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  1. So what is the Warrior spec where they run around in circles keeping you locked down?
  2. Failed PVP Vision/Strategy/Leadership
  3. One Week of High End PvP Heaven with the legends of PvP!!!!
  4. Out of control PvP system
  5. Equality for all (who can't achieve it on their own) in PvP... what a fun!
  6. Can we get escalation mode whitefall on the weekends when it is not the bonus map?
  7. undubd
  8. instead of nerf cries, cry for abilities to get fixed
  9. Trion please make warrior DPS builds worth playing to stop rogue crying..
  10. since valor changes...
  11. Trust
  12. Valor change killed PvP for me. Nothing to look forward 2.
  13. Thanks Trion!
  14. Excellent Changes
  15. the valor changes are completely contra-productive
  16. hardcore pvp guilds?
  17. apologies
  18. P2 Warrior > P8 Rogue/Cleric/Mage
  19. When will Warriors be balanced?
  20. One week Hardcore pvp [Sunrest]
  21. Spent 1000 hours in PvP to get my gear and they boost lower rank gear.
  22. Do all pve armor has same toughness and focus/hit now?
  23. What PvPers Want
  24. Everyone wants change in PvP
  25. Low Rank Cookie Cutter
  26. Would you complain?
  27. Future Updates/ PVP Gear
  28. this Valor Change from a rank 2 point of view
  29. The Valor changes are good for every PvPer
  30. Leaving too.
  31. Omg i quit
  32. AFKer's in Warfronts.
  33. [Bug Report] Combat Res Makes People Ghosts.
  34. My wall of text regarding prestige rank 8 domination. Plz read before commenting.
  35. Warfronts since Hotfix...
  36. PvE Items Are Fine Stop QQing
  37. My 2 Cents on PvP Changes
  38. How is this possible?
  39. 2 nights and dozens of warfronts later
  40. I gave Warfronts a second chance last night...
  41. To PvP'ers
  42. You tested these changes - my hairy behind you did!
  43. PVP weapons
  44. Rogue Restealthing
  45. Fix the join Warfront countdown!
  46. Give guardians better racials to increase population?
  47. 125/2 != 50 & 200/2 != 75
  48. Tiered WF is the way forwrd not this trash
  49. Bring RvR in the game!
  50. Vengeance stat not being put to it's full potential
  51. Cancelled sub along with my 7 other friends.
  52. Melee PVP Gear Guide for 1.4
  53. Why must I PVE rep grind to for synergy crystals?
  54. Learn to Assist...
  55. PvP so broken it isn't even funny.
  56. Some numbers for all the P8s
  57. Keep the current rates of prestige and favor gain from player kills
  58. Fresh 50 - Where do I get my valor ?
  59. 5v5 PvP
  60. Thanks Trion!!
  61. Healing Clerics, Now What?
  62. Double the favor?
  63. Remove. Valor. Hotfix.
  64. Last try to appeal to someone in Trion who can actually think... (new Valor thing)
  65. Premades in sub-50 Warfronts? Great idea!
  66. Any chance on bigger battle groups soon?
  67. Synery crystals...
  68. 2h PvE weapons are BiS for PvP
  69. Trion, a plea for reason (AKA, Account Cancelled)
  70. This is what ieveryone is so upset about?
  71. Rift: Account Canceled.
  72. Can someone explain to me tapping players in PVP
  73. Mana bar love yet again?
  74. Hey trion equal out hot rating though pve tiers!!!!!!!!!
  75. Attention all r8 pvpr's prepare to recieve free relics
  76. Battleground Change (Good Idea?)
  77. Pre-Patch was easier to PvP as R3 than Post-Patch.
  78. There is no valor cap
  79. I'm confused..
  80. Valor stat values on my toon hasn't changed
  81. guardian pvp guild search
  82. Feedback from anyone who has actually pvp'd?
  83. Tol Barad would be nice!
  84. Words Of War/Whispered Silence and Synergy Crystal Changes
  85. Prestige per hour
  86. Which class is new FotM after the patch?
  87. patch has ruined
  88. The New PvP Changes
  89. How are the que times?
  90. Question about Valor changes
  91. [Dev] So you actually think getting Revered in The Codex is easy?! Wooow
  92. Wow, I dropped 250 AP this hotfix
  93. If you want to seperate PvP/PvE...
  94. if Cabalist is overpowerd,this is God power
  95. PvP Gear Improvements Now with a touch of Vengeance!
  96. Simple fix to stealth
  97. Your forums are blowing up! And not a peep
  98. You notice it's mostly Rogues whining about the Valor Changes
  99. Why Nerf Synergy Crystals For PVP
  100. Keep up the good work Trion
  101. AWESOME PVP changes
  102. Looking for new Battlegroup - Defiant
  103. nerf bard run speed FFS
  104. The Rise of the Pigeon- explaining current player anger.
  105. With all due respect, Trion.
  106. Next Rank 1/2 Buff: Same stats as rank 7/8
  107. Patch 1.6. Pve will now do less damage to players.
  108. Piss off hardcore players to appease the ones who log on 1 day a week.
  109. What Is The Benefit of Vengeance For Straight PVP Healers
  110. Valor Changes, listen.
  111. Pvp Trinkets Nurfed in PvE
  112. latest exploits
  113. Shard Request based on PVP Changes
  114. New PVP gear Change. Im quitting the game.
  115. Pvp Practice Dummy
  116. Why is vengeance = Magical doing 2x damage as Physical?
  117. Whats purpose of grinding pvp gears now?
  118. Cap valor please
  119. How many will start PvP because of the new gear system?
  120. PVP rifts are not working
  121. New machine
  122. Macro Help to get around codex trinket nerf
  123. Vengeance for PVP but +Hit/Focus for PVE and PVP?
  124. Vengeance Stat for PvP, Carebear Stat for PvE
  125. Red vs. Blue
  126. PvP Rifts are broken!
  127. i got a vengeance question
  128. So, I'm about to hit 50 and I'm a PVPer. What do I do now?
  129. Discussing Assassins and Pvp.
  130. New PVP patch is just pure lazyness by Trion.
  131. Trion, thank you for the PvP/PvE Changes
  132. PvP Player Who Enjoys Open World PvE Content
  133. Nerfed in PvP and PvE: Your game is a convoluted, incoherent mess
  134. Bug - PVP rifts Shards
  135. Stealth Nerf to Healing Clerics?
  136. Please post First Thoughts on PvP Changes (Be cool/constructive)
  137. mage r7/8 crystal
  138. Question regarding upcoming gear changes
  139. Vengeance and spell power for HEALERS
  140. Uber glorified....
  141. Trion fix EU warfront queues
  142. Add Reward for Stone Running @ PvP Rifts
  143. Yay i don't have to PvP anymore!!!
  144. R7 synergy crystal for mages has no vengeance. Please bug report
  145. Why did they nerf the PvP synergy crystals in PvP too?
  146. PvP RIFTS are broken as of this hotfix.
  147. Why work for your stuff when you can just cry for it?
  148. Killing sprees
  149. Vengeance- is this a joke?
  150. Separate ranks in warfronts plz
  151. PVP Rewards Bows vs. Guns - Please give us a choice!!!
  152. 1.4.1 Hotfix#2 = Gametime theft by Trion. Solution.
  153. Alternative fix for PvP/PvE gear...
  154. Why do Trion hate pre mades :/
  155. The best part of the armor changes...
  156. Pvp Rift Nerf? Needs a Boost!
  157. Are valor augments available yet?
  158. (Less than pleased with the new hotfix) :) :P
  159. Make an Official Poll for the new changes Trion
  160. Faction vs Faction RvR Open world PvP with a purpose.
  161. '...taking a look into rogue effectiveness in pvp...'
  162. Regarding the PvP changes
  163. New incentive for me to pvp at rank 8
  164. 6 month sub up. Thought I would try PvP once more. Have to reroll a rogue to pvp now?
  165. Wow - factions are completely imbalanced in PVP
  166. Trion, before you patch, do this.
  167. So with the new valor changes can trion unnerf warriors and buff physical dmg in pvp?
  168. PvP bots
  169. To all rank-8's out there.
  170. VALOR misinformation out of control - PLEASE READ
  171. Taking Things Away
  172. Where do you get your +Hit?
  173. Moist pvp vid
  174. those dang cereal boxes
  175. Back from Test - Refund favor for R6-8
  176. The Old Republic will have RVR
  177. Vengeance Vs. Healers
  178. Trion stop caving to these fools!
  179. 3 People in group means horrible Q Time?
  180. so what am i supposed to do until 1.5?
  181. TL;DR of the patch notes.
  182. PvP Changes Inviting Globaling at End Ranks?
  183. PvP gear changes go live tomorrow.
  184. Start with this
  185. Valor changes
  186. I want to go straight to hammerknell in my greens
  187. Thought this was a Trion game not Blizzard
  188. Cabs are so over powered it's crazy
  189. Valor change is a good step, fix DR too!
  190. Just sayin...
  191. People (r8 QQ) who complain about changes TRION make
  192. Is mage damage bugged in PVP?
  193. PVP Gear Nerfage - Now with a touch of Schizophrenia
  194. Where is the Valor Change cancelation announcement?
  195. A normal Black Garden match
  196. Attack Power Codex trinket
  197. Healing in WFs and the rewards
  198. Whitefall Bug
  199. PVP Content Designer req is still open guys
  200. Can I be penalized, banned, etc for running around PvP naked (not trying to win)?
  201. The best thing Mythic did, that I think Trion could capitalize on.
  202. Ensuring PvP Gear is the Best Gear for PvP
  203. The new PvP gear system changes only one thing for low ranks
  204. Codex Triket too? Really?
  205. Rift is becoming a welfare state on PVP
  206. Are hardcore PvPers valuable subscription players?
  207. Teleporting
  208. [Video] Fires of Heaven - Holiday Escalation Weekend
  209. My problem with PvP gear and reward system overall
  210. LOL @ QQ about R8s QQs
  211. How the new PvP changes effect a chloro healer
  212. LoL at the whining R8's
  213. Current Broken skills
  214. What do the valor changes really accomplish?
  215. Omg look at this
  216. PvE Gear Nerf in PvP
  217. ok now your sorting out valor sort out......
  218. There's always someone!
  219. PvP Changes and Maximum Valor - By The Numbers
  220. Give Option Not To Join Pre Made
  221. Trion, don't blink when it comes to these changes
  222. I am going to go back to playing Farmville!
  223. So who hates the new welfare valor system?
  224. Question about valor
  225. How many will quit over the new welfare gear system?
  226. I'm excited about PvP now
  227. Vengeance - can it please add hit vs players?
  228. Fix warriors against cleric healers
  229. Martines' Plea in PvP (reprise)
  230. Why Has Rift?
  231. some concern over the gear changes - pvp NPCs
  232. To People Misunderstanding Vengeance
  233. PVP Weapons WILL still make a BIG DIFFERENCE!
  234. Why Trion is ruining the game
  235. Warlock Armor needs an Internal Cooldown
  236. 3 words to sum up your pvp changes idea.
  237. Yes you still want rank 8 gear
  238. Why Vengeance?
  239. Question about Vengeance
  240. [blog] My take on the PVP patch.
  241. So when warrior, basically w/o cd Break Free is going to eat nerf?
  242. Stats on PVP gear - equalize it please
  243. Vote with ya wallet time to leave this carebear game
  244. Omg stop the whining
  245. PvE gear should also not be the best gear for pvp.......
  246. Warfront chat hissy fits and meltdowns
  247. Port Scion Amusment
  248. How to kill the little fun I had in PVP lately
  249. Common Trion Fix the Real Issue Here
  250. PvP rank 8 mage staff