build
  174. Is it just me....
  175. What is some good study music?
  176. [POLL] What MMO do you come from?
  177. SLI 260 or go for a 460?
  178. Alienware Aurora RX
  179. What is the average computer specs for US users?
  180. What game are you playing until RIFT releases?
  181. Beta
  182. Top Headset ?
  183. Males who play Females and vice versa in Rift, why?
  184. EPIC Picture Thread
  185. My thoughts on MMO's
  186. Top 3 Favorite Games of All Time?
  187. FLYING Mounts should ride you!
  188. I have said it before I say it again, fanbois= the most destructive force in any mmo.
  189. To our Australian Rift player friends, our prayers and sympathies
  190. Off Topic - Sooo Hungry >.<
  191. I love LOLcats!
  192. Advice on buying a new video card?
  193. Mouse Troubles - Need Help!
  194. While waiting for the next beta...
  195. What are you playing while waiting for RIFT?
  196. Will my computer hold up?
  197. computer help with temp
  198. There a reason why I only have 1.98G of ram?
  199. Is this a good deal on this Video Card?
  200. We want pink rainbow unicorns!
  201. Yo Hanlo! Eat my dust...
  202. Amish Paradise
  203. [Random Request] Anybody have a copy of The Odyssey translated by ROBERT FAGLES?
  204. Will Rift be available for the mac?
  205. Windows 7 and video drivers... Help?
  206. Would my new rig be able to run this at ultra settings, smoothly?
  207. What games are you playing to help wtih Rift beta withdrawal symptoms?
  208. ZeniMax Studios = Interesting Future for MMORPG's
  209. Real life pix
  210. Curse Client = Hackers Access, uninstall it
  211. What do YOU do??
  212. The Biggest Leech Mmo game.... ( World of Warcraft )
  213. I can't stop laughing at this article...
  214. Is this Processer any good?
  215. Official "I hate WoW thread".
  216. And this is why I'm done with WoW
  217. Need suggestions for a video card
  218. Upgrading a video card.
  219. Laptop Gaming sucks but if it's the only option...
  220. Interesting...
  221. Floods
  222. Rift vs GW2
  223. Avatar rating thread!
  224. So who here used to play MUDs?
  225. List your games!
  226. Guild Wars 2 proffesion reveal tomorrow?
  227. Verizon Iphone??
  228. Having trouble downloading rift
  229. Forum Signature
  230. Has the quest for Convenience killed the "Old School" MMO? What happened to tomorrow?
  231. payment method
  232. Sandy Bridge, Intel, the RIA and big brother....add DRM and stir
  233. Rift - Denmark
  234. Boxxy. Is. Back.
  235. Regarding monitors
  236. Q: Why does my PC come to a crawl during Invasions?
  237. Survive This Rift Video
  238. DJ 's NEEDED ! females in particular
  239. 'Bad' MMOs that you've actually enjoyed
  240. Band of Brothers...
  241. Band of Brothers...
  242. Assassin Creed Brotherhood
  243. P2P is dead, B2P is the future of games...
  244. Forum game ! What do you think abaout when :
  245. RIFT Collector's Edition from www.trollradio.com
  246. can some1 give me a link for high level armor and weapon
  247. Request
  248. What to play in between beta
  249. This forum category makes no sense...
  250. So what game will you be playing until Beta 5?