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  1. anarchy is always recruting!
  2. there is more room in Good Apples
  3. Excellent dps Warrior, Rogue Possible Transfer
  4. Purple Dragons Recruitment
  5. 1 Support/DPS Mage HK ready LFG for HK
  6. WoW Vet LF End-game Guild
  7. <The Brethren>
  8. <Rage> is recruiting on Molinar.
  9. <Ascension> Guardians Recruiting
  10. Looking for a PVP home
  11. Zero-Point Energy, On a quest for certain players.
  12. New home Molinar. Looking for a guild!
  13. Like A Boss
  14. <Learn To Play> is recruiting! *Freeholme guild*
  15. NEW - Good Squad Recruiting Members
  16. For Pure PvP, its gotta be <<Acquiescence>> (!NowRecruiting!)
  17. Fightclub! Pvp strong!
  18. <Catalyst> Recruiting for PVE and PVP
  19. New to server
  20. <Demons Wrath> is Recruiting
  21. Fightclub! Pvp strong!
  22. Late Night raid guilds?
  23. New To This Shard, Looking For A Guild
  24. i9. IceNine Hardcore Raiding Guild
  25. <Ice Nine> Hardcore Raiding Guild
  26. Looking for Information!
  27. <Pwncakes And Rofls>
  28. DPS Warrior looking for PvE Raiding guild.
  29. "The Enclave" is recruiting!
  30. "We Are Legend" Recruiting PvPers.
  31. <Crusade> Recruitment Thread
  32. <Win>
  33. Looking for a Guild
  34. The Drunken Warriors rock!
  35. Looking for a home
  36. Vengeance is recruiting in Molinar
  37. Cleric LF Late Hours Guild
  38. Maximation #1 Guardian Guild Recruiting!
  39. New Guardian Guild(Knights of Challin') Looking for members!
  40. <Rebirth> Truly the top PVE guild on Molinar. Looking for progression focused players
  41. looking dor a guild that actually has the balls to do world pvp
  42. <Order of Laibach> lvl 13 Progression guild recruiting!
  43. <Outnumbered> Recruiting for Molinar.
  44. <Crusade> Recruitment Thread
  45. Advertising a Great mixed PVE & PVP guild
  46. LF guild for 2 players: 1 mage 228 Focus/920 SP & 1 cleric 900+ SP/150+ tough/220focu
  47. Rebirth is Recruiting
  48. RiftWalkers
  49. <Valhalla> PvE/PvP Guild new start!
  50. <The Brethren> Recruiting
  51. 8 GUARDIAN players looking to transfer from a PVE to PVP server.......
  52. <Threshold> Raiding Guild
  53. Shattered Rifts Wants You!
  54. Threshold - Looking for Raiders
  55. Rebirth is here
  56. Atten guild leaders
  57. Golden Triad guild
  58. **Redemption is recruiting MATURE PVP and PVE gamers
  59. Hostile Guild
  60. Affinity Guild
  61. <SIN> Guild
  62. <What is love>
  63. <Loot Train> recruiting
  64. Beard Goggles World PVP based guild
  65. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  66. <Pandemonium> - Molinar's most active PvE Guild
  67. <Awake> LFM for Endgame PvE/PvP
  68. Koopa Troopas starting up and recruiting!
  69. Ascension is playing Rift on Molinar!
  70. <Resting Blade>