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  1. <The Brethren> Molinar server guild looking for raiding mages/casual anything
  2. <Learn To Play> Freeholme Guild!
  3. Looking for a home
  4. Looking For GUILD <Guardian>
  5. < Halcyon > [ G - Tearfall ] is recruiting.
  6. <CRUSADE> Cross-Server Recruiting! (Guardians)
  7. New to game and looking for a guild.
  8. Recruiting <Crusade> Guardian Guild
  9. <Against Other Enemies> coming to RIFT!
  10. Daily Gamer LF Guild
  11. Chaos Reborn Recruiting (Relist)
  12. <Do Not Die> Looking for peeps who want to raid
  13. <Cadre Noir> LFM for 5 Mans and future raiding.
  14. Refugees Recruiting
  15. <Curse of War> Recruiting on Tearfall
  16. < I I I > is recruiting
  17. Rift Chasers
  18. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  19. Casual Gamer LF Guild
  20. lvl 50 Warrior looking for guild
  21. Guardian Cleric LF Small Guild
  22. GLBT and Straight Friendly Guild is here in Tearfall:
  23. <Legacy> is recruting
  24. Super Mega Hello Kitty Brigade
  25. Healing Cleric looking for active guild with endgame potential.
  26. NASTY: Seeking Experianced Raiders for Core teams!
  27. cleric and war LFG
  28. <Refugees> Guild LFM
  29. <Divinity> now recruiting active players for all play styles! (Vent Preferred)
  30. <Murphy's Law> is now recruiting {East coast/ local to South Carolina guild}
  31. KoS moves from Briarcliff to Tearfall
  32. <Shadow Conclave> is recruiting you!
  33. Chloromancer/warlock Looking for Home.
  34. sin rogue LF PvP guild
  35. Remember the Sunwell (PVE focus Guild)
  36. Looking for PvP Guild
  37. Chaos Reborn PvP/Raiding guild moves to Tearfall
  38. Blasphemy- Medium core ^.~
  39. LGBT Friendly PvP guild Rainbow Armageddon Moves to Tearfall!
  40. Hell's Circus says goodbye to Briarcliff and hello to Tearfall!
  41. Warlock/Necro LF Endgame Raiding Guild
  42. Frist Post for shard forum