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  1. <Learn To Play> Freeholme Guild!
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  3. The Brethren
  4. Regulos Dying?
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  6. <Severance> recruiting.
  7. Looking to start questing guild
  8. <Like A Boss> The Premiere PvP Guild
  9. <ThisGameIsTerrible> IS RECRUITING!!
  10. Creating an Australian Guild (regulos, guardian)
  11. <Origin> is Looking for More players
  12. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  13. Giant Spider, Guardian PvP Guild
  14. Lawl Enforcers are recruiting!
  15. seeking to start guild
  16. <Death and Taxes> is recruiting!
  17. <Pirated> Recruiting
  18. Fearless needs 1-2 50 mages
  19. <The Fell and the Fair> Guardian Guild - PvE, PvP, casual
  20. PvP Guilds
  21. The Fell and the Fair
  22. Any Aussie guilds?
  23. Startup guild looking for members.
  24. The Shadow Legion world PVP night
  25. <Pregame Allstars> believes that only you can prevent forest fires
  26. ANTISOCIAL is RECRUITING! - Looking for talented player killers.
  27. <TkT> Guardian looking for more pve/pvp
  28. <Carpe Noctem> Is Recruiting PVP and PVE
  29. Zephyr is seeking new souls to join it's ranks!
  30. CareBears! The Bears of Death and Distruction
  31. Too Legit To Crit Now Recruiting
  32. TSP (Guardian)has moved to Regulos
  33. <Fearless> join us!! :)
  34. <Dread Pirates> Recruiting for Leveling, Endgame, PVP
  35. MilitaryGamers.com - A Community for Prior/Active Duty U.S. Military
  36. Redemption is recruiting Raiders & PvP lovers! 18+
  37. Guile is up and recruting
  38. <Sovereign> Recruiting for leveling & future PVE/PVP
  39. Greed Works is recruiting
  40. <TSL> The Shadow Legion - PVP/PVE (Guardian - Regulos NA)
  41. <Edge of Insanity> PvP/Raiding Recruitment.