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  1. MMORPG.com community opinion about Rift
  2. Trion - New Mmo Projects
  3. Acolytes Online Gaming First!
  4. The End of the MMO for me
  5. The true cause to Rift's server lag
  6. Help me out!! Plz
  7. Just got home from Micro Center, new computer here I come!
  8. Was hyped at first, but the demo of Kingdom of Amalur turned me off from getting it
  9. BioWare Makes Trion Shine by Contrast [Long]
  10. I can't Hear
  11. Coming back to RIFT .... at least for 3 days after a month of SWTOR ...
  12. LoL got Chuck Norris, SWOTOR got Vader and who are we going to get?
  13. Harrassment
  14. SWTOR was such a disaster that I signed up to RIFT for 1 year
  15. Mistakes MMOs Make
  16. Breath of Fire *Returns?*
  17. Activision Domination
  18. NCsoft Hoping to Squash TERA with Lawsuit
  19. The future server of MMORPGs (opinions wanted)
  20. Coming back to Rift since Swtor is the worst MMO ever made.
  21. Last Day
  22. SWTOR vs Rift
  23. need case moding suggestions
  24. My SWTOR Review: Unbiased, No Fanboyism
  25. I pee in the shower
  26. A little something for the Avatards...
  27. SWTOR is starting to tank
  28. The Official: I'm back from SWTOR thread
  29. need suggestions for an antivirus
  30. Trion's View on Rift Youtube Video Copyright
  31. Origin
  32. Cheap laptop to play rift on?
  33. just testin sig..
  34. The List: 5 Forum Archetypes
  35. whatever shall i do D:
  36. The Dayworld Trilogy
  37. Back from SWTOR cuz of billing issues:P
  38. Gamers / Net users Unite! For reals..
  39. King's Bounty
  40. smiling after the game generated $100 million
  41. lol SWTOR, time to counter advertise.
  42. Guys! So get this, right?! I go to...
  43. Congrats Scott...
  44. Addiction to mmorpg -- the daedalus project
  45. The Bark Side( star wars music by dogs)
  46. Photoshop Madness Friday - theme: SWToR
  47. bye bye megavideo bye bye megaupload
  48. Anyone Play Skylanders as well?
  49. RIFT back as #1 on MMORPG.com
  50. So THIS is what Trion is doing? Star Wars killer?
  51. RIFT revenues reached $100 million in 2011, Trion secures new funding
  52. TORtanic” – Star Wars: The Old Republic sinking fast
  53. ToR PvP (or, it could be worse...much worse)
  54. Calling all returning/new Rift players coming from SWTOR.
  55. So when do we....
  56. Help stop SOPA/PIPA.
  57. I'm baaacckkk :)
  58. Free endless trial later?
  59. Trion profitable?
  60. /ragequit
  61. Stand Together: Stop the ESA, Petition and Boycott E3
  62. SOPA/PIPA blackouts
  63. Upcoming HK changes
  64. An Important Video for all Gamers
  65. Trion Destroys Meridian Culture. (Call to Action!)
  66. SOPA & PIPA Stop them
  67. Why is this game so awesome, but not so popular?
  68. Have You Seen This Squid?
  69. funny so i thought i'd share
  70. My cats arguing
  71. Dear video makers
  72. Bored as hell
  73. Post your favorite ascii art
  74. zappos hacked
  75. R.I.P. Mousey
  76. Impressions of TOR from a returning player
  77. Humorous Pet Names
  78. Blizzard "complements" Trion
  79. Hey guys!
  80. If you haven't tried SWTOR
  81. Having Slow Internet Sucks.
  82. Rift Wins
  83. Computer help please?
  84. Remembering Raiding in EQ
  85. What Makes you feel bad?
  86. Things should be picking up soon.
  87. Need help
  88. Remember paying extra for head-start? the first week of RIFT? Where's our refund?
  89. SOPA - Trion's/Your View!
  90. Chicken Dances: Who's an Arrested Development fan?
  91. Memories: With the immenient server transfers/trial servers incoming.....
  92. Please help with a university research project by taking this simple survey on color
  93. Skyrim.
  94. People take games too far.
  95. How Casuals View Elitist (Especially, Jerks)
  96. SW ToR vs RIFT
  97. What's changed in mmos? - Music
  98. do you believe Guild Wars 2 is overhyped by the community?
  99. Update RIFT
  100. Defiance
  101. Trion moved offices recently?
  102. Addons – Cheating Yourself or Enhancing Yourself?
  103. Since Trion banned all the gold farmers..
  104. Star Wars - The Exploit Republic
  105. MMO Subscription fees: A fading requirement.
  106. How Long To Max Level?
  107. Rift vs ToR: An MMO Veteran's Analysis After a Month
  108. I'm going to SWTOR for OWPVP
  109. Don't leave for SW:ToR. I'm back from it!
  110. For Whomever Hit Upon the Idea for BoA Currency for Events
  111. Bob Anderson: RIP
  112. How Elitist View Casuals - Comic HUMOR
  113. The business of MMos
  114. Bioware and EA are about to run SWTOR into the ground.
  115. I use a picture of my face...
  116. What is balance?
  117. 2012 New Year Resolutions and Predictions for Rift
  118. Happy New Years Rift Forums!
  119. London did it again!
  120. My apologies and thanks to Trion.
  121. walsingham supports bacon
  122. trion worlds supports SOPA
  123. You think rifts population situation is bad? Just wait.
  124. I fell that rift has lost its touch .. Off to SWTOR
  125. Instant Adventure bug?
  126. Rift heads to be more like WoW... and will lose me in the process and others I assume
  127. Rift substitute?
  128. That happen to rift?
  129. Yawn
  130. Someone please help!
  131. SoE releases custom dungeon creator
  132. I used to be an adventurer like you
  133. where do we go from here?
  134. 7 days after launch and SWTOR is "re-balancing" skills.
  135. Rift Playerbase needs to stabilize :0, Right now its rollercoasters!
  136. There are two types of people in this world:
  137. Mmo h8
  138. Fight SOPA!
  139. If you know how EA works
  140. an alternative to faction based pvp in mmos
  141. No Santa?
  142. A short winter Haiku
  143. @Sunspots
  144. Rant on endless patching....
  145. Christmas rant
  146. Rift 2012
  147. I probably shouldn't say this
  148. Has anyone checked out..
  149. Big Cats - Endangered Since 1.6
  150. Have you been hacked? (READ THIS THEN)
  151. nice deal on game time cards
  152. I need your help.
  153. Very urgent matter:
  154. When god gives you a free keg you gotta? _________________
  155. Where is the population?
  156. #1 Christmas song ever
  157. MMORPG's in general...
  158. I have one thing to say
  159. Christmas Brings You a suprise!
  160. What other games does everyone play?
  161. Happy Holidays!
  162. Ridiculous things posted on this forum frequently
  163. Hotfix number three!....two!
  164. im back.
  165. SuperPump 250 Vs SuperPump Max
  166. what i think should have been done
  167. Trion totally dropped the ball!!
  168. Interesting BBC World Service Radio spot on SWOTR
  169. Customer caught me at the wrong time . . .
  170. are u still in love with rift?
  171. As a Denver Bronco Fan, I had to do it
  172. An Emotionally Crippling, Melodramatic Farewell
  173. Apparently you get a gold name for posting site advertisements on the forums.
  174. Look at that Face. How Could You Not? - Comic Humor
  175. The Hobbit movie trailer comes out today.
  176. AION going F2P... more subscribers to Rift
  177. Leaving for SWTOR?
  178. The RIFT forums are not alone
  179. The Steam holiday sale is hereeee!
  180. Is trion embracing for tomorrow's big release?
  181. i have a question!!!
  182. Any of you still play the "other" game?
  183. 12 Days of smack talkin
  184. Rift and Botters
  185. Michelle Obama, Marine Corps bozo
  186. Why Would You Leave Rift?
  187. Graphics card
  188. Things other games got right....
  189. Are Trion worried?
  190. Aion goes f2p - EU players please read!
  191. Christopher Hitchens Died
  192. SWToR
  193. /sigh
  194. sopa :(
  195. Fail Blog Skyrim reference
  196. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar movie
  197. This cant continue and has to be stopped
  198. Dear Trion =D
  199. Unbelievable Deceit against players
  200. Not so off topic but oh well
  201. A video to consider prior to trying SWTOR or WOW over Rift...
  202. Rift is better than SWTOR
  203. Best video game track ever?
  204. Rift or AoC for Best Graphics in a MMORPG?
  205. Signature funnies.
  206. If you enjoy Doctor Who or Torchwood, please read this Thread
  207. For Giggles, Create your hilarious GM Ticket!
  208. The Importance of UI in MMOs (Part One)
  209. Create new memes!
  210. Diablo III Intro Cinematic
  211. Favorite Gaming Food?
  212. Morgan Freeman's Fus Ro Dah
  213. population drop?
  214. How does Rift intend to compete with Chuck Norris?
  215. Do you want a green light saber like Revan?
  216. Well, We're Back On Azeroth...
  217. SWTOR out Next Week
  218. I used to play Rift...
  219. Christmas Presents
  220. Sonic vs mario
  221. Om Nom Nom
  222. Walked Into propeller
  223. Question about closing accounts: Why is there no exit poll?
  224. Twilight 4
  225. Pokemon
  226. Potential 1.7/1.8 info found
  227. Form Access
  228. reversed infractoins?
  229. Forum Chievs
  230. Another SWTOR opinion thread and why Im not leaving Rift
  231. Zombies
  232. Help needed - MMO markets survey (academics)
  233. Nerf America
  234. Rift PVP: Story of a Pro
  235. Resounding Greater Essence test
  236. Gathering is dumb.
  237. How to bypass new youtube home page layout!!
  238. SWTOR will make Rift become better game
  239. Hoping for some helpful suggestions
  240. Keyboards & Mouse for Gaming
  241. Husbands away!!
  242. Bethesda and Skyrim.
  243. Dual Carding....
  244. Hot damn!
  245. Photoshop Challenge
  246. Star Wars: The Old Republic review
  247. So how are you guys doing in Skyrim ?
  248. Homebrew Review: To the Moon
  249. New titan video released from Activision..
  250. My Weekend as a Sith Warrior