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  1. To: Soli and friends, From: Zoe
  2. Anyone know
  3. Doing some research for our guild.
  4. Malevolence has moved to Seastone
  5. Thundercats, off to Lotham. Get a move on!
  6. I have moved on and you should too
  7. So...Where are you headin'?
  8. The Future for Defiant PvP in this Cluster
  9. PVE Raiding guild: <Legacy> 5/5 GSB, 3/5 RoS, 3/4 Looking for more for Hammerknell
  10. Kaleida's population
  11. Defiant Side Premades (you heard right)
  12. Pug Raid Rifts
  13. To all the Defiant to responded to the call last night.
  14. @Etup
  15. Dark Iron Helm
  16. Best of Each class in PVP?!
  17. Is something wrong with Warfronts?
  18. We Need A Server Merge!
  19. Question to Legacy -- HOW did you take down Anrak with 1 heal and 2 offheals?!!?!?!
  20. Who did I make dye for?
  21. <Serenity> Downs the Duke
  22. Server First Lord Greenscale
  23. Defiant Raid Progression?
  24. <Rivers Run Red> Lets botters into guild?? Proof video in post
  25. Link to Rogue awesomeness in LH Xpert
  26. Defiant Cleric LF PvP group
  27. Looking for Crafter for Martyrs fist, guardian side, player name is Testing
  28. Congrats <Legacy> on Hylas :O
  29. Can you NERF me?
  30. Rapture Is Back.*Defiants* -Low Pop guilds read if interested-
  31. WTB: Darkcloth Legging and Shroud (preferably augmented for SP) Defiant side
  32. My Cry Baby Kaleida Friends.
  33. Ode to the Guardians lowbie ganking during boss fight in Scarlet Gorge
  34. Conviction Live Stream tonight 8:30pm est
  35. Pristine Distillate
  36. (Defiant) 50 Cleric Healer LF eastern timezone guild...
  37. Conviction Livestream
  38. Sushifish's lair
  39. Carebearing it up on PvP Servers 101: A how to guide
  40. Zam Leaderboards
  41. How do you play YOUR mage
  42. Hi guys
  43. defiant side economy
  44. About Phase two and three of this world event
  45. Y u no play healer?!
  46. WTB More Active forums
  47. damg per warfront
  48. Kaleida - Low Server Pop? (Guardian)
  49. 5v5 chaos vs conviction
  50. <penumbra> Defiant recruiting new players for leveling and progression raiding
  51. Let's Get to Know Everyone! Kaleida Edition!
  52. Server down?
  53. *IMPORTANT* All Guardians
  54. Unguilded Guardians interested in PvP...
  55. Hell of a Warfront
  56. Attention Guardians **
  57. Servers Biggest ****** award goes to:
  58. World Event
  59. Epic guild?
  60. @ Wargasm
  61. Experienced Player LF Guild 10 st- ?
  62. Who Are The Mad Cats On Defiant Side?
  63. PVP@ Kaleida
  64. Spaghetti Rollin'
  65. what sup with the AH prices ..guardian side
  66. How is this server?
  67. Disappointed with pvp
  68. @Guardian Guilds
  69. HELLO!!! New player here!!
  70. Friendly call from Acestone
  71. Anybody keep calling this server Alkeida by accident?
  72. Pure Distillate
  73. Warfronts - Lopsided?
  74. Silly Guardians
  75. <Rift Walkers> is Recruiting!!
  76. Huge Shard Firsts
  77. Conviction New Policy
  78. Hellborn Recruiting All Levels [D]
  79. Post your best PVP results
  80. New to the game and server
  81. Pronouncing Kaleida
  82. Congratulations to Quiz. The first level 50 on Kaleida PVP
  83. Tonight! We dine in kaleida!!!!
  84. Defiant snorefronts..
  85. ???????
  86. ★ Kaleida Guild Information Thread ★
  87. Hecks Yeah.. Kaleida Best Server
  88. Ascendance banner
  89. Conviction is here
  90. Anyone interested in forming a guild? guardian side.
  91. Maintenance? What are you doing while its down!
  92. Transfering Here
  93. Server is classified as...
  94. hey guys
  95. Server Maintenance?
  96. Hawhat up ribs?