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  1. Gronik - effing impossible?
  2. T2s will be nerfed if LFD is ever put in.
  3. Release the Kraken!
  4. Perfect GS Kill, Pics of 2 relics (2h sword \ 2h staff)
  5. [BUGGED] Expert Realm of the Fae
  6. 20m Raid make-up whats the standard?
  7. Lets be honest, does anyone ever 1 Shot Prince Hylas pretty often?
  8. Mid level dungeons becoming extinct, experts headed there too...
  9. Shamblers STILL broken
  10. Malformed & Corrupted Souls
  11. Tier 1, Tier 2 dungeons?
  12. Raid size?
  13. Nothing But Cloth Drops?
  14. T2 Plate Toughness Drops
  15. I dont understand all the QQ about Dungeons and Raids in Rift.
  16. Tanking
  17. Full Expert T1/T2/Raid Dungeon Guides - ImplacableGuild.com
  18. Suggestion: expert & raid rift attunement quests replacing soul drops.
  19. Level 50 Armor
  20. Blue item added to T2 RD last boss loot table?
  21. Last boss not spawning in FoLH(expert)
  22. [Bug] Lord Greenscale just a flying Target Dummy after phase 1.
  23. Gear Req'd for T1 Experts
  24. Raid Meridian/Sanctum - Raid Quest - PVP meets PVE
  25. Disappearing Pillars in Expert AP
  26. Need some info before start instancing
  27. "Safe havens" in RotF?
  28. Konstantin
  29. A question regarding Greenscale achievements
  30. Just hit 50, but my Daily is a Tier 2?
  31. How many have beaten the new Konstantin 1.1 ?
  32. Asking tanks how they feel when there is a NB rogue in there grp (threat)
  33. Elite Dungeon Loot - Not So Elite?
  34. DKP guilds and master loot?
  35. Are Clerics & Rogues viable end-game tanks?
  36. So wheres the 100+ items we were promised?
  37. Manicore Sentries bugged?
  38. End game dps 1h mace drops
  39. Greenscale zone drops
  40. Expert: King's Breach
  41. Purge and bosses
  42. Raid Rifts
  43. Please for the sake of the Rift community....
  44. 4DEVS: Debuffs disappearing early from Boss Mobs
  45. ssN vs. Doesn't matter just spam combat res
  46. So, everyone hates the WoWesque LFD so much, how about...
  47. The wellspring of power
  48. I got grinded (uninstalling)
  49. Anyone else have trouble with expert RotF?
  50. [VIDEO] Duo attempt for AP final Boss.
  51. Konstantin
  52. Regarding the tiger trash mobs in Greenscale's
  53. Greenscale Buffs and Healing Nerfs
  54. Paragon weapons in T2
  55. Assuming you don't have a Rogue tank, surviving the Greenscale breathe attack?
  56. Loot Drop rate
  57. stay small Nerds vs Oracle Aleria (Low Pollen Count Achievement)
  58. stay small Nerds vs Duke Leteraus (Keeping it Clean Achievement)
  59. Expert AP - Icetalon Encounter bugged
  60. Trion Favoring Elitists
  61. Lord Greenscale - Pool debuff seemed bugged tonight?
  62. Tanking Deepstrike Mines
  63. Soooooooooooo Aboot those Soul drops from Expert Dungeons.
  64. Dungeon Finder PLEASE!!!
  65. Concerning endgame content
  66. need a good raiding shard
  67. Lmfao 2% :(
  68. Fresh 50, need quick advice for t1
  69. does this game
  70. T2's
  71. Expert Deepstrike Mines
  72. 100% Guide to Caelia the Stormtouched (CC, last boss)
  73. Akala Raid Plaque Changes?
  74. Plaque Change Opinion
  75. Post-Patch - IT-x - Some instances have bugged Eliam on Ragnoth
  76. rickrolled by johlen raid leaders help wanted
  77. T2 Expert Strats. Get 'Em Here.
  78. Council in DD - Undoable without purge/no rogues?
  79. stay small Nerds vs Prince Hylas
  80. stay small Nerds vs Lord Greenscale 2.0
  81. Bug in Realm of the Fae?
  82. T2 expert rd bug list fix
  83. Excessive # of plate drops in T1?
  84. Major graphical issue with Rictus's AoE.
  85. [Guide's]Greenscale's Blight, and 10-man Rift Raid's
  86. Please make a "Teleport to dungeon button"
  87. Where is the "End-Game" content?
  88. T1 ... too hard or too hard right now?
  89. Genesis guide section!
  90. Low pop servers and expert lockout
  91. Husks
  92. [Suggestion] An LFD tool... with options
  93. Favorite raid boss mechanics
  94. How to do Dungeons?
  95. Hell did you do to greenscale?
  96. Anyone else put off by rift endgame?
  97. Trion you over tuned Expert dungeons, your playerbase is less skilled than you think.
  98. Please no dungeon finder
  99. Eliam the Bugged
  100. Unachieveable Dungeon Achievements
  101. Raid Requirements?
  102. Where to find an epic tanking 1h?
  103. No one wants Rogues in Raids Anymore
  104. I'm sick of this crap - dunegons (DD)
  105. Dungeons locations.
  106. Bugged Boss in Dailies again one more time Trion.
  107. So this chloro gets accepted into your dungeon group...
  108. Normalization of return damage abilities.
  109. Epic drop rate in T2 nerfed to death ??
  110. XRotF - All mobs linked together
  111. Joint server for Dungeons
  112. Patch 1.1 Notes - Fire Raid? Lure?
  113. cant wait for the update...
  114. State of the dungeons
  115. Wormwood T1
  116. Requesting Unique world map icon/graphic for Raid Rifts/Tears
  117. Any other way to obtain T2-quality daggers?
  118. Halp! Rogue tank, where is the toughness?
  119. What is the best 2h a DPS warrior can get prior to T2?
  120. Konstantin's AoE, halp
  121. Dungeon Loot not lootable
  122. Easiest way to hit 50 toughness? Have 0, can do expert IT
  123. Greenscale Fixes
  124. I'm not so sure a cross-server dungeon finder system would be a good idea.
  125. Suggestion: Create a couple more level 50 blue instances
  126. Bugged Shield? Greenscale Raid Loot
  127. Is this a joke? Or just a big mistake?
  128. T2 seems well screwy to me (very tough for to me)
  129. DPS takes huge hit going from t1 to t2?
  130. Which is your favorite boss? (5-man dungeons)
  131. LF DPS for Experts Dungeons - Mages only please
  132. How geared to tank T1?
  133. Zone-Invasion Boss - Bug?
  134. Am I expert ready?
  135. Rictus In RD
  136. Qualms of the Expert CC group
  137. tank not needed, some assembly required
  138. Oludare
  139. Should of had lvl 50 only Beta Session
  140. (BuG) Expert Invasions not spawning any Invasion forces
  141. People not giving a **** about weekly raids.
  142. @Devs , Change Greenscale end quest
  143. Regarding stealth buffs to expert dungeons
  144. Small issue with how things are being done.
  145. Your Joking right?
  146. Pissed Off At Expert Instances
  147. World first??? from greenscale
  148. Johlen in Greenscale bugged?
  149. Difficulty of FC is ridiculous
  150. Trion Scammed me out of a subscription, you could be next
  151. Duke Letareus bugged?
  152. Recommended Rune Upgrades for Assassin running experts?
  153. Lord Greenscale Toxic Blossom BROKEN........
  154. Darkening Deeps T2 bugged
  155. Enrage Timers in Greenscale
  156. Expert RD and graphical bugs in general
  157. Expert/Raid rift Soul drops solution!
  158. Getting Bad Daily Quests
  159. Iron Tombs, what level should a tank be for it?
  160. Damage increase in dungeons?
  161. Can someone clear this up for me.
  162. Put Weapons to the T2 Vendor
  163. Ragnoth buffed or bugged?
  164. T1 Expert Difficulty
  165. River of Souls - The 20-man Raid - difficulty
  166. Expert Dungeon Guides -where to find them?
  167. [video] Expert FC 2nd (bugged) boss VICTORY!
  168. Request for the malform souls and corrupted souls nerf!!
  169. FC Expert last 2 bosses won't start!
  170. is kings breach t1 supposef to be winable?
  171. How much damage is spell based in 5man experts?
  172. epic damage
  173. Expert KB and Cleric Healing rant GRRRRR IM PISSED
  174. Anyone else have broken planar lures?
  175. Runic Decent Expert 1.1 Rictus.
  176. 1.1 KB expert manticores
  177. Greenscale Plants Unintentional Bug or Intentional Buff
  178. Expert T1 daily rewarded 1 plaque
  179. expert FC second boss still broken ?
  180. Expert Rift - Perdeen, not updating saga quest???
  181. I really don't see why this was changed.
  182. Make a dungeon finder, but don't make it like WoW
  183. Something rotten in Foul Cascade?
  184. Countess Surin Skenobar - steps to frustration
  185. Soul drop nerf went too far
  186. Konstantin Post 1.1 Patch
  187. Raid bosses in Greenscale's Blight now drop more items per kill than they prev....
  188. Sharing Dungeon Dailies
  189. Countess Surin in xFC
  190. info about Chan's Thundering Fist
  191. The New Appearance of Tiered Armor
  192. Expert dailies - where?
  193. Getting T1 palque gears, before and after 1.1. Nice job Trions
  194. Boss doors bugged?
  195. Are you going to retune T2 bosses for massive DPS nerfs?
  196. Changes to Greenscale Quest loot
  197. Why make us wait potentially 5 months to complete a quest?
  198. River of Souls Event & Raid Zone
  199. ABYSSAL PRECIPICE Expert T2. Still no bug fixes in 1.1 patch note Read below.
  200. AP:expert is bugged.
  201. Is Prince Hylas bugged? Downed him last week but got server first on an acheivment
  202. greenscales map and kill order
  203. Bugs and boredom
  204. So you have just hit 50
  205. The saga of the endless: on the shores of freemarch: ?
  206. Rive of Souls
  207. Wormwood in RUnic descent
  208. Suggestions: Purchasing glyped parts with plaques.
  209. warrior dps not needed in expert dungeons?
  210. HEY TRION! How about fixing Caelia T2 already?
  211. Greenscale - Hit, Focus, Toughness Requirements
  212. Bard in expert dungeons?
  213. Caor Ashstone Achievement in Expert IT - How Do you Get it?
  214. Infiltrator Johlen's Blinding Bombs - A question
  215. TO TRION: Lord Greenscale's Many Bugs
  216. What kind of Boss fights would you like to see?
  217. royal charm of the aelfwar
  218. Question about the Corrupted/Grotesque soul change
  219. despite having incredible diversity in souls. we're STILL slaves to 2 callings.
  220. Rift Banners - Suggestion!
  221. Plate Tanking gear
  222. Temporary Solutions to "Loot Issues" in groups
  223. Vile Sourceshards
  224. Tanking dungeons (not 50)
  225. Blue / Purple Sourcestones
  226. Rate T2 in order of boss challenges please
  227. AP T2: Expert Blood boss can bite me (help)
  228. What Dungeons to do ?
  229. Duke Letareus shamblers still bugged?
  230. Trion you did a wonderful job balancing expert dungeons for average skilled players.
  231. Oracle Aleria Tanking
  232. A thought for melee unfriendly fights.
  233. Atrophinius the Fallen
  234. Fire Expert Rift
  235. Who has seen a more geared tank than healer/dps?
  236. Lord Greenscale
  237. Iron Tomb/Charmer
  238. Hit rating and Infitraot Johlen, couple of dodges when capped?
  239. High end / Raid MT
  240. How well-equipped should someone be to go into level 50 dungeons?
  241. rumor about a dungeon finder?
  242. Runic Descent: A T2 Expert Guide For the Casual Gamer
  243. Epic Sourcestones don't drop anymore
  244. [SUGGESTION] expert level plane specific dungeons?
  245. Queen Vallnara
  246. Chamer's Caldera Location
  247. Riftblades: Rift Strike does not work on bosses?
  248. A request for dungeon loot Trion
  249. Raid size?
  250. "Alpha" 1.1 Plaque of Achievement Costs for T1/T2 Dungeon Gear