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  1. Loot Etiquette: A friendly reminder...
  2. Boss Practice Dummy: does it ever actually resist?
  3. Fire Raid Rift bug :<
  4. LFD Cross server or single server Is there a 3rd option?
  5. Working on Johlen
  6. Opinions on 6 person party size
  7. A solution to appease the masses on raids.
  8. expert-level 10-mans?
  9. Prince Hylas Bug - FIX ALREADY
  10. Getting Burned out fast...
  11. Relic weapons
  12. Trash linked in IT @ Caor?
  13. Toughness and Lower Instances
  14. Prince Hylas broken as of this Wednesday?
  15. Regular RD and Random Queueing
  16. Gilded Prophecy Itemization (DPS Warriors)
  17. Contested raid mobs Trion?
  18. Kaler Andrenos bugged since hotfix this morning.
  19. Difficulty of Endgame Content, ie raids
  20. Saga of the Endless
  21. Normal dungeon quests not completable in expert dungeons...
  22. How to get to Greenscales Blight?
  23. GP trash drop
  24. Grand Apiarist Orban - Rogue Tank
  25. First boss in hammerknell should be...
  26. noob dungeon questions
  27. Anyone done raid rift: The Golden King?
  28. Raid lockout question
  29. no one doing t1
  30. Plate Drops - Nerfed into ground
  31. That was hilarious.
  32. T1 and T2 Guide
  33. AA
  34. 50 inscribed stone greaters
  35. Mage Single Target DPS
  36. Two things that need to change soon.
  37. Uruluuk -- purgable buffs is the new boss mechanic norm?
  38. End Game Content
  39. Stop asking for nerfs
  40. xCC - Jultharin issue
  41. LFD question's
  42. The Coup (RotF) on level?
  43. dungeon reset???
  44. Master Looter in Dungeons
  45. Question on where to get this item...
  46. LFG Problems
  47. WTB T3 5mans
  48. xRD Eliam the Corrupted drops question
  49. Why are rogue T3 drops equal to glyph gear while warrior drops are terrible?
  50. Can't sign up because too many are trying to fit in the same role?
  51. Cleric Tank!
  52. ETA for Hammerknell
  53. Sliver question
  54. Plaque of achievement fix
  55. GSB - Johlen Fight - Is Blinding Bomb dispellable?
  56. Konstantine fight needs clearer ground effect animations
  57. Instance lockout feature needs a fix.
  58. As a GM of a raiding guild, "We need a Rift Progress Site!"
  59. deepstrike mines
  60. having random t1 and t2 splits the playerbase
  61. Uruluuk Question
  62. Why does all the challenging content have to be 20man?
  63. Can I do Darkening Deeps at level 30?
  64. Anyone notice changes in xAP?
  65. Weekend Raiding
  66. Rot Pool Links - xDD
  67. Expert Dungeons
  68. random regulars not popping
  69. T2 Plaque Gear
  70. LFG specific que rendered pointless
  71. 1246 Plaques to be able to raid is too much for most players
  72. Uruluuk Loot Question
  73. Toughness hard cap?
  74. Caelia the Stormtouched
  75. So the dungeons/plaques/drop rates are gonna stay this way?
  76. Plaques in T1 and T2 dungeons
  77. T2 drop rate blues
  78. uruluuk question
  79. T1 bugged, GM asked for assistance. (Large pics)
  80. Deepstrike mines quests for guardian side.
  81. From a Mages perspective Itemization for T2's is terrible.
  82. Please fix/do these, 5/28/2011
  83. Dungeon question
  84. Raid Fire/Air rifts.
  85. SOLVED: New Versions of Dungeons are Too Easy
  86. Can I Have More Plaques for Running T1 and T2 Dungeons Please?
  87. Don't Buff my buffs
  88. RoF
  89. LFG Tool - Definite problems
  90. I got kicked from a Dungeon Group... tell me why please...
  91. [Video] A Night of Raiding with <Fires of Heaven>
  92. Suggestions: How to fix LFD
  93. Chloromage: How to gear for T1 transition to T2?
  94. Did they change something on Herald Guarath?
  95. 1.2.1 and still nothing.
  96. Any ETA on Lifebound Relic Fix?
  97. Umm.. did they remove..
  98. Help a noob out
  99. Genocide is looking for more active members.
  100. Reflect Bug
  101. Easiest class to play in a dungeon?
  102. Question about Guurloth GP
  103. LFG tool, changes we can agree on?
  104. Trinket: PVP Tank Trinket.. what about PVE?
  105. Random Dungeon Charge Counter
  106. t3 Raiding info question
  107. Uruluuk not dropping a glyph?
  108. Dark Fist of Nysyr Drop location
  109. Plutonus the Immortal Achievement: No Power
  110. Plate Tank Shoulders, Gronik, xCC?
  111. Best PvE Healing Spec?
  112. Greenscale air phase 3 question
  113. Trion please do quality check on t2 loot table
  114. Sigil of the 5 Required for Queueing?
  115. T3 raid instance drop nerfed.
  116. Is there a way to move the Raid Warnings?
  117. End game dungeons need two difficulty levels.
  118. Dungeon loot tradeable to party?
  119. I could use some tank advice
  120. Dev Contact for Hammerknell Access?
  121. Final expert RD boss bugged
  122. Dungeon guild
  123. Gilded Prophecy: Wrong Assumptions?
  124. Raids must be nerfed in 1.3
  125. Locked out of T1 still?
  126. 51 Archon for 10 mans?
  127. Where the lfd tool has put us
  128. Anyone seen DSM trash drops (especially wand) since 1.2?
  129. General healer question.
  130. Lord Greenscale Help
  131. Greenscale (Support terrible with tickets?)
  132. Lord Greenscale bugs, WTF?
  133. Blackout: Encounter idea.
  134. Uruluuk: Crystal then immediate teleport
  135. Grats on GP Trion
  136. (Guardian) Mage and Rogue DPS LF Guild when Xfers go live.
  137. Early Warrior tanking... need some advice
  138. CC loot table is terrible
  139. Does Rictus Still Drop Twisted Dirk of the Arcane?
  140. Need tips on the first boss in 10 man.
  141. Plutonus
  142. Did they removed some drops from the loot tables? T2 Instances..
  143. Held Hostage Using The LFG System
  144. Resistances on Tank
  145. T2's too easy? Go raid.
  146. random istance drops..
  147. Having issues queuing for T2? read this.
  148. Extra requirements for joining dungeons.
  149. Need HELP! problem joining t2
  150. Can you skip first boss in Gilded Prophecy and jump to Guurloth?
  151. Roll NEED only if it's an upgrade for your current ROLE?
  152. Slow Guild Progression and Instances
  153. abyssal hatchet still dropping after 1.2?
  154. They should revert the Epic drop nerfs
  155. Why does Duke bug out
  156. WTF, fix the f-ing bugs on greenscale
  157. Lord Green Scales breath
  158. Make the second tier set cost 1/4 the plaques
  159. Infiltrator Johlen bad phase 4
  160. Atrophinius the Fallen problems
  161. Rift Raid Daily Drop List.
  162. Random LFG is not really that random
  163. Wtf Does it take? for T2
  164. The problem with dungeons
  165. Expert Trash Drops
  166. Plaques.
  167. Gilded Sanctum/Prophecy, huh?
  168. Broken LFG Tool is Fail!
  169. Eliam, Locked to t2's after doing randoms....smh
  170. T2 avg damage accepted?
  171. ACT Parser Help
  172. 10 man boss guides.
  173. Random my a$% Loot is crap
  174. glassy reflection on Johlen?
  175. Defiant Realm of the Fae
  176. Time to rework Greenscale Blight loot tables Trion! No warrior dps loot!
  177. any Sliver boss videos?
  178. Enough already we need a cross-server LFG tool.
  179. Explain Random Dungeon Rewards plz
  180. "Critical Critter"
  181. Alsabeth Relic Weapons deserv ugliest award.
  182. Cannot queue for T1's
  183. i paid the same sub fee, i'm entitled to challenging content
  184. Iron Tombs (Normal)
  185. Saga of the Endless Quest Line Rewards
  186. 2 more 10-mans in development
  187. Can we get a response from Trion on the "Experts"
  188. Is leveling only using LFG viable?
  189. Design Problem. Queuing while in a group.
  190. Dungeon Qualification Tool still borked
  191. How much harder are Experts?
  192. Thanks for the patch trion
  193. Anyone else experiencing 0 purple boe item drop from instances?
  194. Did first dungeon at T1
  195. Tier 2 Dungeons Too Easy!
  196. Lord Greenscale questions
  197. T1 - How do you start!?
  198. LFG tool locking me out!
  199. Recruiting for guild raids.
  200. Please make Hammerknell Extremely Hard
  201. Prince Hylas bugs
  202. Do you want my sub fee
  203. Guild Banners in Raids
  204. Reinforced Green Dragonscale Belt
  205. LFG thing sucks
  206. Greenscale Loot
  207. Cross-server dungeons // low pop server fix
  208. I paid the same sub fee and im entitled to Raid
  209. Potential work around to a T2 Queue bug
  210. Please fix the LFG lock out timers.
  211. Bugs: Darkening Deeps
  212. Does "Convert to raid" in 5man dungeon decrease the chance of drop of gears?
  213. LFG, does it actually work?
  214. 270 wisdom for Healers-T2
  215. Devastating Bomb HP?
  216. Epic quest line rewards
  217. are the 5 t2 experts a day Bug or working as intended now?
  218. Lifebound Relic does not proc off chloromancer LGV (bug?)
  219. Tired of all this Cleric loot!
  220. Fix greenscale ffs
  221. Warrior raid 2h - need buff drop rate
  222. Will Hammerknell be openly Testable on PTR?
  223. LFG & Dungeon Lockouts
  224. Trion
  225. LFD tool now only lets you run each dungeon once per day now?
  226. LFD tool after patch
  227. Lord Greenscale bugged after Hotfix? (5/19)
  228. [GUIDE] Getting LFG tool to work
  229. Rebalance Raid Loot Distribution
  230. Geared for tier 1 expert dungeons
  231. Its time to nerf the raids.
  232. Dear Premadonna tanks in Random Q - You arnt that special, shut up and tank.
  233. LFG Tool still not working after hotfix #5
  234. Archon Raid
  235. Simply Disgusted.
  236. Abyssal Precipe achievements
  237. Greenscale Blight Boss Drop Quantity
  238. Pugs and Zergfest
  239. Uruluuk Fixes
  240. What's the reasoning behind not being able to buy weapons with Plaques?
  241. Synopsis of week one - new dungeon progression (feedback)
  242. Chance for EPIC's.....
  243. Problem With Skarn
  244. Fixed the lfg tool eh?
  245. Saga Weapons now "nerfed"...what gives?
  246. 1.2 update #4
  247. Why not make zoning in manually to an expert give you the old version..
  248. Dungeon Difficulty> Normal, Hard, Expert
  249. Soloing Low Level Dungeons
  250. Congratulations Trion! You killed Rift!