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  1. Any Interest in Server Xfer to buy Relics?
  2. What stops people from joining guilds..
  3. why do Asian MMO have bad rep?
  4. Drag me to hell (whats some good Horror movies out there)
  5. What was your first computer game PvP experience?
  6. Football ****
  7. Game Developers Conference in Austin, TX - Anyone going?
  8. Everquest 2 Extended freezes on character creation
  9. Wait what the!? Defiance to be released before SWTOR?
  10. Zillion Zerglings!
  11. Revelations
  12. A series of memes to lighten your day
  13. My review of SWTOR
  14. To all former EVE-Online players...
  16. A little help for uni..?
  17. The Secret World
  18. DAoC players, where are you?
  19. To all who enjoy rap
  20. Nightmares Fear Factory.
  21. sw:tor
  22. Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale
  23. Solo/duo dungeons and AA, alongside traditional raiding
  24. What does the term "mmo" mean to you today.....
  25. AMD vs Intel, FIGHT!!!
  26. MMO Conspiracy: SOE is holding Vanguard back so it dont compete with EQ2
  27. End of an era
  28. Steve Jobs dead...
  29. Any armchair astronomers/cosmologists here?
  30. Hey, I need views!
  31. Best MMORPG Memories
  32. REAL LIFE ABYSSAL, worships Akylios [RECORDING]
  33. Troll Face...
  34. Rate the song above you
  35. So, who's getting Dark Souls?
  36. I found the answer to my PVP prayers!!!
  37. Know what sucks about being Almost 50 and 17 years old?
  38. antisocial casual is ok on this forum but not mimicking raiders?
  39. Minecraft update discussion
  40. please do us all a favor
  41. Would you play a mmorpg with the difficulty of Demon's Souls/Dark Souls?
  42. Why Swtor will sure be an epic fail...
  43. 9gag!
  44. Daylight Savings and you!
  45. Those Leaving Rift (6Month Sub)
  46. Ventrilo Hosts
  47. Upgrade
  48. why do people enjoy Sandbox mmorpg?
  49. Anyone Here Never Played WoW?
  50. Questions about SWTOR
  51. Guild Wars 2 Controls
  52. /annoyed
  53. Digital storm computers
  54. Whats your top 3 favorite Movie remakes?
  55. I want a game world like WoW has but in Rift
  56. SWTOR; Companions take up group slot (Party size is 4) smh
  57. Bartle Test Thoughts (longish)
  58. Wow these people over at MMORPG.com supporting RealID for killing a 13year old kid
  59. Swtor is not missing anything you scrub
  60. Worms Ultimate Mayhem! :D
  61. "Billy Joel-The Complete Albums Collection" release date Nov 8th
  62. What happen to the show "Scammed" on History channel?
  63. Battlefield 3 Beta
  64. How does Everquest compare to Rift in your opinion?
  65. Portland, OR - Gaiscioch Flag-Football Forming For Winter 2011 - 3 Teams Avail.
  66. Who else is...
  67. MMO's getting too casual.
  68. Looking for a 2nd mmo
  69. Battlefield 3 Pre-order Beta
  70. Is this a word?
  71. Which Flavor You Are? :)
  72. Horror Fans? Read!
  73. SWTOR missing features for launch
  74. Why do people expect to solo an MMO?
  75. The Older I Get
  76. The one thing RIFT has over the upcoming MMOs...
  77. Such a shame this game will not survive GW2 and SWtor
  78. Why did 2Factions work in SWG but not in WoW/Rift/Warhammer?
  79. Any of you like Conspiracy Theories?
  80. Will Rift Survive SWTOR & GW2
  81. Any fans of Supernatural?
  82. Wich shard should i pick?
  83. Dont be fooled! NEVERWINTER is NOT A MMORPG
  84. GW2 is nothing like GW1! if you change the IP, you wouldnt even notice its a sequel
  85. 5,000 Platinum Giveaway
  86. Mac support
  87. Rift Guide Book
  88. WoW, the Aion Rip-Off
  89. Steam is into Time Travel!
  90. Help With Account- Can't Manage It
  91. Rift: from premiere MMO to irrelevant in 6 months
  92. REcurring?
  93. Any new mmos coming out with a vintage style D and D format...
  94. SWTOR release date officially announced (for this year)
  95. 8 Years as a gamers wife!
  96. Rift Zam
  97. Diablo 3 release delayed.
  98. Phone upgrades... urgh
  99. Hair Nightmares
  100. Come on Trion! Hurry up with the MMORTS already
  101. What in the World is World of Warcraft up to?
  102. What kind of tv shows do you watch?
  103. An Opinion != A Fact
  104. I survived... and I'm back!
  105. March on Wall Street!
  106. What percentage of GW2 hype is the payment model?
  107. The Death of a Genre
  108. Gears of War3
  109. Hey would you mine joining my "Myyearbook Rift fan group page"
  110. Sneezing conundrum.
  111. Define off topic?
  112. Guild Wars 2 designer gets caught moonlighting…
  113. Multicultural Community: UK and Canadian Slang
  114. Arnold gives advice on PvP.
  115. A few questions about Cats for my essay.
  116. DC Universe Online going FTP in October
  117. I want Archeage right meow!
  118. Windows 8, and you.
  119. any one going to SW:TOR
  120. Sony asks gamers to sign new terms face the ban hammer
  121. Mayweather - Ortiz, the punk gets punked
  122. What Are You Playing Now?
  123. Central Canadian Comic Convention 2011
  124. 74 year old pilot loses control, crashes into airshow fans in Reno
  125. (Google Plus games) I would like the see a future browser FPS game. how about you?
  126. Anyone skilled in making intro templates in Vegas?
  127. How has Rift effected your **** viewing?
  128. AoC,LOTR,EQ2 which former P2P gone F2P would you suggest
  129. Flame it, like it, add to it, tear it apart...
  130. Magic The Gathering 2012: Duels Of The Planeswalkers!
  131. Does this game look like fun?
  132. Money from MMO subs begins to decline while micro-trans games income rise sharply
  133. I'll like your facebook page/youtube if you like mine
  134. I was an attending physician at two major psych wards...
  135. Global Agenda
  136. Gears of War 3 countdown!
  137. Football: just another Basketball clone
  138. Who does the music for the 90s TV show "MARTIN" is there a way to get it?
  139. The wow curse...DUN DUN DUN
  140. I like it!
  141. Warhammer: What armor type does Engineer wear?
  142. Big Brother 13
  143. It's raining outside... Better go ins- WHAT?! It's raining inside the inn?!
  144. Trolls!!!!
  145. I need help how to defends against Forum actions.
  146. Worst game ever.
  147. Rift = Terrible Community
  148. Why MMOs today pale in comparison to what they once were....
  149. Looking for an Author / Dedicated Reader
  150. Your Favorite Game Ever.
  151. Geekdom & Pets
  152. 15 years ago today, we lost a great man.
  153. Chewing Ice
  154. Spanish Language MMO?
  155. Trion's new game End of Nation, interview and cash shop details and RMT
  156. That Feeling
  157. What is a Poopsock and where can I buy one?
  158. Playing any F2P MMO?
  159. Anyone using G13+Razer Naga?
  160. How I try to look at things before I speak
  161. 7 Personalities That Will Destroy Your Guild
  162. If trion would ever make another MMO
  163. Spartacus actor Any WHitefield Passes Away
  164. Hey if GW1 is a MMO, doesnt that mean D2 was a MMO as well?
  165. So Long Glen and May God's Peace Guide You
  166. So who is NOT playing swtor and your reason (dont bash it)
  167. We are getting monitered in the off topic forum again
  168. D3 Action House Update
  169. @WoW pvp vets
  170. Remembrance
  171. oh snap 3DS relaunch for 2nd circle pad
  172. Tomorrow is National Grandparent's Day!
  173. Blah blah
  174. 3DS worth it?
  175. What can Rift learn from Vanguard?
  176. Older gamers more apt to pay to play and save time
  177. 'Austin Powers' Actor, Sentenced To Life In Prison
  178. Perfect World Entertainment acquires Cryptic Studios
  179. Everybody should check out Elchoupinets videos.
  180. Iphone or Droid? Please answer :D
  181. MMOG payment methods Questionnaire
  182. Why does the Guild Wars 2 Community hate WoW so much?
  183. Go like my band on facebook please!
  184. Hemoroids hurt...
  185. The tenth anniversary...
  186. Warhammer: Space Marine
  187. Spaceballs The MMO!!!
  188. Sony PS3 and routers.
  189. Anyone know what is going on with MSN?
  190. Looking for local Oregon players
  191. zombies in rift
  192. State of the MMO genre?
  193. IS world of warcraft better than this game?
  194. GW2 a WoW hybrid at best...
  195. Pie > Cake
  196. The Half Birthday Gift... Decoded!
  197. Erratic weather around the world?
  198. Magic: The Gathering Innistrad Thread MTG
  199. Rift Website Banner - Any suggestions?
  200. Food Trucks In Your Town
  201. "Aye"nstead of "yes"...some kind of MMO tradition?
  202. The question, Fake or Real.
  203. Rift: Planes of Telara (The Roleplaying Game)
  204. Warhammer 40k Thread
  205. When is the never-ending 'WoW' topic going to decay to dust, burn to ashes or drown?
  206. Pick 1 thing from SWTOR and 1thing from GW2 that you want done to Rift
  207. Dead Island!
  208. Creating games within the game! Its what I'll do :)
  209. Introducing the "Where the **** is Exxy?" game :)
  210. The face huggers from Apollo 18.
  211. The great chill pill to relax to
  212. What graphic card should I upgrade to?
  213. If you would be an animal instead of a human, Which one, and Why?
  214. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
  215. Electronic Arts under fire for new "Origin" software.
  216. Its Near, Can You Feel It
  218. Gives nu meaning to the song Sail away
  219. Silent Gaming keyboard?
  220. Double header (on the same hook)
  221. Damage incorporated
  222. Divine:The Series- a new web series. Something to watch when not playing
  223. Master of Puppets Dare
  224. What makes "YOU" a troll!! 20 way :)
  225. Eminem meets Team Fortress 2!
  226. Why is it callled a mob?
  227. I hope this thread does not bring up to much controversy...
  228. Here to stay - Not going anywhere?
  229. Are You a Looker?
  230. Can sugar kill you?
  231. Swotor
  232. Secret World
  233. Please help to vote. Thank you!
  234. A Newbie's Guide to Effective Angry Posts
  235. Battlefield 3
  236. World First: Unarmed Hardmode Darth Malak
  237. The Old Republic will have RVR
  238. Star Trek Online going FTP this year
  239. DC Universe Online?
  240. When to use "a" and "an" in a sentence (because I'm off work today want to knitpick)
  241. Fall of a fanboi
  242. Can the U.S. still pump out mmos or will this
  243. CF-502(Extended Mix)
  244. Blizzard Refuses to Balance Battlegrounds - Trion, Can You Do Better?
  245. CF-502 by Diskó(Dubstep Track)
  246. In The News: Mom Cuts Girls Hair (very short) and is Accused of Abuse
  247. Irene is ruining my half-birthday bonuses, who else?
  248. PAX Prime 2011 Slideshow.
  249. What was the last demo not beta that you actually played and then bought?
  250. This is a *constructive* troll post.