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  5. Because the server needs more than 1 good raiding guild.
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  12. Among the Shadows Recruiting
  13. <Vindication> is a new pvp guild looking for the blood thirsty
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  15. Scruffy Nerf Hearders
  16. Looking to either join or start an ADULT CASUAL FAMILY FRIENDLY Rift PVP Guild
  17. Slapaho Tribe is looking for more bros.
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  19. <Shut Your Rift> is Recruiting
  20. LF skilled/experienced players for a new guild.
  21. <The Pantheon> is looking to make alliances....
  22. All Rogue Guild <The Order of the Black Rose> resurfaces in Telara
  23. <Insomnia> - Accepting Recuirts (18+ Only: Comedy, Sleep Deprivation, Inteligence)
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  25. Infamous Recruiting
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  30. Ruse
  31. Sturmgrenadier
  32. *cricket chirp*