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  1. Mining off Enemies
  2. Any Crafting Guilds Left?
  3. Skilled Butcher Trainer
  4. Professions to go with runecrafting and mining?
  5. Mining 300+
  6. Orichalcum Ore
  7. Where do you buy minor catalyst?
  8. Buying Invigorating Stormsource
  9. The currant state of Runecrafting.
  10. Need a little help
  11. Is crafting worth it?
  12. End-game DPS warrior recipes?
  13. Is it sensible to have two chars with the same crafting skill?
  14. B> Sandcover Shoulder part
  15. WTT Energized Stormsource Flowing Tidesource or Charred Flamesource
  16. WTB: Soul of the Dead
  17. WTB Nefarious Shadesource or Charred Flamesource (or both!) for rex or gifts
  18. Crafting Skills Gone?
  19. Looking to buy Charred Flamesource
  20. WTT Charred Flamesource for Invigorating Stormsource
  21. Hotkeys
  22. <seastone-guardian> LF crafter with refurbushed mathosian recipies registered
  23. BUG: The new Ashora Quests
  24. WTB Demulcent Faesource
  25. Request for crafting dailies...
  26. Trading Nefarious Shadesource for Charred Flamesource or Invigorating Stormsource
  27. WTB Nefarious Shadesource or Illum.Tidesource
  28. What can a non-crafter do with "Master Craftsman's Mark"
  29. New rune recipes.
  30. WTB [Flowing Tidesource]
  31. Account bound runes
  32. Armour and Weaponsmithing both viable on the same character?
  33. Work order
  34. Salvage
  35. Carfting Dailies not resetting for anyone else?
  36. Slight bouch up on Runebreak
  37. Bolts of Empyrean Cloth disappearing from my bank.
  38. Bonus craft marks from Patron rewards - working as intended?
  39. New black dye
  40. Cloth drops bugged?
  41. 299
  42. WTB Charred Flamsource
  43. WTB Flowing Tidestone & Charred Flamesource
  44. WTB Energized Stormsource
  45. Looking for some information
  46. WTF can't salvage anymore?
  47. WTS Puzzle artifacts of all sets
  48. Need some level info on following
  49. New whetstones not working?
  50. WTB/WTT Soul of the Dead
  51. Any new recipies with 2.3?
  52. Crafting/profession advice...
  53. Runebreaking, any faster way?
  54. Crafting dailies need to get their own category
  55. Crafting Advancement Question
  56. Stellar Brilliant Augment
  57. Looking can crafter, purple Luminous Empyrean Wrap,Luminous Empyrean Cowl.
  58. Salvaging help needed. please
  59. [Selling] THREE souls of the dead!
  60. Drop recipes and re-larning skills
  61. Rogue dps ring
  62. New player here. Any suggestions?
  63. Stuck on 274
  64. WTS Soul of the Dead
  65. WTS Charred Flamesource the upcoming bis greater
  66. Unreasonable Dailies for fishing.
  67. Selling two raid material sets
  68. Forging 270 to 280
  69. WTS Raid Mat Set
  70. What can I biy with GMCM?
  71. WTB [Charred Flamesource] - Greater Essence
  72. Shared Crafting Storage
  73. Bind On Account recipes with reputation requirements?
  74. Celestial Essence
  75. Rune Recipies
  76. Trion, lets talk "crafting"
  77. How many characters to master all trades?
  78. WTB - Murdantix
  79. 10 Dreaming Stars
  80. What is the point of fishing?
  81. WTB Edge of Oblivion dagger
  82. WTB soul of the dead
  83. Trophy Fishing: Bad Luck or Faulty Lures?
  84. Extreme Crafter & Dailies
  85. recipe Luminous Rhenium Stiletto
  86. End Game Crafting Prof?
  87. New crafting plans for 2.3?
  88. WTS Full Set(s) of Raid Mats
  89. best spot for this?
  90. WTS [Regulos Statue]
  91. AH after F2P
  92. WTS Set of raid crafting mats
  93. WTB soul of the dead
  94. Looking to buy Raid mats
  95. Is there any fast way to level mining except hiring a chinese guy to do it?
  96. WTB Sandcovered Robe
  97. New player, questions about Crafting
  98. Getting a Crafting Alt to Tempest Bay
  99. WTB Soul of The Dead
  100. Bolts of Wood
  101. Selling Bogling/Seeing Dots/Queen's Gambit/Circuit diagrams/black book full sets
  102. Runecrafting: Perpetual Light - Which trainer teaches it?
  103. WTS Cloak of the Fallen Shaper
  104. WTS Edge of Oblivion
  105. [SELLING] Soul of the Dead
  106. How do I make money crafting
  107. Request re Fishing Derby
  108. Do weekly crafting recipes go away if you dont use them the week you are given them
  109. Where is this trainer?
  110. Selling: Ashora Far Ranger's Axe
  111. Selling: Regulos Statue
  112. Runecrafting 290... I'm missing something
  113. Skill requirements?
  114. WTB Soul of the Dead and Soul of the Storm
  115. WTB Soul of the Dead
  116. Forageable Mobs
  117. Wtb> soul of the dead
  118. Question about Crafting Dailies
  119. crafter alt in SL
  120. What does BiS stand for?
  121. Grand Master Craftsman's Marks!
  122. WTB Soul of the Dead
  123. Fish getting away
  124. Augments: Melee Crit vs. Physical Crit
  125. WTB [Sandcovered Robe]
  126. XP is too much
  127. WTB Soul of the Dead
  128. Foraging progression.
  129. WTS > Soul of the Dead
  130. Daily help
  131. WTB soul of the dead
  132. Crafting Dailies - a simple fix for Inventory space
  133. Augments and crafting rifts
  134. WTS Soul of the Dead 9k + others for free. EU shards
  135. WTS Set: [Soul of the Dead] [Soul of the Storm] & [Warp of the Sliver] (x2)
  136. WTB> Soul of the Dead
  137. WTB Carnival Floats For My Dimension
  138. For the love of whatever greater power you hold dear to your heart..
  139. WTB Soul of the Dead
  140. Polished Metal Widgets, and other crap
  141. Augments
  142. Lesser planar essence and inert fragments
  143. Recipe equires more ingredients
  144. WTS [Soul of the Dead]
  145. WTB Soul of the Dead x2
  146. RIFT 2.2 Hotfix #5
  147. WTS [Soul of the Dead] @ Faeblight
  148. WTB> Soul of the Dead
  149. WTB Soul of the Dead
  150. WTB soul of the dead
  151. WTB Soul of the Dead@Wolfsbane
  152. WTS: [Ashora Far Ranger's Axe]
  153. WTS Soul of the dead
  154. WTB: Soul of the Dead (laethys)
  155. Endurance + ???
  156. Farming Karthite ore
  157. WTB Soul of the Dead @ Deepwood
  158. WTS: [Soul of the Dead] @Deepwood
  159. WTB: [Soul of the Dead]
  160. LF someone to craft Buckler of Twisted Souls
  161. Strength Seals?
  162. Runecraft Helper addon..
  163. Lucidflower Spires
  164. is there a new way of leveling foraging/mining/butchering?
  165. looking for a good runecrafting guide
  166. WTB Soul of the Dead Faeblight
  167. Buying Soul of the Dead
  168. Artificer CotA Task requires... Ultra-Thin Hides?
  169. Foragable Mobs to get to 375
  170. WTB [soul of the dead] on Deepwood shard!
  171. Can anyone craft Rugged Reinforced Rhenium Cord
  172. Gemstone Remnants
  173. Material Differences in Seal creation
  174. [Selling] Raid Crafting Ingredients
  175. Building the Parade Floats - An Artificer's Skills
  176. ~WTB Soul of the Dead~
  177. Recipes dropped in dungeon
  178. Pumice stone?
  179. New SL Purchasable Recipes in the Future?
  180. So I lost the trainers....
  181. Runecrafting - Dreaming star
  182. Where are the 2H maces and hammers?
  183. Question about purchased Master Craftsman Supply Chests
  184. 20 Hr Crafting CD done away with?
  185. Dungeon Recipes only needable by Chars with that profession
  186. Dungeon Recipes purchasable with Dungeon Marks?
  187. not getting a craft rift lure
  188. Community Workshop
  189. Shattered Bone
  190. WTS Soul of the Dead x1
  191. Survival rest items
  192. WTB soul of the dead 10kp
  193. New gathering dailies reward caches bug?
  194. WTB soul of the dead Icewatch (EU) 11k
  195. Fishing Sunken Treasure and Rewards Idea
  196. For Sale (1) Storm Legion Raid Crafted Item
  197. Why no new dyes for Apothecary?
  198. Is weaponsmithing worth it?
  199. Disappearing platinum
  200. WTB Soul of the Dead 10k plat
  201. Grandmaster Quests and Rifts?
  202. Apoth needs this added
  203. WTB Soul of the DEad 9k
  204. can i take these consumables together?
  205. WTB Soul of the dead 10k plat
  206. Cape rogue dps
  207. Soul of the dead - buying
  208. Fishing past 120
  209. Quest patterns/recipies listed order
  210. What to do with salvaged leather strips (noob question)
  211. Mobile Crafting
  212. Crafting Idea
  213. Comfortable Padding
  214. Fishing Daily Level Cap
  215. Recipe: Orange Sea Star
  216. Relic quality crafted items
  217. Quicksilver faction recipes
  218. Apothecary crafting rift
  219. How to get iridescent powder?
  220. Furious Chrysoprase eye
  221. Pain in the Butt
  222. Cant find enchant runes.....
  223. What goes where and why
  224. Haven't gotten a Grandmaster crafting quest in 2 days.
  225. Mining
  226. WTB Soul of the Dead 10k
  227. Collagen Struts from Skinning
  228. Tourmaline and Sphalerite
  229. Returning Noobishness
  230. Soul of the Storm/Warp of the Sliver
  231. Soul of the Dead
  232. Ready to strangle Uncle Stan!
  233. Lack of crafting recipies for mid to upper 50s
  234. Elm
  235. Trading Souls of the Storm and/or Warps of the Sliver
  236. Level 60 toughness gear
  237. Oh Lucidflower where have you gone too
  238. Recipes from expert gear vender.
  239. Suggestion for dropped recipes
  240. Fishing idea - against bot and more interesting
  241. Eternal Planar Dust
  242. Brevanic Timed Magnetic Lure?
  243. WTB Soul of the Dead on Deepwood
  244. Question on rare fish lures
  245. Error in HF #6 Notes?
  246. Planar Dust Exchange and Fishing
  247. Please make crafting more like this!!!
  248. just wondering since the crafting exp nerf...
  249. AH selling a stack of items for set price
  250. WTB Soul of the Dead [EU] - 7k platinum