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  1. HK poor itemization [Ocean's Wrath + Darktide's Unbreakable Will]
  2. Vantage says goodbye.
  3. Suggested order of progression in HK?
  4. HK 1hnd relic weapon and offhand
  5. Solo dungeons, for the well geared?
  6. Mastermode dungeons only DD???
  7. Joloral Ragetide
  8. did something about Matron get broken with this hotfix?
  9. HK Trash Crit Modifiers
  10. random dungeon very much not
  11. Where to go after Zilas/Matron
  12. Some advice appreciated .
  13. More HK streaming tonight!
  14. Sicaron 1.4.1 hotfix #7, nerf of buff?
  15. Swift soulbound charger new model for 1.5?
  16. Sick and tired of mobs agro'ing while you ress up.
  17. Is damage in DH bugged or intentionally nerfed?
  18. I don't even raid, but I wish devs would stop nerfing.
  19. Where is the Spider Cave in Gloamwood?!
  20. HK Becoming Increasingly Easier
  21. Murdantix adds
  22. Akylios and the top guilds.
  23. honestly
  24. gatekeeper kaleida tip
  25. DeepStrike was fairly interesting.
  26. No DSM MM?
  27. skip HK trash?
  28. What makes me not want to tank pugs is...
  29. Make T1s into MM not T2s
  30. Uruluuk should drop relic weapons
  31. Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollen
  32. Grugonim - Easy Mode
  33. how to roll in DDR
  34. Yet Another Loot Distribution Thread
  35. Having To Bid on DRR loot.
  36. My first run through Iron Tomb.
  37. Updated RoS Mount Model
  38. Who needs 20? Breaking bads vs Inwar Darktide: Melee POV
  39. discounting the final fish boss...
  40. Seriously, let us bypass the rng
  41. World First Jornaru?
  42. People that cant see bubbles on sicaron?!
  43. No one....cares....
  44. Drowned Halls bugs after recent hotfix
  45. T1/T2 Plaque Value Change,
  46. Most epic Greenscale kill ever.
  47. What's with dungeon groups these days?
  48. Best way to slow Akylios progression? Suspend the guild's MT -- for no reason.
  49. dots vs shields
  50. Top/Most progressed Oceanic Guild?
  51. Can Murdantix' Ferocious Pound be redunced to melee range only?
  52. Raiding Hammerknell Now - Stream Up!
  53. List of all hammerknell drops?
  54. Is hammerknell too hard?
  55. Is hammerknell too hard?
  56. Abusing transfers for server firsts
  57. HK skellies right after Murdantix still drop loot?
  58. Smart Drop Looting System for raids
  59. Matron's Dark Concussion & Warrior's Way of the Mountain
  60. HK loot
  61. DPS(e)????
  62. Matron
  63. Gsb, anyone still running this?
  64. Sicaron Cleansing
  65. Terrible Idea vs Inwar Darktide 1080p (Clearer than Vantage's, shows both POVs)
  66. Terrible Idea vs Akylios =P
  67. BUG: Boss fight-Force field locks out group
  68. HK Armor models? Where's the love!
  69. Akylios enrage timer
  70. Aftermath HK Stream
  71. Gaming and raiding are meant to be fun... so why aren't they?
  72. Vantage vs. Inwar Darktide (Kill video, Melee + Ranged Perspectives)
  73. Sicaron non stragedy based question for those who kill him
  74. Hammerknell requirements
  75. Damming the Stream Bugged?
  76. HK Loot
  77. grats so?
  78. Grugonim Bug
  79. epic idea for new t3 raid or something
  80. Which Dungeons are Best For New(er) Tanks at lvl 50?
  81. HK Video Guides for those that don't like reading
  82. Sell back hexed items?
  83. who else has the null and void achievement?
  84. Realm of the Fae
  85. Hammerknell : Where to go after Murdantix ?
  86. Matron revolting ichor
  87. New Uruluuk bugs.
  88. Watch out dudettes!
  89. Relic loot tables
  90. WTF Trion?!
  91. hammerknell maps of mobs
  92. T3 and Plaques.
  93. dungeons and raids should have a calling limit
  94. Is it bad luck?
  95. Terrible Idea vs Inquisitor Garau 1080p - Hammerknell
  96. Hylas Kiting
  97. When are 10-man instances being added to the LFG tool?
  98. [RiftStrats.com] Grugonim, Inquisitor Garau, and Inwar Darktide Strategy Guides
  99. Top BoE DPS Warrior Gear to help in T3 content.
  100. Which monkey designed the loot tables?
  101. riftprogress
  102. fail itemization is completely fail
  103. xCC - Reinforced Windblown Tunic
  104. GreenScale is Bugging
  105. Relic Drop Rates
  106. Smallest end game of any modern MMO i can remember
  107. Trinket Drop Rates In T2 Dungeons - Titanslayer Tanking Sword
  108. Soulrender Zilas Guide Video
  109. Matron Zamira Guide Video
  110. Pug Gear Fail
  111. Grrr locked out
  112. What is Defiants Necrotic Greater Essence equivalent?
  113. Fall of Lantern Key PISSES ME OFF LOL
  114. Dear PuGs
  115. Lfg tool is epic isnt it?
  116. Prince Hylas Bug
  117. 5 minutes before server restarts - DSM - Dichrom - Need dat SHoE
  118. Raid frames
  119. Failing on Zilas
  120. Duke/Johlen/hylass reset
  121. <Terrible Idea> vs Grugonim (1080p)
  122. 10 minutes LFG BUG!!!
  123. Purely Bonkers The Hand Book For A Fun Run With Out The Fuss
  124. Hammerknell Progression Thread (World Progression Thread)
  125. Drowned Halls Zone-in bug
  126. PvP gear in raids fix
  127. Looking for group
  128. lfd tool - what's the deal?
  129. A message to people who are scared of tanking
  130. No Tanks for your T1 and T2s? Thank the noobs
  131. Enrage Timers
  132. Oracle Aleria Bugged Out Again
  133. Hydriss....grr
  134. Trend Setters
  135. Hammerknell by Maximation
  136. High Def (I hope) HK stream
  137. With 1.5 will raid gear be made more accessible?
  138. <Terrible Idea> vs 7/11 Hammerknell (1080p Brilliance)
  139. Waiting time on T1??
  140. Chronicle Greenscale's Blight: The Fallen Prince
  141. Vantage Raiding Stream - Inwar Darktide Progression
  142. eXile Guild on Whitefall (EU) kill video vs Souldrender Zilas (1080P)
  143. T1 question for a Fresh 50...
  144. Need more items to spend plaques and marks on... why bother with dungeons?
  145. How Long is the average Dungeon Run?
  146. LFG Queueing Times
  147. DPS, is there something im missing? (mages, wars, and rogues)
  148. Chloro, is it good enough to main heal a lower level Dungeon?
  149. can anyone suggest a good boss strategy website?
  150. LFG Support role defined where?
  151. Grug 2 hander
  152. Akylios: First Look (Teaser Video)
  153. Hammerknell tank comparison / physical mitigation
  154. Raid lockouts should be on a per-boss basis
  155. Get with the program Trion
  156. The Death of a Raider
  157. 10m VS 20m Raiding
  158. The cycle forming around Hit Rating that needs to start getting changed now/soon.
  159. How can i get a role for dungeon groups and quest groups?
  160. Token of lost souls
  161. Matron Bug ?
  162. Performing your role in low-level dungeons.
  163. Master Mode Dungeon Film w/ commentary
  164. My Thoughts on Master Mode Dungeons
  165. My Thoughts on Master Mode Dungeons
  166. Stop nerfing Gilded Prophecy
  167. Master Mode Dungeon Loot
  168. Single player instances
  169. HK Report - Episode 4
  170. Pulling your own weight in a PUG? Then help a noob in the mid tiers!!!
  171. Hammerknell gear
  172. King Molinar phys. mitigation (for DPS) different from others?
  173. Sign up for different roles in different dungeons.
  174. So what's actually been "fixed" in GP after the hotfix?
  175. Terrible Idea vs Estrode
  176. Why did you complain guys
  177. Chronicles of Telara commentary video/overview
  178. like the GP changes
  179. Does HK compare with Wow HMs?
  180. sicaron: the solo tank approach
  181. new skins on hk weapons are terrible
  182. Terrible Idea vs Sicaron
  183. Rogue T2 DPS droprate broken?
  184. Need T2 Tank Advice
  185. Greenscale Post Hotfix
  186. Anyone notice buggy mobs in T1 Raids?
  187. Server Firsts
  188. Anrak the Foul post hot fix
  189. Dropped items for marks?
  190. Look of Hammerknell weapons
  191. I think we did fail to kill the plane of life :P (wierd post from wierd person)
  192. standardized PvE gear!
  193. Dungeons
  194. DH achievment Undertow
  195. Mage gear in expert dungeons
  196. General Dungeon or Raid Question from New LVL 50
  197. Different Raid content
  198. Could a higher end raider answer a gear question
  199. Joloral aggro
  200. Vengeance Will Make Craftables n Tier 1/2 Useful Again.
  201. How will raiders finish HK now?
  202. Concerning Raids, and gear/experience level
  203. Leveling dungeons are TOO HARD and I have some ideas - Please hear me out, Trion
  204. @ Maximation
  205. LFD vote kick not usable for 10 mins, why?
  206. So you wanna join the LFG tool for an expert dungeon? The definitive guide
  207. So I got a trikent off of Inquisitor Guarau..
  208. When DPS is bad in LFG PUG
  209. [Live Stream] HK with <Maximation>
  210. WTB Synergy Crystals for T1, T2 & T3
  211. Zilas, The claimed RNG and what the hell is wrong with this boss.
  212. HK Question
  213. Taking bets on who kills Akylios
  214. Why Valor should be added to Hammerknell Relic Armor
  215. Will HK and crafted set-effects be halved for PvP ?
  216. CET HK raid stream
  217. Why am I drowning at Gedlo Council
  218. I can't raid anymore.
  219. Garau kill vid. (Special Olympics)
  220. Exploit! Earth Burst Snare affects HK BOSSES
  221. Requested changes for PvE gear!
  222. Hammerknell Changes for next hotfix
  223. Rune-etched Gauntlets
  224. Inc raid nerf
  225. DH 1st boss bugged
  226. Feedback: Dungeon Requirements & Penalties
  227. Corrupted Souls - What the eff am I suppose to do?
  228. Trinity Kills King Molinar and Prince Dollin
  229. Dungeon queing problem
  230. ACT - Raid dps display
  231. Serious LFD problems
  232. 67% of All Tanks Fail . So Why be a Tank?
  233. Fun fight
  234. Ach: "Wave Goodbye" bugged?
  235. Tanks being leader
  236. Cross server LFG, and STILL cannot find tanks or healers.
  237. Murdantix tank oneshots
  238. Kicked from Rift Raid group
  239. Two cleric healers, a bard and a chloro walk into a T1
  240. 4 Types of People in PUGs (That Really Piss Me Off)
  241. Gold/Exp Gains for 5-man Raids
  242. Dungeon solo/duo - how low can you go?
  243. Random dungeon is so borken
  244. Eliam the bugged is still bugged
  245. Question about Hydriss
  246. small idea about quing times
  247. No rewards for random dungeon que?
  248. ACT issues separating thrash mob packs.
  249. Adios Trion, good luck other rogues!
  250. Camera Collision