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  1. The Official "I Hate Caretaker Arcanis" Thread (Expert DSM)
  2. Tank damage
  3. Greenscale's Blight: Prince Hylas (raid video)
  4. Expert Dungeons
  5. Could someone write down the end game PvE content of the game atm?
  6. How to start Tier 1 Expert as Rogue Tank when such a lack of toughness
  7. Raid rifts rewards
  8. City raiding, is it possible?
  9. Expert RD, does wormwood have an enrage timer?
  10. I'd like to thank Reborn Addictions second raid group just downed hylas
  11. Last boss of CC on Expert
  12. Dungeon Suggestions
  13. Sooo when can you guys start dropping hints for the next content patch?
  14. Raid Strategy Guides
  15. Majolic the Bloodwalker (expert)
  16. Rift contribution needs to go..or we need a proper explanation how it works.
  17. Oludare the Firehoof
  18. Focus Rating
  19. Any advice for DSM?
  20. Pics of Tier Sets
  21. Daily Quests at 50
  22. About to hit 50, any hints?
  23. Are there open-world dungeons (is dungeons that are not instanced)?
  24. Epic Bow T1 Experts
  25. how different are the experts?
  26. dungeon loot - tank only???
  27. Inscribed sourcestones
  28. Rogue Toughness Gear in Tier2 Expert
  29. World First 4.1Mil Lord Greenscale downed by Addiction
  30. Kings Breach Expert Double Autoch fight...HELP!
  31. Carnelia the storm touched expert?????
  32. Epic Quest Trigger
  33. Expert Deepstrike Mines Strategies
  34. [Video] Gatekeeper Kaleida T2 Killed with Double Rainbow Achievement
  35. No Foe-Slayer Helmet?
  36. Aelfwar Invasion Event (Guardians)
  37. Are there enough dungeons?
  38. Where are the ancient wardstones?
  39. Hit Mechanic Inquiry
  40. For everyone wanting a Dungeon Finder
  41. Reaching 150 Toughness...?
  42. Smaller Group Dungeons
  43. Does toughness over the cap do anything?
  44. Raid Resets?
  45. Where the **** is all the rogue tank loot?
  46. Dungeon Loot tables.
  47. Realm of the Fae Expert - Last Boss
  48. FC Expert
  49. "Charged up" Daily Quest help
  50. Summon Rescue Medic
  51. Yo dog, I heard you like Greenscale...
  52. Weird Akali Bug
  53. Bards in your 5 man? Y or N?
  54. make 2 difficults for instances
  55. Dungeon boss list
  56. Raid rifts, timers and server lag
  57. Expert DD broken?
  58. Chain drops T2 - sick of it
  59. Black Garden is too Complicated
  60. Instance Group Comp
  61. Greenscale's Blight: Infiltrator Johlen (raid video)
  62. Saga of the Endless caster reward has HIT over Focus?
  63. Why expert rifts should be bubbled.
  64. question about scaling
  65. How tough are t2?
  66. T2 Tanking Weapon?
  67. Bugs bugs bugs and useless in-game support.
  68. im so ****ing sick of rolling systems for loot
  69. 10man rift raids
  70. Expert DD?
  71. Any advice on IceTalon?
  72. DPS / Bard Question for PvE
  73. Expert Dungeons: Video Guides
  74. [Iron Tomb] Expert Ragnoth the Despoiler - Any advice ?
  75. Can we get rid of mob tagging between factions? (at least on zone/rift raid events)
  76. Foot path to Foul Cascade
  77. The Coup
  78. A Slave No More (request for information)
  79. Tier 2 Gear
  80. First to down The duke on Seastone!
  81. Runic Descent Expert - Trion you owe my group one for this horrible bug.
  82. When will there be a dungeon finder?
  83. Is Scarn broken?
  84. Konstantin Spikes Bugged?
  85. Greenscale Dead. World First
  86. Greenscale Dead. World First
  87. Deepstrike Mines Expert ~2nd boss Gregori Krazlav bugged.
  88. Eliam the Corrupted - Pre boss Rift stages.
  89. T1 and T2
  90. Prince Hylas Post-Buff - World First?
  91. Raid Rift not working at all
  92. Expert RD - Warden Falidor
  93. Maximation vs Infiltrator Johlen video - per nerf
  94. Darkening Deeps T2 Last Reward
  95. Cleric epic weapon drops in T1?
  96. BoE epics tier 2
  97. Struggled big time on Queen Vallnara - advice/strategy?
  98. Riftstalker tanks, solo healing, do you feel the nerf?
  99. The only thing worse than a bad melee DPS is...
  100. Hotfix didn't fix final CC boss.
  101. Dsm
  102. Did they stealth nerf T2 experts yesterday?
  103. Greenscale Commentary: Infiltrator
  104. Expert Dungeons - how difficult ?
  105. Raid Lures
  106. The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings, new bug. Attercop King.
  107. Planar essence suddenly soulbound, bug or hotifx?
  108. Expert / Raid Rift Info
  109. Is it true...
  110. Caretaker Arcanis - Expert DSM
  111. Is CC needed?
  112. Chloros in experts - still need a cleric on some fights?
  113. Queen Vallara "fixed" = unbeatable
  114. The #1 reason I want a dungeon finder is...
  115. We do not want a cross-shard dungeon finder please.
  116. Expert dungeon loot
  117. Expert RD: Eliam the Corrupted video!
  118. Expert RD: Atrophinius the Fallen Guide
  119. Caldera : Caelia the Stormtouched (Post patch)
  120. Soul tree too much pvp oriented..?
  121. Realm of the Fae
  122. Infiltrator Johlen
  123. Runic Descent T2 last boss?
  124. How do I get into the Realm of the Fae?
  125. Missing physical dmg trinkets?
  126. Iron hc mode
  127. Manticores In Kings Breach Bugged/Broken? Or Am I The Only One?!
  128. Corruptive Rituals in Foul Cascade dungeon BUG
  129. New content
  130. Inscribed Sourcestone...?
  131. last boss in expert CC broken now?
  132. Bug: Expert Fae final boss doesn't spawn
  133. Death Raid Rift Downing... Awaiting World First Confirmation
  134. I want Dungeon Finder!!
  135. Raid List
  136. On DPS meters and raid design
  137. Atrophinius the Fallen - How does he work?
  138. The dreaded Dungeon Finder and RP servers!
  139. King's Breach elevation and Riftstalker (Falling through world)
  140. Raid Rifts
  141. Guild Perk: Cache Finder - increases reward from expert dungeons
  142. LFG System
  143. Entering and Leaving Dungeons
  144. Rift Lure consumed but no expert rift.
  145. Not so much detail in patch notes - Please
  146. [AVOID WIPE?] Fall of Lantern Hook - Pyromaster Cortirnald
  147. Rogue tanking
  148. Now That's What I'm Talkin' about!
  149. Lost reward for Quest in Deepstrike Mines??
  150. Suggestion: color-coding top tier of gear
  151. Please add dungeon finder, but do it right!
  152. Bugs Bugs Bugs (Expert Dungeons/Raids)
  153. Foul Cascade was AMAZING!
  154. Gief Dungeon Finder!
  155. What is your favorite instance?
  156. Expert King's Breach manticores buffed in the last few days?
  157. Is there a website that shows INSTANCE BOSS DROPS?
  158. Tools for Raiding
  159. What loot system do you use?
  160. Scarn video guide fixed - Link to vid
  161. Greenscale hasn't reset properly?
  162. Dungeons and their lvl requirements.
  163. Gatekeeper Kaleida
  164. <BUG> Missing Item from [Kiron Liakos]
  165. Bravo! Visually stunning dungeons so far
  166. Please Fix Runic Decent Expert Now
  167. Confused with t1 and t2
  168. Endgame tanking
  169. Alsbeth's Comm Device, Iron Tombs. Defiant Epic Quest.
  170. Expert Dungeon money drops?
  171. Runic Descent Expert Bug?
  172. Starting Dungeons
  173. Pillar of Fire - Lantern Hook - STILL INVISIBLE!
  174. Plaques in Tier 2 Expert Dungeons
  175. King's Breach: Autoch
  176. ~(MISSING ENDGAME ITEM)~ The NPC Kiron Liakos is missing the item "Foe-Slayer Barbute
  177. Just tried out Fae for the first time.
  178. Can we get some new models for level 50 epic weapons?
  179. world first (?) Everybody Freeze, if not atleast shard first!
  180. Akala The Desert Queen
  181. buying rogue gear with plaques
  182. [Daily Quest] Group rift daily quests
  183. T2 Dungeon Difficultly?
  184. Rate the challenge of the expert dungeons
  185. Are all Dungeons Instances ?
  186. Elite Bird roaming around FC
  187. Dungeon finder petition
  188. Raids reset time.
  189. Expert Scarn Video Guide - First Generation
  190. The NPC Kiron Liakos is missing the item "Foe-Slayer Barbute"
  191. Fami
  192. The Foul Cascade - Bugged Quest - "Corrupted Rituals" - Defiant
  193. [BUG] Runic Descent: Expert - Zone despawns before 4th boss.
  194. How much DPS should I be doing...
  195. Infiltrator Johlen - World First?
  196. Maximation vs Duke Letareus video
  197. Whats with the outdoor instances
  198. [Bug] Fae Lord Twyl
  199. Raid lockout Problem ?
  200. Best Raid Tank?
  201. Entry level experts.... Help
  202. Why didn't you give us the 10 man raid lures? They worked before.
  203. T2 Glubnok - Darkening Deeps
  204. Get ready for Gearscore.
  205. no queue system, but a LFG tool
  206. LFG Channel
  207. Possible to pug expert dungeons/rifts?
  208. Plz fix your expert content
  209. Have yet to do a snigle instance
  210. 10 Man raiding rifts.
  211. Need to find information on heroics/end-game content
  212. Fall of the lantern hook 2nd boss bug.
  213. Expert Planar lure
  214. Going back to do dungeons you missed?
  215. Realm of Fae Expert Mode Strategies / Discussion / Gear Question
  216. Is there a way to join a que for instances?
  217. Expert Emberlord Ereetu
  218. Raid Rifts
  219. Trion: What's up with the number of gear drops in 20man instances?
  220. LF ppl that are raiding Tier content
  221. Darkening Deeps on expert - awesome
  222. Melee hit cap for raids?
  223. Spelunking dungeons.
  224. Why I love doing dungeons with people from my shard.
  225. First Time Tanking Iron Tomb
  226. Suggestion: targeting icons
  227. RotF for defiants?
  228. Lvl 50 token rewards??
  229. LFG Tool Solution!
  230. step 1, stop copying WoW
  231. Zone Wide Raids (Add some type of auto-kickout feature)
  232. Banished from Lantern Hook!(expert)
  233. Expert Dunegeon currency question (guardian)
  234. How do you start an expert dungeon?
  235. Rogue hate!
  236. Kings breach quests
  237. DSM was great fun
  238. Best Sigil?
  239. where the hell is the dungeon match finder???
  240. I beg you not to add cross shard dungeon finder
  241. High level zone invasions
  242. Dungeon randomly despawned everything
  243. 2hander drops in t1/t2, locations plz babes?
  244. Left other MMO because of dungeon finder.
  245. T2 CC - Caelia
  246. Raiding setup?
  247. Dear Trion..why do you hate melee?
  248. Darkening Deeps Boss Guide (Video)
  249. Trion Dev please read in regards to expert dungeons
  250. Expert Realm of the Fae Last Boss Bugged just like King's Breach