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  1. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  2. Telaran Terror is recruiting!
  3. transfer to Estrael <Silent Epidemic> vent-free guild is recruiting
  4. Experinced healer (and tank in training) LFG
  5. <Fourty Two> Now Recruiting
  6. Purplecat wants you!!! Maybe for Divine Twilight
  7. Lost Ambition: Open Recruitment!
  8. Looking for Easygoin Raid and dungen Guild
  9. <Fourty Two> And professions!
  10. Speak Softly
  11. LF Guild
  12. <Divine Twilight> Recruiting
  13. [D] CDII Recruitment Thread!
  14. <Depravity> Recruiting
  15. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  16. <Fireflies of Gallifrey> Your Home in the Multiverse
  17. <Torment> is recruiting!
  18. Happy Hour is recruiting
  19. Psychedelic Wanderers is recruiting
  20. Slightly Arousing wants you!
  21. [Deus Ex Machina] now recruiting
  22. Looking for guild
  23. [Dark Sun] Close Knit Guild
  24. [D] Stargazers Recruitment Thread!
  25. Enigma Guild is Recruiting
  26. 2 Girls LF Guild!!