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  1. Selling Tok Services: *Belch* Achieve
  2. Suggested crafting tweaks for crafting 4.0
  3. WTB> A Lot of Scoria Fish Livers
  4. how do i make xarthian extract?
  5. Unsure how to progress from 290 to 300 (runecrafting)
  6. Wtb lvl 70 seal
  7. Ethereal Planar Dust
  8. Visionary Trinket??
  9. Crafting Update Demand.
  10. Visionary Survivalist Trainer
  11. Leveling butchering
  12. What proffesion to choose?
  13. Dim-key recipes cool down
  14. Artificer recipe bug
  15. Best SFP spots for training mining,foraging,butchering?
  16. Not sure if this is dumb question or not
  17. Dream Orb Spread Sheet
  18. Suggestion for fishing
  19. Tenebrean Samite Farming?
  20. Thank you very much, well done.
  21. Why are the weapon stones for casters 1/2 as much as the ones for hitters?
  22. distinct lack of fishing nodes in SFP
  23. Bolidium Ward vs Mossclaw Defense
  24. Chondritic Planar Dust - Drop Rate needs tweaking (again)
  25. Crafting Dailies no Longer increase level
  26. So about the Prophetic Rune Seals
  27. No points for crafting quest
  28. Questions re 4.0 Crafting
  29. Where is the starweave cloth?
  30. Fishing treasure chest and stan's super lure in SFP
  31. Where can I spend excess Craftsman Marks now?
  32. [Bug?] Minion crafting items
  33. [Bug] Outfitter recipe list
  34. [Bug] Crafting dailies
  35. Fix for daily crafting 10hr CD
  36. Weekly reset of crafting marks - bug
  37. One and Two handed AP/SP runes have the same value
  38. [Bug?] Gedlo Curry Pot stats
  39. New visionary rune for seal cannot be put on new visionary seal?
  40. So there's a shared 6 hour cooldown on all raid vials-brightsurge/powersurge/enduring
  41. Crafting dailies no longer give planar attunement XP
  42. SFP Amenders - Crafting level required
  43. Minions return gray items for 8 hr missions
  44. Outfitter - Leather Armor mats
  45. Any new fishing lures?
  46. New Planar Dust drop rate
  47. Lower crafting level requirement for 20 leather
  48. Option to unlearn/hide recipes
  49. Tempest Bay crafting dailies pay much less
  50. Skill Up Scrolls - No Fishing?
  51. Please help with this
  52. Where are you getting gear to Runebreak?
  53. Rare Fishing Pools- Common Fish Caught
  54. Missing: New Crafting Dailies
  55. Existing recipes and those who don't purchase expac.
  56. Crafting Mats for max level
  57. Cosmic Bag
  58. Fishing after 150. . . where?
  59. Profession Question(s)
  60. Crafting dimension items
  61. Regarding crafting in dimension
  62. Fishing Lures Malfunction
  63. Dream Orb Spread Sheet
  64. Cosmic Fragments in 4.0
  65. Starfall Crafting
  66. "You cannot craft more of this unique item"?!
  67. What to do at 450
  68. Purchase Multiple Items Bug
  69. Crafting Skill boost didn't work
  70. Dear Mort.. how hard would it be to add more fireworks recipes?
  71. Question regarding the whereabouts for crafting materials
  72. Dreamweaver box tanking essences
  73. Stan's Infra-cell fishin' pole
  74. How long does mining, foraging & butchering take?
  75. Why do some Storm Legion crafts still have 20 hour cooldowns?
  76. luminescent spellstone
  77. Cosmic Bag
  78. Bring back more notoriety reciepes
  79. How does one craft 100ks items in a week?
  80. Relic amenders take far too long to craft
  81. Class imbalance in planar gear
  82. Butchering should let you salvage minions.....
  83. stuck at 375
  84. Recipe Eel-Fillet
  85. Do people still fish?
  86. LVLing Forging
  87. Apothecary crafting bug???
  88. 2 p for thalasite crystal?
  89. Tips and tricks to level crafting
  90. Interupts?
  91. Best Craft to start at 375
  92. Cosmic Defender's Essence Supply Crate
  93. Help me understand Raid 1 and crafting
  94. Professions for Cleric
  95. Crifts, Ghunts, and Automobiles
  96. New twsided artifact in PTW
  97. Planar crafting: Weaponsmith (No Healing weaps)
  98. A Guide to DW Crafted Cosmic Essences
  99. Crafting help
  100. Request for a new lure
  101. Onward and upward!
  102. For all your Crafting Rift needs!
  103. "Rare" minion adeventures in 5/15 that cost 45 credits (w/ no shuffle option)
  104. New craftable essences
  105. Crifts- Got a Whole Lot Harder
  106. The fate of Survivalist camping equipment?
  107. greater dexterity boost
  108. No more crafting signa conversions?
  109. Auto-Craft Function Idea - Save us the hassle of making relic amenders
  110. Archonix Producer's Letter and Crafting
  111. Dream Ribbons
  112. Planar fishing
  113. new orbs
  114. Uncle Stan's Lure pulling up recipes again!! Thought this was fixed?
  115. Question about leveling up the fishing skills and the affinity fishing rods.
  116. Paying 25k for a greater
  117. Crafting Rifts loot
  118. Partial Cosmos "Cosmic Bag" error
  119. Infra-Cell Lure Loot
  120. Hidden nerf to Crafting Rift Drop Rates? Intentional or buggy?l
  121. Pelagic Fragment Shortage
  122. Stan's Infra-cell Fishin' Pole - bug?
  123. Can we Un-nerf Foraging and Mining now Please?
  124. Glyph of Prisms
  125. Please, PLEASE fix the orb tank vs non-tank drops
  126. Icebound Tear
  127. Fishing
  128. Which non gathering craft skill brings in the most Plat?
  130. Why are Planar Crafted Earrings and Rings tagged Unique?
  131. Anyone tried Uncle Stans Secret Lure outside of PoW?
  132. Question on crafts
  133. Fishing nerf?
  134. Bloodthirster's Abhorrent Longbow Recipe (?)
  135. Need help identifying
  136. Where to get pelagic fragments
  137. Where do Pelagic Fragments come from?
  138. Gathering and crafting pointless?
  139. Stuck at lvl 75 for outfitter with no new recipes available
  140. Dungeons to work on gathering skills
  141. Magnificent Insightful Rune won't apply to Rings
  142. Help with Survivalist quest item
  143. Planar Recipes Bind on Pickup?
  144. Question: Combing or Using Salvaged Mats?
  145. Bulk Materials are trivial recipes?
  146. Tyrant's throne treasure lure and risarian treasure
  147. Please fix mote imbalance
  148. Advanced Weapon Amenders...
  149. Feature Request: Please support "exact match" search in auctions
  150. is fishing worth it?
  151. No crafting lure weeklies for savants?
  152. Outfitter vs Armorsmith, NT Item costs
  153. Artifacts for Dreamweavers
  154. Please rethink PC recipes mark cost
  155. Rune Amender Recipes Gone.
  156. Crafted Primalist Weapons...
  157. Hazy Dreams
  158. runecrafting help
  159. Stand Alone Professions
  160. Radiant Dream Orbs don't actually offer the "best" stats?
  161. Minion Stamina "Next Point Gain" Broken?
  162. Let's talk about fish baby!
  163. BUG: Weaponsmith - Keen Titanium Glaive BOP
  164. PTW - Critters are Skinnable?
  165. Bugged Soulbound Weekly Crafting Lures (Workaround)
  166. Apothecary Potions
  167. Fabled Hide in 3.4
  168. No Primalist tanking weapon?
  169. Dream orb recipe locations
  170. BUG or another way to screw us over?
  171. Change to Weekly Congealed Dreams Quest Recipe for Runecrafters
  172. Planar fishing just went down hill
  173. Lucky Fortune Biscuits
  174. Planar Fishing and Lure changes with 3.4
  175. Crafted fishing poles visuals
  176. Armorsmith's Soldier's Bundle Helm messed up.
  177. Where to get Marks ?
  178. Stacks of Beginners fishing Poles. (QoL)
  179. No Planar recipes for Runecrafting or Apothecary?
  180. poles and lures
  181. Guardian and Defiant wings brews
  182. New crafting lure quest, where does it begin?
  183. What's coming with 3.4
  184. Crafting and Reagents
  185. Cooldowns on Planar Lures
  186. Question on runecrafting
  187. New Disc-based Dimension Items [Bug]
  188. Which professions are desirable?
  189. LF Guild seeking in-guild crafter
  190. Any news on Imperishable Unsocket items yet?
  191. Outfitter: Empyrean Bag vs. Nightmare Touched Bag?
  192. Planarite Only loot still exists on Crafting Rifts.
  193. New player
  194. 3.4 new crafting nodes?
  195. Strands of Arak?
  196. No proc on crafted rogue bow ?
  197. Need help for Weaponsmith Crafting Lure Weeky
  198. Profession guide for 160% vials?
  199. Fishing skill?
  200. Cannot Craft more of this unique item
  201. Where's the healing procs on Weapons?
  202. Wardrobe Sets
  203. Combat Sigils
  204. Can't find crafting weekley
  205. Do you gather more cloth as an outfitter?
  206. Planar fishing using different lures
  207. Planar fishing lures - separate or shared cooldowns?
  208. Planar crafting fishing
  209. Fishing Bots and Planar Crafting
  210. runebreaking
  211. (Uncle Stan's Lost Tackle Box) Causing frustration
  212. Crafting Rifts need adjustments - big time
  213. 4 Crifts = just planarite rewards
  214. Upgrading new Crafted Weapons
  215. Most Expensive Crafting Professions
  216. WTF is up with crafting UI lag?
  217. Why does the new Outfitter Planar Gear require a forge?
  218. Shared Vault Crafting TY TY TY
  219. Question about fishing up the Super Secret Lure
  220. Why no healing procs on planar weapons?
  221. Fishing: Two lines from 1 cast.
  222. Fishing Question!
  223. Dreamweaver infos?
  224. New crafting station question
  225. Dreaming Rune Amender
  226. HUGE request for ALL crafting & fishing poles/lures.
  227. Automated fishing
  228. Planar Fishing a Waste of Money and Time
  229. Not able to craft anything.
  230. upgrade cost of new 3.3 craftable item
  231. question about planar crafting stations
  232. What comes in each weapon costume crate?
  233. Crafting Rifts...Greedy and Rude people.
  234. Bringing back Myrmidon
  235. DEVS - Armor Bundle Issue
  236. New Gathering rules and Fishing
  237. I think the new planar crafting is borked big time...
  238. Best gathering professions to sell mats for plat in AH?
  239. Crafting Count bug
  240. Outfitter and Armorsmith Costume Bundles are available once again!
  241. Planar Crafting items BoE + BoP
  242. Mining and Foraging increase?
  243. Curious about what happened to the "wings" brews
  244. Rune Amender recipe
  245. Praetor's telluric tasset issue
  246. Weapon Costume Crate
  247. Loving the new 'Micro Brew' Apothecary recipe
  248. Outfitter Not Working
  249. Grandmaster Outfitter Having Problems
  250. How, exactly, do we know what 'element' to pick for crafting lures and fishing?