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  1. Moist pvp vid
  2. those dang cereal boxes
  3. Back from Test - Refund favor for R6-8
  4. The Old Republic will have RVR
  5. Vengeance Vs. Healers
  6. Trion stop caving to these fools!
  7. 3 People in group means horrible Q Time?
  8. so what am i supposed to do until 1.5?
  9. TL;DR of the patch notes.
  10. PvP Changes Inviting Globaling at End Ranks?
  11. PvP gear changes go live tomorrow.
  12. Start with this
  13. Valor changes
  14. I want to go straight to hammerknell in my greens
  15. Thought this was a Trion game not Blizzard
  16. Cabs are so over powered it's crazy
  17. Valor change is a good step, fix DR too!
  18. Just sayin...
  19. People (r8 QQ) who complain about changes TRION make
  20. Is mage damage bugged in PVP?
  21. PVP Gear Nerfage - Now with a touch of Schizophrenia
  22. Where is the Valor Change cancelation announcement?
  23. A normal Black Garden match
  24. Attack Power Codex trinket
  25. Healing in WFs and the rewards
  26. Whitefall Bug
  27. PVP Content Designer req is still open guys
  28. Can I be penalized, banned, etc for running around PvP naked (not trying to win)?
  29. The best thing Mythic did, that I think Trion could capitalize on.
  30. Ensuring PvP Gear is the Best Gear for PvP
  31. The new PvP gear system changes only one thing for low ranks
  32. Codex Triket too? Really?
  33. Rift is becoming a welfare state on PVP
  34. Are hardcore PvPers valuable subscription players?
  35. Teleporting
  36. [Video] Fires of Heaven - Holiday Escalation Weekend
  37. My problem with PvP gear and reward system overall
  38. LOL @ QQ about R8s QQs
  39. How the new PvP changes effect a chloro healer
  40. LoL at the whining R8's
  41. Current Broken skills
  42. What do the valor changes really accomplish?
  43. Omg look at this
  44. PvE Gear Nerf in PvP
  45. ok now your sorting out valor sort out......
  46. There's always someone!
  47. PvP Changes and Maximum Valor - By The Numbers
  48. Give Option Not To Join Pre Made
  49. Trion, don't blink when it comes to these changes
  50. I am going to go back to playing Farmville!
  51. So who hates the new welfare valor system?
  52. Question about valor
  53. How many will quit over the new welfare gear system?
  54. I'm excited about PvP now
  55. Vengeance - can it please add hit vs players?
  56. Fix warriors against cleric healers
  57. Martines' Plea in PvP (reprise)
  58. Why Has Rift?
  59. some concern over the gear changes - pvp NPCs
  60. To People Misunderstanding Vengeance
  61. PVP Weapons WILL still make a BIG DIFFERENCE!
  62. Why Trion is ruining the game
  63. Warlock Armor needs an Internal Cooldown
  64. 3 words to sum up your pvp changes idea.
  65. Yes you still want rank 8 gear
  66. Why Vengeance?
  67. Question about Vengeance
  68. [blog] My take on the PVP patch.
  69. So when warrior, basically w/o cd Break Free is going to eat nerf?
  70. Stats on PVP gear - equalize it please
  71. Vote with ya wallet time to leave this carebear game
  72. Omg stop the whining
  73. PvE gear should also not be the best gear for pvp.......
  74. Warfront chat hissy fits and meltdowns
  75. Port Scion Amusment
  76. How to kill the little fun I had in PVP lately
  77. Common Trion Fix the Real Issue Here
  78. PvP rank 8 mage staff
  79. Why not add, rather than take away?
  80. Please fix "hit" and "focus" in PvP before making this change!
  81. time for brackets.
  82. I am really confused about this pvp change?
  83. weekly leaderboard for kills
  84. So, everyone with 1k valor = who needs pvp gear?
  85. Way to screw up the already screwed up warfronts trion
  86. Nothing has changed with veng/valor update.
  87. Vengeance discussion thread.
  88. maybe i am wrong but prob done
  89. Nerf pve weapons in pvp.
  90. @All those hardcore "PvPers" come to briarcliff
  91. Trion, try an approach that doesn't involve always taking something away
  92. Psyched About the Preliminary Changes to RIFT PVP Gear
  93. 2 P2's Walk up to eachother
  94. Noobs cry get buff, What do the goods get?
  95. PvP Gear fix
  96. Trion, regards to PvP changes.
  97. Valor changes... a serious question I would like Trion to answer
  98. The valor change is fine
  99. PVP Achievements and Healers
  100. Feedback on "PvP Gear Improvements – Now with a touch of Vengeance! "
  101. Overall good job with the PvP adjustments
  102. PvP Gear Improvements – Now with a touch of Vengeance!
  103. Wow really we all get 700 valor now
  104. Oh Look, Trion using my original standardization of Valor on all PVP Gear approach.
  105. Break out the ranks
  106. Battlegroups
  107. Revamped PvP Roles
  108. What RIFT got right and wrong about PvP (LONG)
  109. Defiants on Laethys, crucia, freeholme battlegroup
  110. Warriors are Gimped Beyond Belief
  111. more guardians then defiants in WF - maybe Trion reads this?:)
  112. Video showing how I'd like PVP to look
  113. been in queue for 15 min on keenblade
  114. The easiest way to fix pvp and gear imbalance
  115. Need to seperate ranks at 50 asap plz
  116. it amazes me!
  117. Does Trion's left hand know what it's right hand is doing?
  118. How to fix PvP.
  119. Open world PvP Targets always grey
  120. Ideas on how to fix gear disparity in Open World PBP
  121. Question regarding PvP gear...
  122. Problem with WF queues
  123. Trion, I am unsubbing. Your class imbalance for pvp has gotten rediculous.
  124. Why healers need to survive
  125. The only thing that will get me to possibly come back
  126. PvP solutions that do not involve gear #3
  127. A very simple solution to rank imbalance in pvp
  128. Trion, a top geared player should own a low geared player in 10 seconds or less
  129. Pvper and pver, the real definition.
  130. When is combat gonna drop faster?
  131. AFKing PvP rifts is worse than AFKing WF's.
  132. Trion, your change has killed PvP rift
  133. You all have 9 souls eh?
  134. Master Plan?
  135. this is how the game will end.
  136. A group of Autralian Clerics
  137. Level 50, Hooray!… Oh dear….
  138. Rank 2s are allowed to click flags
  139. Allow PVP Bots.
  140. Warfront Grind..
  141. Behind Enemy Lines
  142. Why do clerics and mages take the least amount of damage?
  143. Lulz at 30 minute ques.
  144. what shards have the fastest Q times for defiant?
  145. My Opinion on Balancing PvP
  146. Starting PvP Comparison - All Callings
  147. Any decent defiant battlegroups?
  148. PvE style 'tagging' of enemies should NOT be used in PvP
  149. Most imbalanced pvp game I've played
  150. Till rank 4 dressed suggestions
  151. Just have to ask what is with the demi-gods (clierics)
  152. Another Whitefall weekend in the books
  153. Please create a new child forum under PVP.
  154. PvP solutions that do not involve gear #2
  155. PvP solutions that do not involve gear #1
  156. Incoming Wall of Words
  157. Warfront change desperately needed - healers in warfronts. Great idea, read.
  158. Trion, can we get a statement on Rogue PvP?
  159. I've been in Port Scion queue for 82 minutes.
  160. So when is Adriana's Automatic Sneak-o-matic going to eat a nerf?
  161. Damage reduction pvp sets
  162. Beyond separting and for the sake of balance
  163. Holy Sh*t Is PVP Jacked UP
  164. Put interrupts on DR
  165. Trion give us our favor!!!
  166. Bleeds (Pyro/Dom) - Briarcliff US - PVP Video #4
  167. 1000 sp 2000 health 1500 mana 40% damage reduction
  168. Port Scion - Some getting double favor on winning side
  169. Remove rank requirements for PvP soul
  170. Make DotA warfront, please
  171. Spell breaker bug
  172. Why I no longer report folks AFK...
  173. What is Max Valor?
  174. Have Trion said anything about PVP yet?
  175. Solution to Arena Woes: Increased Duel Functionality
  176. really? seriously?
  177. Defiant Rogue about to hit 50
  178. I just solved the issue of Gear and Valor in MMO's
  179. Idea regarding CC and DR
  180. Yea, They're going to have to separate the Ranks into 2 pairings.
  181. If you havn't 5v5d, stop bashing arena
  182. Valor...
  183. PVP dailies simple fix.
  184. "time to join" is bugging out
  185. pvp is gear dependent and WFs are too WoW for me
  186. dayblind pvp server
  187. To kill a chloro-lock
  188. Premade WF Queue needs tweaking
  189. OK, so maybe I am bad at PvP, but...
  190. Change pvp system
  191. PvP soul
  192. The Simplest Solution
  193. A Tale of Romance: Love and Hate: Coming back just to leave again.
  194. Separate Ranks in Warfronts, simple
  195. Sword and Board needs to be looked at
  196. To the legit R8s, I salute you!
  197. Valor/R8 killing this game ...
  198. Synergy Crystal purchase price
  199. Exploit in Port Scion
  200. Why pvp is poorly designed, a warrior perspective.
  201. Lets add some skill to the game - Locking out casters
  202. Increase finisher damage & add an ability use/cast time...
  203. Oh Gear...
  204. Focus in warfronts
  205. Would You Stay At 49 If You Could?
  206. awesome warrior specs
  207. The more valor you have, the less healing you get
  208. Why PvP got low quality right now...
  209. Please fix Bahimi Female PVP Armor dye Bug.
  210. Please make bonus weekends for all WFs
  211. Rank Matched WF's
  212. pvp gear descrepancy, do you realize...
  213. Why not working on differents look for PvP Gear?
  214. Question on favor earned
  215. Split ranks for warfronts
  216. Prestige calculation
  217. AE spamming worth it???
  218. Two questions...
  219. Rift PVP - The Worst MMO PVP Ever Made
  220. Balancing nerfing and all this other great stuff.
  221. Whitefall Defiant GY exploit?
  222. Is it too much to ask of trion?
  223. Current PVP Standing
  224. Warriors are still out of control
  225. dubstep
  226. Question on PvP heals..
  227. Best WF ever
  228. Is grinding really worth all the trouble?
  229. Different cues based on valor not prestiege rank
  230. Green+Purple=WIN... Red+Yellow=FAIL
  231. [Defiant] Serashen's Guide to winning every PVP Warfront
  232. pvp tagging
  233. PVP in this game is so bad!
  234. Post some Port Scion Domination Screnshots
  235. People ask for Arenas
  236. Alittle 1.4 Preview of What warriors can do, Macro Style!
  237. So I just got out of a Codex match
  238. warfront info
  239. Trion, you adjusted warriors for rank8. Now do the same with mages.
  240. Warning notice when entering a game in progress
  241. Trion's lack of communication is disturbing.
  242. allow premades in pugs or remove premades from pugs completely!
  243. Suggestion: Matchmaking System for warfronts
  244. No healers, idiot leaders and no sense of PRIDE
  245. Open World PVP Objectives Could Keep PVP Base
  246. Escalation: Whitefall Steppes Intended or Not?
  247. Riftblade PvP Vid.
  248. 17 WSs in a row
  249. PVP in
  250. question on dispel mechanics in pvp