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  1. Diamond Katana (G) Has arrived!
  2. Crimson Striders is looking for YOU!
  3. Brand new guild looking for members! Gamers League is here!
  4. Diamond Katana Guild Recruiting AND seeking Alliances
  5. The Legionnaires
  6. Several toons looking for guilds...
  7. Eternal Vigilance is Recruiting
  8. United Dwarven Kingdom is recruiting
  9. Reverent Brotherhood is looking for raidiers!
  10. Ethereal: A new Guild and a place to call home.
  11. <Crimson Striders> is recruiting!!
  12. ☺Happy Sunshine Brigade☺ is a newly formed social leveling guild. All classes/levels!
  13. Eternal Vigilance is Recruiting Friendly and Mature Players of All Classes and Levels
  14. LF mod/hvy RP guild
  15. Lfg
  16. Level 50, t2/t3 experianced raiding rogue looking for guild.
  17. <RiftHunters> Guardian guild is recruiting!
  18. Lvl 50 Mage Warlock/Necro Looking for Guild
  19. Downloading Rift; Looking for Helpful Guild
  20. Looking for a guild
  21. Simple Complexities continues to grow!!
  22. 43 War LFG
  23. Eternal Vigilance is Recruiting
  24. Looking for Experience on Rift
  25. United Dwarven Kingdom is looking for a few good dwarves!
  26. Reverent Brotherhood is recruiting
  27. Eternal Rift Knights is looking for
  28. Vigil's Inquisition (mid Casual RP/Raid/warfronts Guild)
  29. Gradually Levelling Cleric LF Guild
  30. BF/GF Team looking for Guild
  31. healing cleric looking for endgame raiding guild, raid geared and ready
  32. The Wicked
  33. 43 Rogue looking for guild
  34. Looking for a very casual guild
  35. Mostly casual, looking for a guild
  36. Defiant/Guardian guild Alliance with PvP
  37. Fates Tribunal Recruiting ( lvl 9 casual, PVE focus)
  38. Eternal Vigilance is Now Recruiting
  39. Faebound [Heavy RP, PvE]
  40. <Riven> is currently recruiting!
  41. Experienced Roleplayer Looking for Medium or Heavy Roleplay Guild
  42. Eternal Vigilance is Now Recruiting
  43. Any mage guilds recruiting?
  44. Pay it Forward now recruiting
  45. Pay it Forward
  46. Protectors - RP Friendly focusing on WF's and Dungeons
  47. New Dawn is Recruting
  48. Guardian Guild Rift Sealers Recruiting!
  49. 50 Dwarf Cleric LF Guild
  50. DPS Seeks Raiding Guild
  51. Forsaken Sign
  52. Any PVP or casual guilds out there?
  53. Serious lack of Oceana players\Late-night guilds?
  54. [G] <Shallow and Pedantic> Recruiting...Sort Of
  55. Telara's Shield
  56. Diamond Katana (11-year-old guild, Mature, Casual)
  57. Final Resolve Recruitment Post
  58. Small, casual, mature and very friendly guild
  59. The Vanguard
  60. Cult of the Dark Vigil
  61. Lvl 49.2 Mage LFGuild (fun/raiding/pvp) <holds up "Pick Me" sign>
  63. [RP - PvE] Royal Mathosian Archivists
  64. Retrospective
  65. Rift Sealers - Looking for Raiders
  66. Mandate of Honor is moving along nicely and still has room for more members!
  67. .:.Martyrdom.:. is recruiting
  68. Order Of Twilight
  69. Soon to be 50 Cleric lfg (Looking for PVP mostly)
  70. <Custos Ponderum> US-Estrael (RP) Recruiting
  71. <FAMILY> PVE-PVP--end-game focused!---level 7---having a blast!
  72. LOST FIRES, a Guardian guild
  73. <The Emberfae Fellowship>
  74. Diamond Katana (11-year-old guild, Mature, Casual)
  75. ( Family ) Looking for others to compliment us!
  76. Storm Chasers is recruting
  77. Lets Have Some Fun! FAMILY Guild Is Recruting!
  78. <And Friends> is looking for more friends ...
  79. <Rift Sealers> Looking for more
  80. Corvus Guild recruiting new members
  81. Forgotten Crusaders - PvE
  82. Looking for an end game focussed guild. But not too much =D
  83. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  84. <Fiiliae Deorum> - Daughters of the Gods
  85. Unforgiven recruiting
  86. Ancient Legacy (Casual RP Guild)
  87. Where is that one guild?
  88. The Disciples of Atonement (Medium to Heavy RP Guardian)
  89. <Wolven Templar>LGBTS friendly guild Recruiting!
  90. Royal Mathosian Archivists [RP]
  91. Order of the Scarlet Cross
  92. Risen Fury is recruiting
  93. 'The Legacy of Bahralt' is looking for more Dwarves
  94. Praetorians - we're looking for you!
  95. Mystic Knights (Casual, Fun, Laid-back, Vivacious guild)
  96. Looking for a home.
  97. {G} Soldiers of the Vigil - Recruiting
  98. That Casual Guild..Simple Complexities - RECRUTING
  99. Noob looking for RP guild (resume?)
  100. Vigil's Grace (Heavy RP - PVE)
  101. Looking for a Guild...
  102. LF PvE Focused Guild
  103. + Aeternum + [RP]
  104. *scroll found on a slain messenger*
  105. Wlecome to Rift, Vigils Justice is recruiting
  106. "The Wandering Heroes" (new rp guild forming)
  107. LF Heavy RP Guild
  108. LF PvP guild, RP is ok
  109. Mandate of Honor
  110. Final Resolve is here!
  111. Shadow of Death looking for members to join our fast growing guild
  112. The Order of the Ashen Phoenix (Guardian - Estrael)
  113. Shadow's Reprieve
  114. Knights of the Vigil *KotV*
  115. Fidei Defensor
  116. Covenant Ascension
  117. Every guild has one, and I want to be yours.
  118. Crusade
  119. Deception
  120. Welcome to Estrael! Looking for a mature, casual, RP guild? [Guardians]
  121. I'm looking for a guild...
  122. Guardians Rally!