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  1. PvP Gear: More time to attain than PvE, so why the complaining?
  2. Another Warrior OP Thread
  3. I am having FUN in Warfronts
  4. New players, welcome to HELL!!!!
  5. Heal Over Time Cumulation in pvp .
  6. Slip Away needs nerf or remove !
  7. Killing warriors as a rogue [Video]
  8. R6 to R8 Warfront Grind - Basic Calculations
  9. Remove Run Speed Rift Buff in WF's
  10. Today at work
  11. Best Defiant shard for PVP
  12. so, i feel like my gear is doing all the work for me
  13. BUG: VK Spellbreaker Broken, removing more debuffs then it should.
  14. [POLL] Should level 50 Warfronts be divided by Prestige Rank?
  15. When's Warrior Tab targeting going to be fixed?
  16. I can't wait to hit r8... so I never have to que again =)
  17. PvP Warfront Brackets?
  18. WF premades again
  19. any tips how to reach rank 8
  20. balance the faction populations
  21. I killed a warrior
  22. Tagged
  23. Different perspectives in pvp I've noticed - Seemingly becoming balanced
  24. Dear pvp Guardians: we want YOU on Whitefall server!
  25. When will warfront outcomes stop being decided by who has the most damage?
  26. Most active server for pvp?
  27. should buffs/debuffs removed become a part of the warfront score sheeth
  28. game not fun anymore ???
  29. Interrupts.
  30. Schism
  31. Suggestion: Stopping all the pvp QQ about faction inbalance
  32. NERF or BUFF: PvP Synergy Crystals
  33. Remove Slip Away, Buff Damage
  34. Damage in PVP is too high with P8 gear
  35. Please Please Please make everything a lot easier for ME
  36. Please, please, please create a rested bonus for favor/prestige gain
  37. Sin/NB/BD PvP Build
  38. Focus needed for PvP... How much should a mage wear?
  39. PvP Rifts
  40. Gear/Rank Brackets in Warfronts
  41. Why I afk in WFs
  42. Put the nerfs, and the QQing.. on hold for just one second!...
  43. When will warfront outcomes stop being decided by who has more heals?
  44. Hit / Focus matters in PvP...
  45. Is it me or....
  46. Shouldn't faction transfers be a priority?
  47. Lets buff rogues ranged damage already.
  48. The best way to get prestige/favor is to just do nothing?
  49. Respawn Timer
  50. Warfronts
  51. Get rid of the exploiters
  52. Bonus Weekend, Library, and 0 Gear suggestion
  53. Bandwagon Warrior Cure
  54. Introduce other PVP options
  55. Defiant shard with good que times
  56. Cleric Heals are NOT OP - End of debate
  57. I'll get better, Oh well maybe not.
  58. Core balance issue?
  59. It's power creep
  60. Any word on OtD not clearing movement-imparing effects fix?
  61. You have Selection Bias
  62. Rogue Truce
  63. Trion fix healing before it's too late!!
  64. PvP queues and how they could improve
  65. The PvP Window should come with a disclaimer
  66. Final word on bonus rewards weekend: Whitefall Escalation
  67. When will get see Slip Away getting a buff?
  68. ETA PvP Rifts?
  69. People won't stop crying out for Warrior PVP nerfs until they are irrelevant
  70. Low Rank 50 PvP
  71. PvP quest suggestion
  72. Its so wonderful that sab charges can stay on someone through death
  73. PVP is not very fun
  74. AFKers don't get booted if they run bots.
  75. Joining Warfronts with Soul Sickness
  76. The main problems with the PvP
  77. The warfronts and maths and overpowered classes game
  78. The CC Scene w/ Fixes
  79. This forum reads like the National Enquirer.....
  80. PvP Gear Nerf Suggestion
  81. Unable to Enter Warfronts? Glitch? (Not me, but a possible partner to duo-queue)
  82. Please fix the dam bug Trion
  83. Lol....best ever. Getting comical really.
  84. Friendly advice from your neighborhood healers
  85. Time to get serious about AFKers
  86. Nice queue system, Trion
  87. Favor in WFs
  88. Role ques for PVP
  89. Split Ranks in Solo Join Warfront Queue
  90. Cheap Rogue Pvp
  91. Balanced
  92. Premades are a boogeyman that doesn't really exist...
  93. Idea for valor change
  94. Blatently Obvious imbalances in need of nerfs - are trion actually awake?
  95. The real reason why warriors are OP
  96. 51 Riftblades?
  97. Here;s what I learned from the PvP forum today.
  98. So, once the premades make R8 will they then complain about
  99. Healing Debuffs (LW)
  100. Wow! Defiants!
  101. Anyone else noticing odd things happening?
  102. Melee vs Caster
  103. Trion Just Doesnt Get It Or Listen
  104. New Vote Mechanic - Mutiny Vote
  105. SIMPLE warfront balance solution
  106. How to win at team pvp warfronts
  107. Do cities get raided?
  108. Tiered Warfronts
  109. PvP weekend
  110. About DR
  111. The constant demand for change
  112. Escalation doesnt really pay off for guardians..
  113. Dear PVP Rifts...
  114. Devouring Shadows crits you for 1665
  115. A positive message
  116. Your healers and your team
  117. AFK new generation
  118. how is it that I que with a friend and we continually run up against premades?
  119. Exploiters finally rolled back!
  120. Whitefall Escalation
  121. Why not just cap the maximum damage a single skill can do to a single target?
  122. Well balanced shards for warfronts?
  123. Damage is officially out of control
  124. Premades are ruining PvP
  125. Hehehehe
  126. has anybody else lost more warfronts in a row than me?
  127. Mana Wrench vs cleric... balance issues much?!
  128. warriors need nerfs? how bout them mages..
  129. 6.8k lightning burst in pvp wtf? Pic
  130. Defiant Battle Groups
  131. Increase Endurance on PvP Gear
  132. ROTATE your damn weekends!!
  133. Warr are op! Rank 4 warrior is unstoppable! Vidographic proof! Broken!!
  134. no more QQ about exploiters thay have started rolling them back
  135. Fix Warriors
  136. Low Rank PVP
  137. Rank 8 weapons seem bugged? (Damaged might be capped)?
  138. Easy WF fix
  139. So I rolled a warrior...
  140. 50+ Rift PvP is not accessible to new players.
  141. I would be up for a guild only WF que option
  142. Simple solution for those offended by PvP Rift exploiters
  143. Thanks to cheaters, honest people get screwed again.
  144. Exploit
  145. Warriors can't be kited!
  146. Marking AFK needs to be changed
  147. Enough With Whitefall
  148. Curious about PVP fairness at level 50.
  149. PVP Rifts
  150. What's the soft cap % on defense against players?
  151. My shard cluster is completely dominated by Defiants, is it the same everywhere?
  152. Good Idea for marking healers?
  153. Same 4 threads recycled over and over. The PvP community has spoken.
  154. When will you BAN THOSE CHEATERS ???????????
  155. Remove gear from Warfronts
  156. Trion, why did you make PVP such a grind?
  157. DR is completely screwed UP in pvp.
  158. Please do not add anymore Ranks, for a while...
  159. PvP gear difference, too far gone?
  160. Pass lead please. Pass lead you idiot. Pass it now. Pass lead.
  161. Uber rogue runspec...
  162. Healing - still ridiculously overpowered in pvp
  163. warriors
  164. Is physical damage useless in pvp ?
  165. My Observations as a P1 Warrior
  166. PvP marks and favor
  167. Keep up the good work Trion ^^
  168. I can fix pvp, do you guys wanna hire me?
  169. Why 1.4 Tyranny (Cabalist) is bad for gameplay
  170. Premades and why you need to change it
  171. Remove Molinar from wargroups
  172. Interested in an in-game hosted tournament?
  173. What are you hoping for while your warfront team is filling?
  174. PvP Rifts 'Temporarily Disabled'
  175. World pvp on pve shards
  176. Fix Lingering Wounds before it's too late
  177. PVP Factions?
  178. how do you deal with warriors ???
  179. Why are pvp rifts disabled and when will you have them back up?
  180. My 6 hour warfront experiment
  181. Mark!
  182. Movement Abilities in this game should of eaten a Nerf when CC was Gutted
  183. I love being forced to play whitefall on weekends
  184. PvP Rifts Disabled (on our shard at least)
  185. dmg record? maybe? v. Alternate Whitefall
  186. PVP Balance
  187. Mark Your Team's Healers
  188. Whitefall Escaltion: Some thoughts
  189. WF Surrender Vote
  190. What are my options? Quit?
  191. ETA on Damage reflect shield normalization?
  192. pvp rifts disabled?
  193. Hotfix #8 "Ups, we did it again..."?
  194. PVP Rifts Disabled?
  195. Rogues honest question for you
  196. Get them off me
  197. My Solution for Premade/PUG
  198. Please add some sort of debuff or display for diminishing returns
  199. When is the warrior nerf coming?
  200. [Suggestion] guild vs guild challenge warfront matches
  201. I think its time to merge all servers into one warfront cluster
  202. Dear rogues: How to kite tutorial
  203. Simple PvP only healing solution
  204. Separate the PvP Brackets...
  205. Warriors make other classes reduntant.
  206. Post-nerf warriors, how are you doing vs casters?
  207. Bunnyhopping? Yoda says: Fix it, you did not!
  208. trion face it, u fail @ warrior pvp
  209. Trions response to the PVP Rift exploit
  210. More exploits within the pvp area of the game? :(
  211. PvP Synergy Crystals
  212. Location updates for abilities on knockbacks need to be instant not at the end.
  213. New pvp rift abuse?
  214. Mages in PVP ; RIFT please wake up
  215. Hunix's PvP Video (Whitefall)
  216. Taunt in PvP
  217. Just my opinion on warriors
  218. Hope you improve ur bandwidth Trion
  219. Leave Warriors alone
  220. Is this what you intended?
  221. Bonus weekends should affect PVP rifts
  222. BUG: Riftblade's Earth Burst NOT a SNARE?
  223. The Poor Execution of PvP Rifts
  224. Oilstones and consumables needs to be removed from warfronts.
  225. the melee guy
  226. Weekend Warfronts
  227. should players start earning presiege before LVL 50 ?
  228. Tyranny needs to be toned down.
  229. Sup all pvpers of my battle group!
  230. PvP Rifts - A Complaint
  231. Another 4 day weekend of Whitefall Steppes
  232. To TRION: A few wishes.
  233. Cancelled Rift
  234. pvp is horribad....
  235. Warriors OP'd?
  236. Hey Trion see what happens when you balance based on forum crying
  237. New need vs greed option in wf
  238. Warriors expect a NERF
  239. WTH is up with clerics/mages not healing warfronts
  240. Petition: Remove warriors from the warfronts
  241. Bonus Reward PVP
  242. True story... Or not.
  243. LF a PvP DEFIANT guild ~_^
  244. What's to be learned from the success of pvp rifts?
  245. Question about PvP Rifts and the Exploit of Cooperation
  246. PvP rank how do you get it?
  247. Pre-50 Warfronts are Better
  248. The truth about whiney nerfherders
  249. Gear Differential + Zerg WFObscuring Real Class Balance Issues ... Intentional?
  250. Looking for Defiant Guild that likes to do warfronts as a group