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  1. Guide For Which Class Debuffs Stack and Which Do Not Stack?
  2. War spec for Greenscale
  3. Expert Loot list?
  4. Expert Iron Tomb - Keeping Your Enemies Closer
  5. Healer Aggro In Dungeons.
  6. Small idea for porting into instances in progress
  7. Tier 1 and 2 - Difficulty Rankings
  8. [Guide] Plutonus the Immortal, Strat Write-up and Kill Video
  9. Lawless - Alsbeth the Discordant Video kill - Shard first
  10. Looking for a guild that plays and raids between 12 p.m. (noon) and 8 p.m. EST
  11. Proposed Dungeon Finder System
  12. What do with Plaque of Achievement ..?
  13. Raid number limits - leftover guildies at raids
  14. River Of Souls Event!
  15. Regarding the newest Patch Notes
  16. Lets talk top class specific Raid DPS without Relic Weapons
  17. How to
  18. LFD Survey System
  19. Do you get lockout by killing normal mobs in ROS?
  20. Anyone had this happen to them?
  21. Boss fights interrupts?
  22. Greenscale drop: saga's quest item
  23. Recommendation: Single Encounters
  24. I want a GSB instance I can solo
  25. When is CAelia in expert CC going to be fixed?? Plz devs?
  26. pets in t1+
  27. daily for all instances?
  28. Is there a Dungeon Que / finder....
  29. You're forming a 5 man expert. You can bring a Bard or an Archon, Whom do you choose?
  30. Justicar Tanks in endgame raiding - aka "I guess I'll handle adds.."
  31. Rogue Tank looking for advice on Greenscale
  32. Rift Dull, Boring PVE Boss Mechanics *discuss*
  33. Devs: Iron Tombs (E) - Ragnoth Bug
  34. Where do you get those token besides the Plaque of Achievement
  35. The Disparity of Riftstalkers Relative to Other Tanks
  36. PLS MERGER low w/ MED pop servers + TOP PRIORITY IS...
  37. Raid Composition - Lifting the DPS
  38. Dark focus strategy help
  39. Achievement for not bowing to Alsbeth.
  40. Soul Walking past trash. Intended?
  41. [Rapid Assault] Realm of the Fae bugged?
  42. So, who here has noticed...
  43. River of Souls - Dark Foci Timing
  44. Make your own expert achievement!
  45. Gregori Krezlav
  46. Broken boss AP
  47. 5 Mans converted to raids
  48. Plutonus Unstable Shard
  49. T1 Instance Wrap-up, Casual PoV
  50. Raid instance ip bug!? pls help
  51. johlen help wanted
  52. Tank Rants
  53. T1 and T2 Hit Percentages
  54. Ancient Earthbound Rod
  55. Hylas Encounter Questions (Advice if Possible)
  56. The Fall of Lantern Hook
  57. Why GSB anymore??
  58. How to Herald Gaurath - River of Souls
  59. Trion please think twice before implementing DF.
  60. Itemization, why is it so bad?
  61. RoS Art Team
  62. rogue and cleric tank gear, too much?
  63. Expert Dungeons...
  64. Raid markers..really? Come on Trion
  65. Caelia the Stormtouched
  66. Invisible bombs
  67. Noob needs help with dungeons.
  68. Amorsmithing Pattern Drops from Experts (Epics)..
  69. World first Alsbeth the Discordant downed by Addiction
  70. ssN vs Plutonus World First
  71. [Guide] Warmaster Galenir Video and Strategy
  72. Raid bars need to be fixed
  73. @ssN: lol you guys suck at Gaurath
  74. The River of Souls: Boss Strats
  75. I can't play
  76. RoS Foci
  77. Is there a T1 zone that drops epic shoulders?
  78. River of Souls - Progression Thread
  79. Fights punishing to melee
  80. Bard vs. Chloro for 5 mans
  81. Will we get River of Souls tonight even if the world event bugs again?
  82. When's p2 of the world event gonna start?
  83. Bosses randomly throwing their normal attack at anyone standing in melee.
  84. New to RIFT: question about endgame #s
  86. Raiding and Consumables
  87. Greenscale healing: suggested assignments & notes
  88. Rapid Assault: Deepstrike Mines
  89. looking for a static tank Gnarlwood
  90. Upcoming Expert Dungeon changes for 1.2
  91. Spirit Wolf Totem
  92. The Relic bow proc does not work?
  93. 10 man future raid option?
  94. Near Perfect Kill on Lord Greenscale
  95. Mortuous Shadeshard
  96. River of Souls?
  97. Question regarding T1s and T2s.
  98. New items In Dungeons with No value
  99. Drop Rate of Malformed Souls from Rifts?
  100. Healing trinket in Greenscale?
  101. Dungeons Raids, and CC.
  102. So i have a few questions.
  103. Infiltrator Johlen; nice fight but blind bombs need some tuning
  104. 3 DPS Looking for Tank/Heals Expert DSM!
  105. Screwed over
  106. Death Resist Changes
  107. Necrotic Semblance erasing Marksman Pedstal graphic
  108. Shard Broadcast not happening right now on greenscale kills?
  109. Greenscale Blight
  110. Raid Mob's
  111. Thought Hylas was supposed to drop 4 items now?
  112. Greenscale Blight Bug
  113. Iceclaw Scuttlers, Expert AP.
  114. Seriously, Konstantine again?
  115. Lower the lockout on raid instances please with cherries on top? :)
  116. river of souls - where is it?
  117. What's up with the cloth drops?
  118. T2 Tanking Plate Legs/Helm Where are they?
  119. Expert AP- MOBs bugged and CC LAST BOSS
  120. [BUGGED] First Boss in Expert AP
  121. The bird-boss in FC T1's epic death?
  122. [Suggestion] Expert trash check mechanics
  123. Server first announcement not showing?
  124. RoS Theorycrafting
  125. Expert AP
  126. Duke Letareus encounter bugs out after 1 attempt
  127. Greenscale Glyphed Gloves drop?
  128. Deepstrike Mines - final boss doorway bug
  129. New T2 Tank Gloves do have wrong stats
  130. LH - Expert - Last Boss Bug
  131. Expert AP Snapping Turtle Boss Trash
  132. Farming GSB trash drops?
  133. Difficulty getting Expert groups together.
  134. Cleric Tank
  135. How much toughness is tough enough?
  136. Ticket for loot reassignment
  137. Hard cap for Dungeons/raids?
  138. Stats for experts?
  139. Foul Cascade, Help.
  140. instead of nerfing the experts
  141. New loot, new 2-handers?
  142. Manticores in Expert KB
  143. wo else thinks scarn in expert dd is too easy now
  144. Plants and pollen not despawning on Greenscale
  145. Let's help Trion design a single server LFD tool.
  146. Most amusing voice acting in your opinion.
  147. Rogue or Warrior
  148. Cleric T1 -> T2
  149. Idea for Dungeons and Raids to Scale
  150. Lord Greenscale and Pollens/Noxious reset..
  151. 5 man Diff ratings
  152. Greenscale Blight Bug
  153. T1 / T2 Justicar tank shield - anyone found one?
  154. Which is harder? Tanking, Healing, or DPSing?
  155. Expert IT Bugged?
  156. Experts - unnecessarily long
  157. Expert Abyssal Precipice
  158. Ragnaroth's Achievement.
  159. The stupidest gd boss in Rift
  160. T2 Tank item yet?
  161. Please revisit 10-man raid instances
  162. PvErs are niche
  163. Could someone give me screen shots of some greenscale boss parses?
  164. Best time of day to find an instance group
  165. Expert Charmer's Caldera
  166. Is there a lfg channel
  167. Discussion: Greenscale's Blight Drops
  168. eliam bugged?
  169. Grief-ing Raid Rifts - Need Help or Advice
  170. Anyone else have this problem with Johlen:
  171. Concerned about lack of cloth armor n staff drops
  172. Any one test this out?
  173. Idea: Randomization of boss mechanics
  174. Greenscale Blight - Oracle Aleria - How to & Kill
  175. Ok, We're Ready To PWN :D
  176. Greenscale Plants
  177. Buy T1 gear or save for T2?
  178. Greenscale Blight - Infiltrator Johlen - How to & Kill
  179. Dungeon queue system...
  180. GSB : Duke Letareus Bug!
  181. REalm of the fae drops
  182. 90% of your problems finding a group cannot be solved by merges or dungeon finders.
  183. Cleric/Warrior shield from Hylas ; Intended?
  184. Updated T2 ungeon difficulty list!
  185. RD the easiest T2? Really?
  186. Bugged Dungeon Achievements
  187. Items Without Art
  188. Malforned/Corrupted souls? Get the patch in for this already.
  189. Dungeon LFG tool
  190. wth is up with T2??
  191. xLH Emberlord Ereetu Bug
  192. Lord Greenscale looks like...
  193. Bug with Runic Decent's Warden Falidor?
  194. Incoming Complain Thread*
  195. can you only do one run of the same dungeon per day?
  196. Act Spell timers not refreshing??
  197. Stupid question...
  198. Rift, end-game, and the players...
  199. Sooo......
  200. ****blocks go in early, not late
  201. Possible to Greenscale's Pollen with 1 Mage, confirmed?
  202. Why Make Scarn easier?
  203. KB Expert: Risk vs Reward is just broken. Period.
  204. Bugged special effects for boss AOE's - CC and RD
  205. FC without a healer.
  206. Regarding the hit cap for Greenscale's
  207. KB Expert, manticores ?!
  208. Cache Finder
  209. 3-man xKB Konstantin
  210. Help with E FC
  211. Rogue vs Warrior Drama over Loot
  212. No Dungeon Finder = No Groups = Loss of players
  213. Scarn ninja nerf. =P
  214. LH pyromancer is broken
  215. Stealth graphics change?
  216. Broken broke
  217. Oceanic Raiding Guilds? ;3
  218. Dispoiled Band - cannot be equiped because I do not meet item requirements
  219. this game needs a cross realm dungeon finder
  220. LFG tool vs LFD finder tool: Which one you like the most?
  221. Trion please don't make dungeons any easier.
  222. 5 caster trinkets but only one Melee dps?
  223. expert dungeon lock outs.
  224. Rift Progression... Illustrated
  225. Enemy castbar for dummies >.<
  226. end-game questions.
  227. 100 New Items?
  228. Expert Fall of Lantern Hook Boss Bugged
  229. [Guide] How to find and build Dungeon Groups
  230. Expert DSM 2nd Boss
  231. Dailies killed expert dungeon player pool?
  232. 20 man raiding should not be only setting
  233. Cross Server LFG
  234. Dungeon and Raid Updated Items will be live with the 4/8 updates
  235. Really Trion, changing loot in the middle of the week?
  236. Expert Mode Dungeon Videos
  237. Gearing order at 50?
  238. Expert Dungeons, Questions.
  239. Spent the last 50 minutes LF 5th group member for normal DSM...
  240. Maul of Feral Instincts - High drop rate?
  241. How to survive Greenscales' noxious fumes?
  242. The melee conundrum
  243. PVP Dungeon
  244. Hardest and Easiest T1/T2?
  245. Zor: When will we start seeing hard mode versions of raids?
  246. Zor: Any hope for 10-man dungeons
  247. How to tell T1 from T2 Dungeons
  248. KB Expert Manticores are tough. Tips?
  249. Gronik - effing impossible?
  250. T2s will be nerfed if LFD is ever put in.