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  1. Special runners - World 3rd? Regulos.
  2. 20 mans toggleable too 10 man
  3. can my L50 tank do the new dungeons in SL with "normal" gear?
  4. Necroscalpel a figment of my imagination?
  5. Pet Solo's Final Boss in Boneforged Glitch
  6. A few questions about specific Expert bosses from a tank's POV
  7. Cross-server raid pug channel
  8. LFG Triumph of the Storm Queen
  9. Soloing Raid Boss in EI-1st on the Shard?
  10. WTB Soul of the Dead
  11. Gearing for Raids?
  12. Dungeos and elitists...dejavu
  13. Raid-set helmet weaker than crafted helmet
  14. Cocooned in Darkening Deep while soloing.
  15. <No Quarter> NA First, World Second Regulos
  16. Julatharin
  17. Double Loot
  18. Something to buy with Random Expert marks?
  19. I had one of those moments...
  20. <Game Over> vs. Regulos WORLDFIRST Killvideo
  21. Grats game over on regulos !!!!
  22. Please remove SBL from Random expert rotation
  23. How much health to tank an Expert?
  24. General Typhiria in Tower of the Shattered expert bug
  25. Crucia Lightning Breath
  26. Aegis (Threesprings) Crucia Shard First!
  27. Perfect Execution
  28. Zaviel - Arc Weld Prefers Melee DPS targets
  29. EE Kain, Cleric tanking Issue
  30. SL Raid Buff/Debuff Analysis
  31. Raid Progress 4 your website (especially enjin)
  32. Realtime Buff/Debuff monitoring. Is there an Addon available?
  33. 1h set weapons?
  34. A Hero Rises: Vindicator Cannon and Defender Fields?
  35. Moneybags' Purse
  36. <Babytown> Goloch Alternate Strategy
  37. When do we fight Thedeor?
  38. Gelidra regaining health on Phases #2
  39. Frozen Tempest - Location
  40. A quick trip to Regulos - Opening Sequence
  41. Poor itemization
  42. Trim ur Stash and start raiding again!
  43. Core Meltdown bugged?
  44. Looking for a specific item from EE-help me pls :)
  45. <Babytown> RA: Triumph of the Dragon Queen
  46. FT bosses not giving loot or raid marks
  47. Zone of Defilement - Animation
  48. Bugged Dungeon Achievements?
  49. Typhiria bug in Tower of the Shattered
  50. infinity stones and dungeons
  51. <Terrible Idea> vs Matriarch (Video)
  52. Good HP Low Level Dungeons.
  53. Soul of the Dead
  54. Heart of Crucia
  55. Expert Tanking
  56. scalable raids, the why, and how
  57. Raid Buff Solo Buffs, With Good DPS Build, and Macros
  58. List of bugged achievements?
  59. Soloing the initial trash in Endless Eclipse
  60. Dungeons, those that run them and those who show up and follow..doing nothing
  61. Warrior tank gear-up?
  62. Bug, or...
  63. Gear List sorted by class and role, and where you get it
  64. General Typhiria - Tempest of Agony
  65. Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli
  66. All-Star Teams
  67. An Allstar Idea...
  68. Primeval Feast Fast run - 30 or 40 min?
  69. Where is Triumph of The Storm Queen located?
  70. No one missing Frozen Eclipse Stone bonus?[bug]
  71. Dps
  72. Golem Foundry Expert C1-0N3 - Invisible Ground Mechanic on Low Quality Renderer
  73. Need help with Crucia and Orbital Strike.
  74. LFG system and group composition
  75. the world should have just ended
  76. Why all of the screen messages v_v
  77. What is wrong with Expert Vendor Gear?
  78. Storm breaker protocol
  79. 1 Drop loot per boss in raids 10man
  80. 12/21/2012 went way better than expected....
  81. Itemization/gear upgrade path kinda sucks
  82. No epics from last boss
  83. Gelidra's AoE bugged?
  84. How to make a "B"
  85. Regulos
  86. Queing Specific Dungeons: Switching-no choice and a penalty
  87. Blade of Surging Storms
  88. Design Your Own Encounter
  89. Just dropping by...
  90. Crucia Perfection
  91. Another Expert loot rage thread...
  92. PUG Derps and Sweet Revenge
  93. <Terrible Idea> downed Crucia tonight 12/19
  94. Elevator Boss before the Twins
  95. Gelidra - Lacerating Cascade
  96. Rift Runners Down Matriarch + Goloch
  97. Queue Pause
  98. <Addiction> NA First Matriarch of Pestilence
  99. General Typhiria - Storm of Torment
  100. Gelidra and Sterilize
  101. Goloch down by GO: the drama continues.
  102. Raid Lock: Episode 5 - Storm of Failure
  103. 1 day lockout on expert dungeons. You gotta be kidding me...
  104. Your guilds Raid theme song?!
  106. Question about Crucia.
  107. Shouldn't Raid Rifts be in between Experts and Raids?
  108. Where to find up-to-date infomation on Storm Legion RAIDs
  109. Queue times? Are they this long for everyone?
  110. Where is the raid The Endless Eclipse?
  111. Bring back marks dropping from every boss instead of at the end
  112. Emphaela: remove the jump barriers.
  113. Group make up for 10 man could use help
  114. Matriarch of Pestilence Bug
  115. Special Olympics annonce official theme tune
  116. Remove Stormbreaker from Random list until fixed?
  117. Deterred From Healing Anymore
  118. [Empyrean Core] Adds/Trash Damage.
  119. SL upgradable expert set-pieces
  120. Crucia Bugs
  121. <Special Olympics> Endless Eclipses Boss Videos
  122. RIFT Raid Progression Sites and DPS Parsing Software/Guides (UPDATE)
  123. getting kicked from dungeons as soon as you join
  124. <Addiction> NA First Frozen Tempest Clear
  125. Freezing issues in Endless Eclipse?
  126. TotDQ: Error
  127. <Special Olympics> Endless Eclipse - Progenitor and Kain down.
  128. Grand Falconer Zoles
  129. Special Olympics - 20man Raid Progression Stream - Endless Eclipse
  130. 5 man experts, people need to learn patiance
  131. Useless expert marks.
  132. <Addiction> Endless Eclipse - Progenitor and Kain down.
  133. Warp of the Sliver not dropping?
  134. New chronicle is fun until the final encounter
  135. Rift Runners Down Crucia
  136. Empyrian core
  137. Death Bug in new Chronicle
  138. Thanks for the Crucia Fix!
  139. Empyrean Core: Prince Kaliban (Expert)
  140. Please fix the first 20man before opening another.
  141. Crucia is a social experiment
  142. "Storm Legion will be more melee friendly"
  143. Guildmember says its not about level
  144. New Raid Day, New Crucia Bugs
  145. Conqueror: Endless Eclipse
  146. Triumph of the thingie - Raid Tier 1
  147. SL Expert Boss Loot Drop Issue.
  148. Cache Finder and SL raids
  149. No 'Warp of the Sliver' drops?
  150. Sable Gloves of the Beguiler exist?
  151. Crucia Infinite Storm Bug - possible fix?
  152. Only 1 loot item from Twins
  153. Buff... Raid Frozen Eclipse Gear
  154. Having fun with infinite storm bugs
  155. ROTP High Priest broken
  156. Why do I run experts?
  157. Gangnum
  158. Am i the only one who thinks like this?
  159. DPS bug on Necrotic throne?
  160. Why was Crucia the first raid boss?
  161. Eternal Eclipse Raid Trailer (Patch 2.1)
  162. Trion when will you fix T2 Exploids ?
  163. Expert last boss: Remove dem blues from the loot table
  164. Why don't dungeons/experts give faction anymore?
  165. Third boss of Golem Foundry visuals
  166. World 1st Solo Jorb and Ragetide - Drowned Halls?
  167. Infinite storm critically hits No Quarter for 8628494 overkill
  168. ID requirements at 60
  169. Stormbreaker Protocol
  170. [Bug] Storm Breaker Protocol - Mech abilities not working
  171. World First Crucia Kill Video
  172. World 2nd Crucia by Game Over
  173. Trinkets - Something needs to be done.
  174. Funnel Vision Achievement - Unhallowed Boneforge
  175. Storm Breaker Protocol Temporarily Disabled
  176. Congratulations Special Olympics..
  177. +75 Warrior tank legs
  178. Storm Breaker Protocol down?
  179. Give us a reason to keep queuing for dungeons when we're out of randoms
  180. Bugs on Grand Falconer
  181. Infinity Priest Set
  182. New Dungeons?
  183. I despise Prince Kaliban
  184. Are dungeons ment to be this hard, or are they just bugged?
  185. Party leader can just boot you without vote kick
  186. Thumbs up for Golem Foundry
  187. Expert Loot Table
  188. When are raids going to be released?
  189. Storm Breaker Protocal down for repairs?
  190. Expert abandonment
  191. Congratulations to NA Guilds and to Trion's Defective Communication
  192. Can't we all just get along?
  193. Grats NA
  194. Current bugs on Crucia
  195. Frozen Tempest Gear Requirements
  196. Hit requirements for lvl 60 DRR
  197. [BUG] Upgrading Dungeon/Raid gear
  198. I'm loving the dungeonfinder for EXPERT dungeons...
  199. Please fix 59-60 Normal loot table drops - NO CLERIC TANK GEAR
  200. Stormbreaker protocol - mechs poof when we die
  201. Empyrean Core
  202. Trion - Fix expert and raid loot
  203. Dungeon Attitude - why people need that?
  204. Submit Loot for Dungeons, Raids and Rifts
  205. Aggro range of first boss in unhallowed boneforge
  206. What fails have you experienced in these new dungeons?
  207. manslaughter
  208. Crashing every time I enter empyrean core
  209. SL Loot Database [Work In Progress]
  210. How can we make classic raids relevant in SL?
  211. Looking for a specific item from normals.
  212. Three-Way Tie:
  213. going to patch euro first?
  214. Cleric parsing 10.5k on practice dummy
  215. NQ
  216. Tower of the Shattered Expert - Overseer Cowel
  217. Is the quest Mortal Coil Broken?
  218. General Typhiria - Final Boss of 10-man Horribly Bugged
  219. Are you serious?
  220. Take lockouts off Xpert Dungeons
  221. Warrior Tank Pants from Normals?
  222. Toughness Runes / Essences - Were can I find/buy them
  223. Major exploit found in game.
  224. Unhallowed Boneforge
  225. Field and Stream achievement bugged
  226. Gelidra
  227. Why does it seem like tank damage in experts seems off...
  228. Old Dungeons at lvl 60 normal que
  229. RaidLock: Episode 4 (name not suitable for forums)
  230. Progression questions from 0-60
  231. Toughness important in normals?
  232. Concern about Unhallowed Boneforge and it's bugs.
  233. <Game Over> vs Frozen Tempest Videos
  234. Horribly long expert queue for non tanks
  235. SL Experts and Two Healing
  236. Do not nerf experts, fix them !!
  237. Support is not a role in a 5 man
  238. Raid Prep: Obviously I am doing it wrong...
  239. So this maaaaaay not be intended...
  240. expert advice plz
  241. GSB now 10man?
  242. Dropping out on Storm Breaker Protocol (exprt)
  243. Addiction downs Kolmasveli and Toinenveli, NA first
  244. Storm Legion Dungeons worth it while you lvl?
  245. Storm Legion Experts
  246. I don't even...
  247. Golem Foundry Expert - Manslaughter
  248. Full Triumph of the Dragon Queen Guide at http://rift-mmorpg.com/
  249. Needing to have two healers for experts.
  250. Not receiving daily expert bonus rewards