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  1. Ultane should drop more shinies
  2. <Trinity> vs Bindings of Blood: WORLD ONLY 2nd Laethys Kill
  3. -Vendetta- vs. Laethys June 23 (world first video)
  4. Prophecy of Parallel Winds
  5. Intrepid PF & RotP
  6. Does anyone still do the old expert dungeons?
  7. LFG Que time?
  8. Guilds not finishing t2
  9. It's time, it's actually well past time...
  10. T3 mage weapons / procs
  11. Which raids (if any) could be completed this way?
  12. Toughest role in a 20 man raid?
  13. List of Guilds that have killed the last mini? (Maelforge Mini).
  14. T3 item fixes? (june 11th)
  15. Rework Instance Locks
  16. Please add T1 1H currency purchasables
  17. kicking the damn luggos to greenscale in 'realm of twisted dreams"
  18. Fun and giggles in a TIER 1 raid is that possible?
  19. Storm Breaker Procol, ENOUGH ALREADY!
  20. Magcillian eu first
  21. Bindings of Blood: Invisible Portals GS and Aky
  22. Archive of Flesh - non stop Combat mode
  23. AOE damage on Mage pets in SLE - curious
  24. Help and advice with the gearing proces as a Warrior Tank
  25. Yo what's up with these insane raid pug requirements?
  26. Magicilian The Unborn/Gatekeeper deaded (all dat for a mini)
  27. Proposal to change Random SL expert rewards
  28. Krizzix loot
  29. In 5 toon dungeons, do you kill all the trash?
  30. New raider
  31. Please nerf volan arms
  32. Magcilian's homing lava balls of death
  33. is once per week per raid enough? 2x/week better?
  34. Congrats Choo Choo!
  35. What happened to direct raiding nerfs? Tier 2 question.
  36. Charmers Caldera. Stormtouched mote?!?
  37. re: the "Thread: Good luck on Laethys."
  38. Looking for Group Cooldown
  39. Please make fierce strike remove 3 buffs
  40. Unhallowed Boneforge Bruzhail Crash
  41. Good luck on Laethys.
  42. Why did you remove Aky trash but not all the bracken to GSB mini?
  43. Heresy Kill Krass
  44. New mage tank staff
  45. Can We Reorganize This Section Please?
  46. Rend the Heavens with SP now
  47. Frozen tempest question..
  48. Akylios Wave Problems
  49. question about IDH last boss Hydriss
  50. 3 week Bug in Intrepid Hamerknel 2man chron
  51. Question to DEV: Boulders on Mallaven
  52. What Do You Need To Get Into Raids?
  53. How to do achievements?
  54. Sinister Companion
  55. <Coriolis> World first laethys!
  56. Recycled Rift !
  57. Laethys: Surviving the ceremony of binding....40 times per night
  58. Math
  59. Laethys Portal Nerf
  60. Heirarch Kosic
  61. Progenitor Saetos purging
  62. Question on drop rates
  63. Whats wrong with The Iron Tomb?
  64. T3 trinkets
  65. About this and that
  66. Why is Beastmaster considered bad?
  67. TotDQ broken
  68. whats the bunny at the end of realm of the twisted dreams??
  69. Ultane item drops
  70. sinister presence location for SLE's
  71. Bindings of Blood: Greenscale - Tuning Adjustment
  72. Chronicle still not listed?
  73. Thrax ninja change?
  74. So, What's borked. Akylios.
  75. Is anyone elses Dungeons Screwed up?
  76. Hard Mode Greenscale
  77. Age vs Reaction in Raiding
  78. No mage tank gear drops for raids?
  79. Laethys nerf
  80. Think i can start healing raids?
  81. United Kingdom looking for alliance with a smaller guild
  82. <Arm Dearg> vs Akylios (Shard First@Zaviel)
  83. Grim Awakening group
  84. Another one of these threads... Yea.
  85. FT twins
  86. sab dmg akylios kill 1 buton OP
  87. Why?
  88. Green Salad & Squid by <Apotheosys>
  89. Entering/Soloing Standard Dungeon at Level 60
  90. Raid server lag?
  91. Friday giggle: "Not quite expert..."
  92. When mind crontrol goes wrong - friendly pvp defiant flagged trash in PBB
  93. So, about those crystals....
  94. The Mythical Undertow Rifle Borked?
  95. Tyshe - Might of the Leviathan
  96. Improved dungeon textures - or lack there of
  97. Akylios right before going underwater
  98. <Arm Dearg> vs Lord Greenscale (The Bindings of Blood)
  99. Rogue Tanking Eggtenders
  100. Steppes of Infinity CQ
  101. Lock the Loot not the Instance please...
  102. Can't find ANY players for raids
  103. It was fun for a bit, but I think I want the ground under Kaliban back in GA
  104. I was randomly selected for HM Abom testing.
  105. EU Cluster STILL SLE and Dungeon language isues with Russians
  106. Rift: State of the Game.
  107. Question: Achievement world first
  108. How to bind Lord Greenscale for Dummies
  109. RAID-TIER: HIT Requirements
  110. GS/AKY so much fun as chloromancer.
  111. <Grey Guard> vs Lord Greenscale (Bindings of Blood)
  112. Are there Tier 3 Recipes?
  113. <Vendetta> vs. Binding of Akylios 2014-04-21
  114. <Crayons> World 4th/NA 3rd Akylios!
  115. <Trinity> vs Binding of Akylios (World First Blue Mode)
  116. Choo Choo vs BoB
  117. Heresy got Greenscale. Cluster First.
  118. a soloer's request
  119. Raiders: GDC Companion Pet
  120. <Trinity> vs Irauga (World First)!
  121. Something something about my offhand, just doesn't seem quite right...
  122. T3 upgraded drop items buged?
  123. <Trinity> vs Binding of Blood: Akylios (Teaser)
  124. Realm of Twisted Dreams 2
  125. <Vendetta> vs. Binding of Greenscale 2014-04-16
  126. Akylios Wave Indicators
  127. <Trinity> vs Lord Greenscale
  128. <Addiction> Bindings of Blood: Lord Greenscale
  129. <Crayons> World 1st Greenscale Video
  130. Hero Rises Chronicle drops same 2 items after patch
  131. So, who got world firsts?
  132. Greenscale Bug(s) (Durnes)
  133. Realm of Twisted Dreams
  134. T2 Raid weapons in the Rift store lacking T2 Hit rating (78)
  135. Extremely Disappointed
  136. Patch times
  137. NOTICE: Some T2 bosses will drop tier 3 marks after tomorrow's patch.
  138. Boss resetting at 1%
  139. Problems with the Drop-rates of Warden Thrax and Salvarola
  140. FT-EE achievement runs
  141. Ix'Ior's Hitbox
  142. iDH Round Two??
  143. Imperium (EU) 3/3 IG and 5/5 PBB
  144. Completing the "Island Hopping" achievement will give HoTP
  145. Volan Loot
  146. Heresy got World First Rapid Assault Planebreaker Bastion
  147. ESM Cap removable? Don't do it
  148. HM t2?
  149. FES / T3 Gear - What's Happening?
  150. Tier 3 Release - First two encounters 17th April
  151. diff. between hard mode, and standard, expert, and master??
  152. EE Progenitor Question
  153. Is it true there is no pve sigil coming?
  154. Rate this video please
  155. Classic expert dungeons
  156. this is how I assemble people for a raid
  157. 30 min penalty for not dying for fake tanks.
  158. Experts now pay out more Marks
  159. Thoughts on Raid loot items in T1
  160. Double Loot week
  161. Recruiting for GA alt run (saturdays 5PMST)
  162. [Videos] Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Hardmode Video Guides
  163. Ultane Drops
  164. Emphalea (3. boss archive of flesh sle) and warlock dots
  165. Updated Website Parser?
  166. Storm Breaker Protocol
  167. Inyr'kta and Thrax should drop Hearts of the planebreaker as well.
  168. Expert Dungeons
  169. How high can you go?
  170. Consumables
  171. Dark Ice Pendant
  172. Need advice on Salvarola duties
  173. Rift Raids
  174. achieveless ftee
  175. riftstalker tanking question
  176. Short Compilation of Raid Bloopers
  177. Tier 3 Raid Testing: Maelforge
  178. Name this Raid
  179. Unlocking Great Hunt Dailies?
  180. Dungeon in Gloamwood
  181. #1 Alt-Run!!!
  182. Tier 3 Raid Testing: Laethys
  183. Join Raid is missing
  184. Rewards for Chronicles?
  185. Suggestions and Discussion About Loot [IG + PBB]
  186. New player but experienced MMORPGer. No one running dungeons?
  187. Breaker X1 - how to heal the group + the tank in the portals as a chloro ?
  188. Random classic expert queue bugged?
  189. Trinket Drops in IDH
  190. Ultane's hitbox
  191. Inyr walls
  192. Storm Breaker Protocol Sucks
  193. PBB Run
  194. My notes on soloing Abyssal Precipice
  195. Warden Thraxx colors suggestion
  196. Rift Raiding explained! (Please explain the Tiers to me)
  197. FT Twins hard mode
  198. SLE expert queue EU issues with Russians again
  199. LFG EE Progression Run. Mage 14k DPS 460 HIT PST
  200. Hell's Insurgents DRR - A Comedy of Art
  201. Dominance Leaderboards
  202. The New Raid Rift Essences
  203. New raid rifts
  204. [Bug] Breaker-X1 is breaking my cooldowns.
  205. ESM's
  206. Atrophinius exploit in Realm of Twisted Dreams
  207. Current Salvarola tactics
  208. Addiction GA auction
  209. Addiction GA carry
  210. For some reason i glitch on death!! :o
  211. Infinity Gate Question
  212. Hive Kaaz’Gfuu in the dendrome
  213. Rename mob request – Paddles
  214. Last patch broke resurrection
  215. GG
  216. New Raid Weeklys
  217. Tzul as a melee...
  218. Weekly FES cap
  219. Volan progression and platforms bug
  220. Endless Eclipse ~ Progenitor, Kain, Matriarch and Dread Lord Goloch Video Guides
  221. World First Clean Planebreaker Kill After World 2nd Exploit Kill
  222. What's the point of Hard Mode encounters in Chronicles?
  223. LFM Acheesement run
  224. Best raid setup for I:DH pug?
  225. Question about Raid lock
  226. Kaliban issue.
  227. Best Way to Learn Tanking for Dungeons
  228. Is CQ power absolutely necessary for t2 raiding?
  229. Epic Story time including Abom strats
  230. Raiding in RIFT is a huge waste of time for some of us.
  231. Combine T1 Raid Hearts
  232. low level dungeon chloro healing?
  233. Raid help
  234. FT Achievement run on 2/8/2014 (NA shards)
  235. Khalim'na vs Abominus
  236. Relic T2 tank mace has less end that epic...
  237. raiding
  238. Grim awakening- Kyzan
  239. Return to Deepstrike
  240. Some people and VERY BAD BEHAVIOR!
  241. <Faeblight> Looking to raid
  242. Apo VS Abo
  243. Visit Soul Mender during LFG?
  244. Buff/debuffer tracker without targeting party memebers?
  245. Looking for Occular Barrage Clarification
  246. World First PBB Conq Mount
  247. Create the World first superraid!
  248. <Trinity> vs Planebreaker Abominus World 2nd "Hardmode" Ix'ior 2nd spawn
  249. Low Endurance on Raid level gear?
  250. Question on Epic Greater drops