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  1. Is there a game where you can play the bad guys?
  2. Baseball Season 2011
  3. Zombies can fall in love too!
  4. Signatures
  5. The WoW effect
  6. My spoon is too big.
  7. I quit!!!
  8. Another reason I'm glad I quit WoW.
  9. Rift vs. Minecraft
  10. PC Gamer Hacker Story
  11. Atlas Shrugged Part I
  12. Whats your favorite MMORPG of all time?
  13. Nerf Bats...
  14. Please Help Me With Guild Page!
  15. For First Gen and friends.
  16. Nerf the Texas Rangers
  17. I realize it is not the right season
  18. Santa is not who you think he is...!
  19. I just broke my headset in half
  20. Let's just stop with the casual vs hardcore arguements....
  21. What kind of music do you listen to?
  22. Why is Griefing fun?
  23. Why is PVE fun?
  24. Trion - URGENT - Bring Back the Haters/Trolls!
  25. Sorry, but it's doomed
  26. Google
  27. Is the Warhammer Dev..
  29. In case you need a little extra luck during battlegrounds and instances
  30. Post your desktop
  31. OMG Rift - If you don't switch to Cryengine 3, I'm going to quit!
  32. The life cycle of the MMO Gamer
  33. Internet Explorer 9 and zam Rift Rolebuilder
  34. Idea...
  35. Razer Lycosa
  36. WoW forums, They deleted all RIFT Posts!!!
  37. ArcheAge Online - Physics Demo (Crysis 3 Engine)
  38. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Mass Subscription Message
  39. Share your recipes!
  40. Directx9 crisis...
  41. Whats Keeps You Playing a MMORPG?
  42. Why a Non-Linear Game Would Fail
  43. i like big butts and i cannot lie
  44. Three Cats
  45. I thought PvPer's were supposed to be...
  46. Check out the 2011 Age of Conan
  47. Is Rift going to be a stepping stone game?
  48. Id theft'd
  49. RIFT gameplay vidéo, World boss, by Hydre.
  50. You have to see this!
  51. help
  52. Life Stories
  53. I repoped my WoW Account and got hacked in less than 15 hours..and..
  54. Regarding Female Armor
  55. So I was in TERA CPE
  56. I miss you all
  57. Hobo with a shotgun
  58. When life gives you lemons
  59. Giving away 4 Months of Game Time! Read to learn how!
  60. Gaming Radio
  61. To all the Ladies of RIFT
  62. Who's your Favorite Electronic music artist/Genre?
  63. Ruining Good Jokes - The State of the State of the Game Jokes
  64. Mad Rogue Players
  65. Not renewing my sub- until Mr. T does a Rift commercial.
  66. Getting to know new friends!
  67. Is this game at all similar to Everquest 2?
  68. Thinking about getting a 3DS? Well, here's the best review you will find
  69. Hopefully something epic will appear!
  70. Borderlands
  71. Top 10 funniest things to say to rogues in vent
  72. An April Fool's Tale - What's your Biggest April Fool's Joke?
  73. OCH........ (swe)
  74. Blizzards April Fools
  75. Now this is a funny patch note preview for April Fools lol
  76. Vintage Flashback
  77. Moderators doing an amazing job and we should help.
  78. Blizzard calls out Rift for April Fools!
  79. Regarding the whole Defiants
  80. Google's New Email Beta
  81. Some fevered imagination thought of this...
  82. what just heppened
  83. Planetside Next
  84. Can you play TWO mmos at once? (Not literally at once)
  85. Black Prophecy Beta
  86. Any other Leaders/Admins mess with their guild for April Fools?
  87. OMFG Triton!!!!!!!!!
  88. Battlefield 3
  89. Guild Wars 2 April Fool's joke LOL
  90. It's Friday, Friday...
  91. Runescape talkabout
  92. Post your office pranks!
  93. "I play with my wife"
  94. youtube 1911
  95. TV show
  96. How is your evening?
  97. Today is Friday.
  98. MMORPGs and the Elitist
  99. Trion Scammed me out of a subscription, you could be next
  100. Sarcasm and the Internet
  101. Who else is bored of the WoW/Rift End-Game Business Model?
  102. Hawken (Mech FPS in development)
  103. Can anyone give me some GW2 info
  104. How to tell if your account has been hacked?
  105. How to cook like a winner.
  106. $494 for Customer Support
  107. Goodbye Old Friend!!
  108. Need some feedback for a tattoo idea
  109. What would be a good laptop to play Rift on?
  110. No Coffee
  111. Sony’s MMO Makers Close Three Studios, Lay Off One-Third Of Workforce
  112. 1.1 an April 1st Joke?
  113. Drugs are good, mmmkay?
  114. 9k mage crit
  115. WoW Heirlooms
  116. How can I check my previous thread posts?
  117. Boys will be boys
  118. I can't decide if this is creepy or hilarious
  119. Describe Rift in Two Words or Less
  120. Paranoia Agent
  121. Internet Pros - Help With Internet Problems plz
  122. That's it. Good riddance.
  123. Website for TRIONS Sy Fy MMO yet?
  124. Blizzard sending out 7 day activations to entice you back...
  125. Yeah, minecraft =) You gotta hear this
  126. Making your post legible-Punctuation, Sentences, Paragraph Structure, and Line Breaks
  127. How many bananas can you eat before you die..?
  128. What WoW did wrong
  129. Which PS3 Game to play during the downtime?
  130. What are you listening to while waiting for the servers to come back up?
  131. Obese Ohio Man Found Fused to Chair He Sat in for 2 Years
  132. crazy Show (prepare to fall of your chair)
  133. can i load the app for rift for the code on my ipod touch ?
  134. omg the rift POD CAST PEOPLE ARNT EVEN 50 YET WTF
  135. i had a dream...
  136. Activision Blizzard Must Be Terrified? - Explained
  137. New computer build won't boot up
  138. Pointfest! (Hello Saint Louis!)
  139. Wednesday, Wednesday.
  140. The Cancer that kills MMORPGs
  141. Just wondering
  142. Anyone notice how biased MMORPG.com is towards Rift?
  143. Vodka-Guild Streaming Tonight!
  144. Hilarious Vindictus video
  145. What's your default zombie killing weapon?
  146. Best Online FPS Game Ever
  147. To the people leaving after free month
  148. A medieval MMO idea
  149. NINTENDO 3ds
  150. Which Dev is Scott Hartsman?
  151. A little game of spot the shill
  152. I'm wanting a lifetime sub. Who else is and what are you willing to pay for it?
  153. X-Box 360 or PS3
  154. Beat it
  155. grave encounters
  156. Saying WoW is the best MMO is like saying....
  157. Rift Vs. Wow?
  158. Computer died...need advice
  159. Guild wars 2!
  160. Who would win...
  161. Shake Weight.
  162. So Bored
  163. females, rate me!
  164. signature help
  165. Trion selling our email?
  166. Did Instancing ruin MMO?
  167. Buying New Desk Top FOR "Gaming/College" Any Suggestions
  168. butterfly knife tricks and flipping competition
  169. Help a fellow rift player!
  170. Think of getting a Wolf King Warrior for playing RIFT
  171. What you guys think of coming USA President in the future?
  172. Hi!
  173. Oh My...
  174. Could use computer advice
  175. I'm Mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!
  176. how is the nvidia geforce gtx 460?
  177. Female Armor Models
  178. What if Demon's Soul was a MMO
  179. Coffee - how do you take it?
  180. RIFT is a Success, can WoW Survive?
  181. Which CPU for Better Gaming?
  182. Link songs you think are awesome.
  183. Aion copies "Coin Lock" feature
  184. MGMT Kids
  185. Why I will not be leaving WoW for Rift.
  186. What's Blizzard's next move?
  187. What is your MMO history?
  188. Will there ever be a sandbox in a mmo?
  189. What would you do if you met your character irl?
  190. Heroes of Newerth
  191. How to recruit all the burnt out WoW addicts?
  192. pizza
  193. Why is there so much talk about WoW?
  194. How do you deal with cliques in a guild? Im not getting groups
  195. Role Playing Games
  196. Why do people do this?
  197. Steampunk Gaming
  198. Earth Hour
  199. Laggygamerz
  200. A salute to Trion's OT forum
  201. Go CATS! UK beats Ohio St.
  202. Who will be trying Tera when it is released?
  203. My Cloudsong!
  204. I dub this the new rickroll.
  205. Is Rift Causing WoW server population issues?
  206. Its a real life RIFT!
  207. For all EA/Mythic/Bioware Fanbois, interesting read here.
  208. *Fun Thread* MMO(Rift) Forum Fun Facts
  209. What is a /true/ old school RPG?
  210. Sucker Punch?
  211. Do you ever?
  212. The last straw!
  213. *checks date* Hooray, time for beer!
  214. Hey guys...
  215. FF4 still doesn't block phishing sites
  216. Cancelling
  217. I would like to apologize to all the Warriors
  218. Would u quit Rift for Star Wars: Old Republic?
  219. When between EQ and WoW did it become acceptable to...
  220. Y U NO Thread
  221. Found the most sad song on earth
  222. My computer may be possessed.
  223. Crysis 2, Rift, Duke Nuke'em ect... are nothing what it's all about is...
  224. test
  225. What games are in development that will be the WoW killer?
  226. Old Skool DAoC players
  227. No wonder WoW is scared...
  228. Does anyone want on my island?
  229. Off-Topic threads, locked for being, off-topic.
  230. Crysis 2
  231. Trion, Hear me out.
  232. Rift opens near Slovakia, strange creatures emerge...
  233. Favorite and Most Hated Internet English words
  234. Where my RPG fans at?
  235. Archer
  236. Can you make a macro to cast one spell after another?
  237. Any other good MMORPG to play?
  238. I have a man cold..
  239. Have Crysis:Warhead/Wars and Love MechWarrior/BattleTech?
  240. My idea for the give me now generation
  241. Crysis 2
  242. Harvest Moon Fans, Rejoice !
  243. OK I quit, I've had enough!
  244. Seven Things Wrong With Modern-day MMORPGs
  245. Barbie Dress up 2.5!
  246. a craigslist winner
  247. This song is
  248. Your Most hororfic Movie ever
  249. fun fun fun fun
  250. merchandise for the game?