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  1. NEXUS of Wolfsbane-Recruiting!
  2. Friends looking for Guild
  3. Raiders Needed
  4. Murph's Fan Club is Recruiting
  5. <WTB North Korea> Recruiting PvPers.
  6. Extreme looking for members.
  7. Any Pvp Guilds?
  8. Don't Panic now recruiting
  9. <Rage Quit> Recruiting for 10/20 person endgame PvE/Raiding
  10. < Slap Ahoe Tribe > looking for peeps
  11. <Lorekeepers> is Recruiting! Final Recruitment Annoncement
  12. Looking for a guild.
  13. [defiant] <Swarm> Recruiting
  14. Small Guild Alliance or Mergers
  15. [Defiant] <Goon Squad> Recruiting for raids
  16. [Defiant] <Pixel Slayers> Recruiting for raids
  17. AUS/Late night raiding/PvP guild now recruiting
  18. Prestige Worldwide is looking for Investors "Possibly You"
  19. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  20. Small Guild Looking to Grow
  21. Myrmidons looking for interns
  22. Looking For An Active..and SOCIAL guild!
  23. <Lorekeepers> is recuiting
  24. <General Goods> is recruiting!
  25. <Tribal> Defiant ~recruiting~
  26. Extreme <Defiant> is recruit for raids.
  27. <Masters of Metal>; leveling guild recruiting all players!
  28. <Riftseekers> recruiting mature players of all levels. Level 50s a plus.
  29. <Goon Squad> Recruitment!
  30. Mob Barley Recruiting Now! Pvp/Dungeon
  31. Stygian Vindicators
  32. Rage Quit (Defiant) is recruiting (Raid/Leveling)
  33. Rapture-Pvp-Pve Guild
  34. <Tribal> recruiting
  35. <Edge of the Void> ~ Now Recruiting!
  36. <Warfront Monsters>
  37. Legio 1 Diffidere- Late Night Guild looking for all levels
  38. No Compromise
  39. Khaine's Embrace - Mature PvE/PvP. Thick skin required.
  40. <Knights of the Black Phoenix> Mature, PVE/PVP Defiant Guild
  41. <Bunch of Idiots> lookin for more idiots!!
  42. The Forgotten (Defiant) Very Active!
  43. <Defiance> casual raid progression and PvP
  44. Ascendant - Harcore PvP/PvE