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  1. Raids and dungeons
  2. Cross-Shard - It happens with PvP why not PvE?
  3. Frequency of drops for different classes
  4. Greenscale Help
  5. Help with Water Raid Rift
  6. Titanslayer\Blade of the Architect
  7. Helena Brass Gauntlet Strategy
  8. Y Are PPL So bad?!
  9. how are yall..
  10. Verdant Bow / Thoughtslayer
  11. Easy raids for a newly ready tank.
  12. So what are we missing?
  13. Raid boss: Rorf's return!
  14. Tanking guide
  15. Warmaster Galenir Exploit or Intended?
  16. Dungeon queue-time
  17. A path less travled?
  18. End of Top Damnage (dps meters) and the effects on raiding
  19. Am I not supposed to do Dungeons twice if I get loot?
  20. Tell me, what does support supposed to do?
  21. Uruluuk game breaking bug (EASY KILL)
  22. Necrotic Werewolf kiting help please.
  23. First Raid Boss Down
  24. Help with dungeons/toughness
  25. Can people Still Raid Greenscale Blight even after Event
  26. Raid Requirements
  27. Runic Descent
  28. BOSS GLITCH (discussion)
  29. How to farm T1 and T2 dungeons fast using LFG random
  30. Are people just getting lazier?
  31. How much BS is the Vote to kick in this game
  32. measuring
  33. Recommended raid progression? RoS ok?
  34. 10 Weeks to get enough Marks Of Assencion....
  35. Some questions about dungeons and players
  36. Continuation of Epic Questline?
  37. LFG Cross shard suggestion
  38. If hammerknell will have new currency........
  39. River of Souls
  40. Min-maxing Plutonus with high raid DPS (25k+).
  41. Cross Server T1+T2 LFG is a bad idea.
  42. ACT questions.
  43. Enough with the cleric loot
  44. Greenscale MT advice
  45. Do we have to Lock players out?
  46. Why X-shard dungeons does not work
  47. Runic Desent Tier 2
  48. Gilded Prophecy
  49. Forestwalker Trealia
  50. queue time dungeon Finder
  51. 4 hour queue time for a dungeon... and Rift is an MMO?
  52. Several questions about Dungeons and Classes
  53. What's you thought on Loot Council?
  54. Solo play instances
  55. Critical Critter
  56. Dungeons and random variables
  57. "Item with proc effects will now be normalized..."
  58. melee DPS objectives
  59. Paying for just 5 dungeons ?
  60. Scalable dungeons
  61. Heroic or Hard settings to Raids
  62. Is anyone else fed up of being screwed for being a casual player?
  63. queue t2 as a healer
  64. [Newbie Question] Raiding
  65. Plutonus crystal clicking - %dmg or flat dmg?
  66. weird frames issue
  67. Dungeon Que and role confusion
  68. Cross realm for lfg pve tool?!?!
  69. help on uruluuk sub 30%
  70. help on final trash pull in runic descent
  71. Dungeon Specs
  72. Getting Foul Cascade at Level 38 = Fail
  73. Ranged advantage...
  74. using some skills
  75. Hammerknell Healer Requirements
  76. Lack of healers
  77. What's the etiquette/usual ruling on gathering in dungeons?
  78. Dungeons take too long to find.
  79. [Movie] Abyssal Precipice T2 / Rapid assault+epic drop (seastone)
  80. Hybrids in 10-mans
  81. Should Old Raid Content Be Nerfed?
  82. Guurloth (GP) little friend bug
  83. Mis-looted item
  84. Lord Greenscale's Tailswipe
  85. Tanking
  86. "Smart" Loot Tables?
  87. Uruluuk Raid Group
  88. OMG.....cant get drops.....plaques take forever....
  89. Resurrection error inside dungeon
  90. Greenscale Pollen Macro
  91. Plutonus Cipher+Clap
  92. I've had about enough of NOTHING but Cleric loot dropping.
  93. Nerf Chain Drops!
  94. DKP for Raids
  95. HK test guilds and WW first claims
  96. Convert 5 man into raid gives less exp?
  97. help! can't find a group for any dungeon or quest
  98. "Random" dungeon
  99. Advice with guurloth GP
  100. Can't select dps/tank/support/healer role in LFG tool
  101. cross server
  102. New to dungeons, stuff to do before starting.
  103. AMG Herald SO OP
  104. Make the dungeon system like the Warfont system
  105. 10 man raids as parallel advancement
  106. Trion Please Stop Locing Dungeons
  107. Raid Bosses, QQ, and some made up numbers for your enjoyment
  108. Alsbeth the Discordant (Bug)
  109. How nerfed has this game become?
  110. Uruluu's Ability that needs to be interrupted?
  111. Can someone explain "Random Dungeon Rewards" to me? (New Player)
  112. increased epic drop rate in t2s
  113. Grawl bugged? (Earth Raid Rift)
  114. Level of Difficulty
  115. Screaming Stormshard not working in T2s
  116. Useless drops from raids should be fixed/changed
  117. Scarn the Mexican
  118. Justicar Bug - Greenscale Plant Tank
  119. Darkling Skull in Raids?
  120. T1 Dungeons
  121. "Proper" Endgame Progression?
  122. River of Souls - Alsbeth the Discordant Guide Video
  123. Tier 1 Gear Requirements?
  124. Guild Average [Question]
  125. Tanking Lord Greenscale: air phase
  126. Expert Lockouts
  127. Hammerknell, why?
  128. Hammerknell mechanics speculation
  129. HK set bonuses on the PTS
  130. Hylas killing after port
  131. Achievements for Hammerknell Fortress are now ingame :o
  132. Raiders are their own worst enemy?
  133. How long do gsb boss chests last?
  134. Leather drops in Rogue-less groups? (and other equivalents)
  135. Royal Charm of the Aelfwar
  136. So, Is this Aberrant or Typical?
  137. Should Raid T1 Lock Outs be Shortened to 3-5 days after HK launch?
  138. Looking for raiding Guardian guild
  139. Help for Atrophinius the Fallen (Runic Descent)
  140. GP now the gateway Raid?
  141. Fire Raid Rift - Seriously?
  142. Quickest way to make a new source machine?
  143. Greesnscale (The last Boss) Gear Requirements
  144. Greenscale's Blight - Lord Greenscale Guide Video
  145. Greenscale's Blight - Prince Hylas Guide Video
  146. Greenscale's Blight - Oracle Aleria Guide Video
  147. Greenscale's Blight - Infiltrator Johlen Guide Video
  148. Greenscale's Blight - Duke Letareus Guide Video
  149. River of Souls - Plutonus the Immortal Guide Video
  150. River of Souls - Herald Gaurath Guide Video
  151. River of Souls - Warmaster Galenir Guide Video
  152. More 5 man content plz!
  153. Uruulak troubles (main tank)
  154. *****s will always be *****s.
  155. Looking For Group Tool - No Coin and Plaque rewards
  156. Randoming into IT at 23 is crap.
  157. Hit Cap?
  158. Random???????
  159. GSB Saga of the Endless : the quest item from lord greenscale
  161. Gilded Prophecy drop tables
  162. Christwo Best Bard in the World Drunk on Mumble. World First player - stay small Nerd
  163. Why is it so hard for looking a group to do dungeon? Should Trion do something?
  164. "support should heal"
  165. "support should heal"
  166. This game should change it`s name to "Raid"
  167. Warrior and Cleric looking for a home in a new raiding guild
  168. Still 150+ random dungeon runs for a set of T2?
  169. Trion: Please fix this
  170. Raid resists- how much is needed?
  171. Correct T2 loot tables - where to find?
  172. Are thier any two person dungeons?
  173. What is with the dungeon finder
  174. tips for making future dungeons
  175. help please - you or an ally has no willing roles selected.
  176. Can't queue for RD
  177. GP lockout bug.
  178. Will hammerknell T4 gear cost marks of ascension?
  179. Lifebound Relic please fix.
  180. I am the tank, LFG still don't work!
  181. Uruluuk
  182. Incredible amount of caster drops over physical gear.
  183. Expert Dunegon Drop Rates
  184. How do you get T2 raid gear in Hammerkneel?
  185. GP still overtuned. Needs significant nerfs.
  186. Looking for raiding guild.
  187. Where's the Tank? (...and other LFG Tool issues)?
  188. The Psychology of Raiding
  189. 2h Weaponstones should be normalized with 1h whetstones.
  190. Resistance in T4 (Planar Focus)
  191. xAP Weirdness - Kaler Andrenos
  192. Marks of Ascension need something non armor to buy.
  193. Extra checks for Experts.
  194. Disordant Knight ABY: pps drop dead !!
  195. So I had a dream
  196. GP questions
  197. Bard Legendary(s)
  198. Hit/Focus/Toughness Rating
  199. No RoS tanking relic weapon?
  200. Greenscale "bug"
  201. Royal Charm of the Aelfwar
  202. lord greenscale Braken
  203. Odd Pulling of Distance Groups
  204. how many epics from your t2's?
  205. Limit on classes in LFG
  206. Random Instances
  207. Why no 1 hand melee Legendary sword drop from RoS & GSB?
  208. Expet Dungeon Drop Increases
  209. What's the rush?
  210. Infiltrator Jolen phase 4
  211. Uruluuk's Shield behaving normally?
  212. Roles balance in dungeons and raids on level 50
  213. Herald Gaurath Exploit y/n?
  214. whats with raiding always being the end-game content?
  215. Alsbeth Question
  216. Clearing raid zones 2x a week, intended? Should there be rollbacks?
  217. looking for
  218. WTB Buff for Night's Breath
  219. Best Heasl Spec for Uruluuk
  220. This is why I still prefer group UI in dungeons
  221. Noob Raid Rift Question
  222. LFG Tool
  223. BoE Epics give T2 Queues Drama
  224. looking to start raiding
  225. Q: Hammerknell - Loot System
  226. Why is Greenscale's Blight resetting every 30th minute?.......
  227. T2 Tank Gloves Drop
  228. Give us back GP!
  229. The iron tomb mess up?
  230. Lord Greenscale & Reflective command
  231. TDM - PVP-RP Server Recruiting - All Content on Farm.
  232. 4 blues in T2 = leave ?
  233. Why daggers are so much better than slower weapons, WTB some changes for balance
  234. Can we get an answer on dungeon loot issues?
  235. Sparkwing terrorising normal FC!
  236. Can't get into dungeons via LFG!
  237. Epic Quest for Greenscale Loot
  238. Gilded Prophecy nerfed to oblivion.
  239. Caelia "Bug" (CCx)
  240. LFG system still sucks.
  241. Tier 2 Dungeons Tank
  242. Desertion Penalty for LFG Tool is unreasonable
  243. Raid Tears, Help?
  244. Raid Rift hit cap.
  245. Dungeon Lockouts (I dont quite get this)
  246. Slightly unfair looting in dungeons
  247. Cleric loot drops in dungeon/raids.
  248. What is a support role, and how can my warrior become one
  249. Do people not run dungeons?
  250. Transfering + Raid Lockouts