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  1. Epic wave deaths?
  2. Healing Akylios
  3. <Harmless> 11/11 HK Live Stream! 1/25 6PM-9PM Server aka RIGHT NOW!
  4. Need clarity for ESTRODE (LoL, i know right?)
  5. RoS - Dark Foci's
  6. Wait Times for T2 dungeons
  7. What shards are?
  8. Hammerknell Boss Order after all those Nerfs?
  9. Flame graphic on RoTP weapons not consistent
  10. Low level iron tombs healing
  11. Warrior's have it easy on Akylios
  12. Build Up Your Resistance - How Important per Role?
  13. 5 manning duke (epic ending)
  14. CR Dungeon Entering/Exiting messed up??
  15. Rune King Molinar Forgotten Steward Spawns - Observation
  16. How many Relics Drop from Final Bosses- GSB for instance
  17. Riftlogs down?
  18. rez was refused
  19. Have you met this Support?
  20. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  21. I know it's not a priority, but the in combat bug in DSM is still there...
  22. Girls need to focus in T2's
  23. Master Mode CR in 1.7
  24. Beruhast Broken
  25. Successful Sicaron cleansing strategies?
  26. Random queue bonus
  27. Silgen
  28. King Nerf
  29. Your actions have caused to to leave all LFG queues
  30. 1s Cleanse GCD for General (Added Utility)
  31. Patch 1.6.8 Raiding Changes -- Thoughts
  32. Help with LSG
  33. Grugonim resetting after 10% phase?! NOT OK
  34. Help me understand PvE endgame better please
  35. Converting Plaques of Achievement
  36. HK Hit and Focus Min requirement for Akylios please?
  37. "River of Souls: Chains of Death Preview" @ TerRIFTic
  38. gear guide
  39. Rogue LFG with 1,2,or 3 pm server raid starting time
  40. Raiding macro feature: "and say"
  41. inwar help!
  42. HK PUG Progression Tracker
  43. Hammerknell is awesome :)
  44. How do you make people play bard/archon?
  45. Bards R us
  46. some questions about Matron Zamira
  47. Hexed belt drop rate Nerfed?
  48. For Riftlogs or anyone looking to start up a Parse Uploading website...
  49. Help me find the dungeon?
  50. Beruhast
  51. PTS - Relic gsb two-hander 57 dps, HK grug axe 58 dps - RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE
  52. "Warriors vs Akylios" or "the 4 on 2 situation"
  53. Ninja need rolls on recipe drops.
  54. Advice for Akylios progression?
  55. We Want You! (Upcoming 20-Man Raid Testing)
  56. are rougues inferior tanks to warriors?
  57. Tip for reducing DPS requirement for General Silgen
  58. "Riftstalker's" t2 set
  59. Forked lightning derping on lashers?
  60. How about a Guild Event Tab?
  61. Make BOP = BOA
  62. where to go in HK now? :)
  63. Help with Gear
  64. Akylios: Double lasher bug
  65. Best Low Level Cleric Healing Spec?
  66. Request of Dungeon Plaques, Marks & Greater Marks Exchange
  67. Odd behavior in Rune King fight
  68. PvP gears needs to have less functionality in raids
  69. skill rotation for MM
  70. RiftLogs.com parser
  71. HK Trash Pulls....
  72. Livestream: Bigglet (Heresy) - Infernal Dawn and other RIFT gameplay streaming
  73. Raid Balance - Mostly good in T1 - Terrible in T2
  74. LFG for DRR, MDD, and Raids?
  75. RotP Ereandorn question
  76. Warrior tanks need practically twice the stats as DPS queuing for T2 Dungeons
  77. Freelong Streaming HK with Heresy
  78. Warrior Trinkets: "King of the Fight" vs. "Token of Stolen Souls"
  79. That awkward moment when u bard
  80. ROTP last boss (Video)
  81. New player questions about end game
  82. Is it a bug to enter ROTO?
  83. Dark pulsing crystals
  84. Relic drops off Akylios don't have proc effects like relics from GSB/ROS?
  85. Expert DD BUG
  86. How long do instanced raids take?
  87. Trion, it's time to consider out of raid looting...
  88. Random Dungeon With Partial Group
  89. Random Dungeon Finder Issue?
  90. So Raid PUGs....
  91. 10 man GSB clear
  92. T3 Raid Content Question
  93. Black Company needs to be nerfed...
  94. ID+T3 PAs together=NO
  95. T1 raids with new T2 rewards
  96. Resist Sigils/Sourcemachines
  97. Top Guild/ Shard/ Faction?
  98. Rot Pool Links does it exist?????
  99. Making endgame raiding more accessable
  100. Greater Marks and master dungeons
  101. Zilas or Matron
  102. HK Tanking Modifications
  103. HK Trash drops
  104. Master Mode request.
  105. So what is the Easiest to Hardest dungeons on master mode?
  106. General Silgen bug
  107. lower level dungeons
  108. Question about End game gear
  109. 1.6 Hot Fix 5
  110. Resolution.
  111. Greater marks for T2's!
  112. wow just wow
  113. Poor Itemization in Rotp
  114. All HK guilds
  115. Whatever happened to master mode Caduceus Rise?
  116. Rift Log Parsing Site PHP Jumpstart Toolkit
  117. Dragon Soul vs Hammerknell
  118. I made something for you
  119. Servers with Pug or Cash Run Raids?
  120. Would like to say thank you to trion ( None troll post)
  121. General Silgen No Priest question
  122. <The Trolls> Downed the big bad squid!!!
  123. defiant raid armor for gaurdians?
  124. Official "I killed Akylios post-nerf" Thread
  125. The Immortal Danes killed Akylios!
  126. Does anyone use Pingbetter?
  127. Trash before Jornaru/Akylios fight continually resetting
  128. Master Mode Darkening Deeps Instance Lock - What days?
  129. Planar Conqueror and Vanquisher Gear: Fails to bridge the gap into HK due to cost
  130. End game/dungeons question
  131. As requested Rift Runners Akylios kill video
  132. T1/T2 dungeons vs WoW Cataclysm heroics
  133. Is Beruhast "overtuned" ?
  134. 'O why Trion, why do you do this to me.
  135. Greater marks for mDD, what do you guys think about this?
  136. A new Aky change!
  137. Akylios Trash Training 101
  138. Elemental Raid Sigils
  139. Raid guilds by time zone
  140. General Silgen fixed.... kind of
  141. What's with Mana Siphon?
  142. Drama = game fixes
  143. 7 Easy Ways to Streamline Raids and Make Everything Wonderful Forever
  144. HK trash loot????
  145. Trion's Failed Gearing Up/Raid System?
  146. Beruhast
  147. Failing on Akylios!.. Part 2
  148. Raid Parsing Sites!
  149. Hammerknell Fortress Video
  150. PvE Arena?
  151. RIFT becoming too Raidcentric? Raidloggers and current server activity
  152. Question: Essential Raid buffs and debuffs
  153. How is this even possible? (Sicaron)
  154. HK Conq: Gone
  155. General Silgen easiest boss in RotP
  156. Trion please read and comment
  157. Presented without comment
  158. Beruhast
  159. interupting mobs bugged?
  160. Dear Trion
  161. Why Do You Raid?
  162. Rising Crest shield from Akylios - bugged?
  163. Hammerknell Sigil(s)
  164. stuck on Matron Zamira
  165. Harmless downs Akylios
  166. Fracture > Akylios
  167. fang of the life lord proc rate is horrilbe will it ever be fixed
  168. Akylios Mana Pinchers and DoL
  169. Resist Cores
  170. Streaming akylios attempts at 6 server
  171. Dear Trion!
  172. rift = random dungeon super fail?
  173. How to approach PvE...
  174. Ultimate Dungeon Hero Guide
  175. Rift Runners VS Akylios in... Paint!!!
  176. Old Sql... Hylas
  177. So, video settings makes a difference...
  178. Seething Cores dont spawn at all?
  179. Bring back Multi zone Tiered Raiding please.
  180. Maelforge Mechanic Ideas for Trion!
  181. 10 man progression issues
  182. Rise of the Phoenix (Sliver) - Seething Cores Temporarily Disabled
  183. Can we finally put all the T1 dungeons into T2 as well?
  184. LFG tool working? 2 hours queued as healer with no hits
  185. What boss mechanics would you like to see included/ditched in Infernal Dawn?
  186. Seething Cores spawn after every boss?
  187. Nerf Akylios
  188. Pre-Akylios trash resetting
  189. Better late then never
  190. some questions about Matron Zamira
  191. A plea to the art department re: raid mobs
  192. What is your favorite boss in the Slivers and 20 mans?
  193. Master Mode Caduceus Rise....
  194. Warriors VS Sicaron
  195. Nerf Silgen's HP
  196. Riptide Bludgeon bugged
  197. So how hard are the 48-50 dungeons? Just hit 48, worried about jumping in as tank.
  198. Got kicked from a 5 man normal raid... why?
  199. Does HK trash drop any loot anymore?
  200. General Sligen in RotP is Bad Design
  201. Akylios Changes...
  202. Voice Of Madness Nerf
  203. So if everyone leaves a group, I can't queue for more?
  204. Scammed in Heroics , ridiculous
  205. Grugonim - Tower Phases trouble
  206. How are dungeon queues at level 50?
  207. Order by dificulty
  208. Feature request: Cooldown reset on raid wipe
  209. Rift and the Lack of Tanks
  210. Trion, can you change your raid design philosophy slightly?
  211. 5/11 HK, any chance of 3/4 RotP??
  212. mage v.s. sicaron wut?
  213. t3 lvl 50 rogue looking for raiding guild
  214. Cleric builds needed throughout HK?
  215. Warrior Phys Crit stat for beginning raids
  216. need longer warning before Konstantin enrages
  217. No Help for Low Level Dungeons?
  218. [RiftStrats.com] Akylios and Rise of the Phoenix Strategy Guides
  219. Grug, Molinar, or Sicaron.
  220. Infernal Dawn Speculation
  221. Matron Zamira: No Tomes!
  222. RotP hit requirments - higher than HK?
  223. Does transferring mid-week still mess with raid lock-outs?
  224. Drowned Halls Bugs
  225. Hey, Fix My Riptide Bludgeon
  226. Why I haven't completed CR yet
  227. Are 10-man raids meant to be entry level raids or BiS item farm area?
  228. Master DD
  229. how do we make the last boss in ROTP pop?
  230. Rotp - Last Boss Skill Bug
  231. Who manages RiftLogs?
  232. HK Synergy Crystals
  233. Sicaron bug/out of sync/lag issue?
  234. 2 Handed drop rates
  235. 3 months in HK without progression, bye!
  236. What's up with Herald this week?
  237. Is RiftRanks dead?
  238. Special Olympics Stream
  239. New Fire and Earth rifts drops seem to be unbalanced
  240. Streaming akylios reps
  241. Caduceus Rise Regular - Last Boss problem
  242. In Before the Nerf: <Blackout> downs Akylios
  243. Looking for a Raiding Defiant Guild (any server)
  244. cad's rise
  245. Resistance Source Machine Paranoia and Possible Fix
  246. Planar Attunement needs to be fixed.
  247. Pet Control
  248. How long did it take your guild to clear GSB?
  249. Less dmg output for physical dmg dealers in Rise of the Phoenix
  250. Caduceus (the boss)