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  1. Escalation weeknd sperate premades
  2. Cleric PvP
  3. Reason why shard makes a diffrence to PvP experience
  4. Bunzy no more
  5. First Hour of 3 days of a BONUS Warfront (Escalation)
  6. Bonus Favor from 6mo celebration?
  7. Prestige 7-8 Armour
  8. Where is the fun in pvp?
  9. Ironpine Balance
  10. Hello, I am doing pvp rift solo against guardian and get this loot table
  11. Escalation Whitefall AGAIN?!?
  12. 50%?
  13. Wheres our Weekend warfront?
  14. Please bring back full premades. Thanks.
  15. Evolution of PvP Whiners now and in the future (Too lazy to click: it never ends)
  16. 50% bonus favor = 30% less
  17. Moments in warfronts that make you want to /cry
  18. Sort it
  19. This game isn't pvp its Dragonball Z
  20. Imbalance in Warfronts - makes it not so much fun.
  21. I'm going to keep making these threads
  22. queue times - time to redo clusters
  23. Just get rid of Valor already
  24. currency tab in pvp vendors
  25. Eliminate ranks 1-7
  26. issue with a Single Warrior ability
  27. Trion, plz do not listen to the PVP newbs
  28. PvP Guild Perks for Healers?
  29. Rift Fortress: PvP Rift Progression
  30. Whitefall LoLz
  31. 2 months playing and Im done with rift.
  32. Suggestion: Valor Indicator and Disable Cosmetics in WF
  33. Damage, and other WF headings
  34. Silences and stuns are out of control.
  35. Do healers get any bonus in wfs from this birthday celebration?
  36. The most balanced solution to the whole R1-R8 gear disparity, premades and candy!
  37. God Mode Mage?
  38. PVP Quests...wtf?
  39. Is this really PVP?
  40. Yeh want people to PvP right?
  41. Theft of Thought - Please Increase Mana Reduction
  42. PvP Bard Spec
  43. Why do premade queues fill battle grounds unevenly?
  44. Why PvP queues are long
  45. New duel wield build i just made myself that gives block and enhances it while dw
  46. DO NOT seperate queues for different prestige ranks.
  47. How in the sam hill do we boot WF afk' DB's?
  48. Wow. Bonus weekend.
  49. Solution to Slip Away
  50. Split up Warfronts into ranks!
  51. Dots on Mage pet persist through Death in WF?
  52. Warriors are still fked
  53. Prestige should be Account Based
  54. Warrior PVP build for lowbies?
  55. Pvp rogue build, can it work?
  56. Only one pvp rift per server at a time!
  57. Universal Slip Away : no more WF entering in combat !
  58. The Developers at Trion Definitely Play the Game - irrefutable proof
  59. OPINIONS WANTED! most interesting class in PvP?
  60. team death match ?
  61. Rogues from R5/R6 to R7/R8, be careful!
  62. Quick PvP question
  63. Bonus Prestige and Favor is broken
  64. PvP increase.
  65. People getting x2 as much honor as everyone else in WF
  66. Happy Half Birthday Trion -
  67. A Request to Nerf Bridges and Trees
  68. Farming opponents
  69. A Request to Buff Warriors
  70. A sum up
  71. PvP - scaling for health, damage, healing
  72. Petition: we don't care about your war and your factions
  73. PVP ideas
  74. A question for you PvP'ers
  75. PVP GAME -new idea-
  76. SC New spell bugged
  77. My idea of end game PVP. Conquer and Divide!
  78. Patch Note: Whitefall - Escalation...
  79. How is the bonus reward today?
  80. PvP flag bug?
  81. pvp quest question
  82. A Good Defiant-side PvP Cluster?
  83. PvP Rifts
  84. What would happen if.....
  85. NERF... Bloodthirsty.
  86. PvP Rift bug.
  87. PVP quests and gear gap.
  88. Remember when 1.4 and 1.5 were supposed to be the "PvP Patches?"
  89. Guardian Heavy Shard
  90. warfront queue times really bad
  91. Note to the pvp community: Warfront charts are meaningless
  92. Aug 25-31 will build R8s - then tiered Queues, I hope
  93. is it just me? Or is the imbalance between defiant and guardians getting worse..
  94. CC immunty
  95. Apprentice PvP System Please
  96. Open world PvP question
  97. Should I buy PvP gear...
  98. my thoughts on a new wf. solution to gear problems (hear me out)
  99. Why flat reductions do not work...
  100. Im sick of being the weakest class
  101. Codex Commando
  102. I need help understanding warrior
  103. Please fix CC Diminishing returns.
  104. RIFT PvP = Brain Numbing Grind Fest?
  105. Wow Bonus Whitefall Steppes is Awesome gameplay experience! Switch it for normal mode
  106. PVP "fixes" and the reasons they will not work.
  107. No more warfronts pls
  108. PvP Gear and Essences should have Resists on them
  109. Is your ignore list growing from warfronts?
  110. dear trion
  111. What needs changing
  112. PvP rift tactics to increase wins
  113. Stupid naga STOLE MY BIKE.
  114. Kruunch's Take on Rift PvP
  115. PvP warfront tactics to increase wins
  116. Please rearrange warfront clusters before half birthday!
  117. Non PvP Rifts to Be changed to PvP Immune Arenas
  118. Trion please fix the timer on Warfront pop-up
  119. Explain to me, because i really want to know.....
  120. BUFF: PvP Satchel Rewards
  121. Cooldown on soul purge?
  122. Great lookng game, it was smooth andwell produced but Rift's PvP was all time worst
  123. New 50 PvP isn't value for money
  124. Most of us agree PvP progression is a mess. Can we get some non-progression rewards?
  125. Warriors
  126. Warriors Dev: Nerf PVP Synergy Crystal or Buff ALL HK Synergy Crystals.
  127. Sick of being steamrolled in warfronts? This may be the reason.
  128. "Outnumbered" bonus in Rift rewards? Go Trion!!! (Dev confirmation would be great!)
  129. Mind Quickening Brew...
  130. Why does gear have to alter stats?
  131. Valor should be the same amount for all PVP gear
  132. Why can't we report P1/2 players for zoning into the match?
  133. Idea for new warfront
  134. Slip Away hurts rogues the most
  135. Cleric PvP - Lowbie style
  136. Let's try to get on the same page...
  137. missing the days of 10-40 pvp
  138. PVP gone down hill
  139. Hey Trion!
  140. PvP Gear: More time to attain than PvE, so why the complaining?
  141. Another Warrior OP Thread
  142. I am having FUN in Warfronts
  143. New players, welcome to HELL!!!!
  144. Heal Over Time Cumulation in pvp .
  145. Slip Away needs nerf or remove !
  146. Killing warriors as a rogue [Video]
  147. R6 to R8 Warfront Grind - Basic Calculations
  148. Remove Run Speed Rift Buff in WF's
  149. Today at work
  150. Best Defiant shard for PVP
  151. so, i feel like my gear is doing all the work for me
  152. BUG: VK Spellbreaker Broken, removing more debuffs then it should.
  153. [POLL] Should level 50 Warfronts be divided by Prestige Rank?
  154. When's Warrior Tab targeting going to be fixed?
  155. I can't wait to hit r8... so I never have to que again =)
  156. PvP Warfront Brackets?
  157. WF premades again
  158. any tips how to reach rank 8
  159. balance the faction populations
  160. I killed a warrior
  161. Tagged
  162. Different perspectives in pvp I've noticed - Seemingly becoming balanced
  163. Dear pvp Guardians: we want YOU on Whitefall server!
  164. When will warfront outcomes stop being decided by who has the most damage?
  165. Most active server for pvp?
  166. should buffs/debuffs removed become a part of the warfront score sheeth
  167. game not fun anymore ???
  168. Interrupts.
  169. Schism
  170. Suggestion: Stopping all the pvp QQ about faction inbalance
  171. NERF or BUFF: PvP Synergy Crystals
  172. Remove Slip Away, Buff Damage
  173. Damage in PVP is too high with P8 gear
  174. Please Please Please make everything a lot easier for ME
  175. Please, please, please create a rested bonus for favor/prestige gain
  176. Sin/NB/BD PvP Build
  177. Focus needed for PvP... How much should a mage wear?
  178. PvP Rifts
  179. Gear/Rank Brackets in Warfronts
  180. Why I afk in WFs
  181. Put the nerfs, and the QQing.. on hold for just one second!...
  182. When will warfront outcomes stop being decided by who has more heals?
  183. Hit / Focus matters in PvP...
  184. Is it me or....
  185. Shouldn't faction transfers be a priority?
  186. Lets buff rogues ranged damage already.
  187. The best way to get prestige/favor is to just do nothing?
  188. Respawn Timer
  189. Warfronts
  190. Get rid of the exploiters
  191. Bonus Weekend, Library, and 0 Gear suggestion
  192. Bandwagon Warrior Cure
  193. Introduce other PVP options
  194. Defiant shard with good que times
  195. Cleric Heals are NOT OP - End of debate
  196. I'll get better, Oh well maybe not.
  197. Core balance issue?
  198. It's power creep
  199. Any word on OtD not clearing movement-imparing effects fix?
  200. You have Selection Bias
  201. Rogue Truce
  202. Trion fix healing before it's too late!!
  203. PvP queues and how they could improve
  204. The PvP Window should come with a disclaimer
  205. Final word on bonus rewards weekend: Whitefall Escalation
  206. When will get see Slip Away getting a buff?
  207. ETA PvP Rifts?
  208. People won't stop crying out for Warrior PVP nerfs until they are irrelevant
  209. Low Rank 50 PvP
  210. PvP quest suggestion
  211. Its so wonderful that sab charges can stay on someone through death
  212. PVP is not very fun
  213. AFKers don't get booted if they run bots.
  214. Joining Warfronts with Soul Sickness
  215. The main problems with the PvP
  216. The warfronts and maths and overpowered classes game
  217. The CC Scene w/ Fixes
  218. This forum reads like the National Enquirer.....
  219. PvP Gear Nerf Suggestion
  220. Unable to Enter Warfronts? Glitch? (Not me, but a possible partner to duo-queue)
  221. Please fix the dam bug Trion
  222. Lol....best ever. Getting comical really.
  223. Friendly advice from your neighborhood healers
  224. Time to get serious about AFKers
  225. Nice queue system, Trion
  226. Favor in WFs
  227. Role ques for PVP
  228. Split Ranks in Solo Join Warfront Queue
  229. Cheap Rogue Pvp
  230. Balanced
  231. Premades are a boogeyman that doesn't really exist...
  232. Idea for valor change
  233. Blatently Obvious imbalances in need of nerfs - are trion actually awake?
  234. The real reason why warriors are OP
  235. 51 Riftblades?
  236. Here;s what I learned from the PvP forum today.
  237. So, once the premades make R8 will they then complain about
  238. Healing Debuffs (LW)
  239. Wow! Defiants!
  240. Anyone else noticing odd things happening?
  241. Melee vs Caster
  242. Trion Just Doesnt Get It Or Listen
  243. New Vote Mechanic - Mutiny Vote
  244. SIMPLE warfront balance solution
  245. How to win at team pvp warfronts
  246. Do cities get raided?
  247. Tiered Warfronts
  248. PvP weekend
  249. About DR
  250. The constant demand for change